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Boomer Squad NFT

The Boomer Squad is a utility-focused PFP NFT collection that is built on the single goal of generating revenue that is shared with our Boomers. We will generate revenue by building a portfolio of projects; games, events, collections, etc. Everything we launch under the Boomer Squad umbrella will always point revenue back to our Boomers. Flexibility is key so we are not limited to developing on a single block chain and are open to all methods of generating revenue. A collection of 8008 Boomers trying to use crypto in the only way they know how. Each Boomer comes equipped with an action & mode of transportation. The collection has 9 properties with over 180 traits including 18 unique 1/1s. The Boomer Squad team is armed with a diverse collection of professional experiences. Each of our 11 members having 5-10+ years experience as working professionals across multiple industries and is fully doxxed. Currently we are in the process of building awareness on our project and our community. Discord is currently open to the public on a limited basis through giveaways and partnerships and this posting here. We are also regularly hosting giveaways of NFTs/CRO/WL in discord and on twitter. We are putting finishing touches on our website and will let you know when it is live.

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