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Its has been a while since the last update ! We had never stop but keep moving !!

You can now stake your Moon Crew Panda in Corgi and get up to 100,000,000 PEPE / Week😍

Stake now on:



The team agreed that we will distribute royalties every 1st day of the month. No matter how much the royalty is.
Investment will stay the same, we will wait until we hit our target and start distributing profits again.

We are also looking for someone to join Mooncrew team, we are looking for a PAID MOONCREW SPEAKER We are looking for someone who can host or join a space where he shares what Mooncrew is about and what our goal is. If you are interested please open a ticket #Unknown Channel. It doesn’t matter if you are not well known or have plenty followers, as long as you are willing to speak and hoest spaces.


We are still waiting for samples to arrive, we would like to make sure that our merch is 101% good quality.
Merch to expect
T shirts

staking is live!


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