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In the year 2235, the digital realm had become a battleground, torn apart by an apocalyptic war. The SousouBears community, once a symbol of harmony and joy, now faced a grim fate as the Degens and Mutants clashed in a fierce struggle for dominance. Amidst the chaos, the SousouBears Mamas had taken refuge in a mysterious web 3 vault, their survival hanging by a thread of data.
🎉 The Sou Sou Bears Mutants USDC Staking pool is getting a refill at the LAST RATE! 🔄💧
🏆🎉 Congratulations to the winners of our thrilling sweep contest! 🚀💥 You've swept your way to victory and claimed amazing prizes! 🎁🌟

🏆 0Xaedf - Biggest purchase: 1x Boomer Squad + 1x Boomer Squad - Room Components: Cosmetics + Pog

🥇 1st Place: 0X
aedf - 10x Crazzzy Monsters + 25x Lion-z + 20x Ladiez + 1x CorgiAI VIP Pass + 1x Cronos y00ts + 23x Degen Cronos Apes + 1x Bad Lion




🥈 2nd Place: 0XDF68 - 1x OG Golden BACC + 5x Bored Ape Cronos Club + 3x Mutant Ape Cronos Club + 1x M1/M2 Mutant Serum + 28x Croyotes

🥉 3rd Place: 0X
5DF7 - 1x Bored Candy + 2x LIFE OF HEL + 1x Hidden Avatars + 1x Rare Pepe Cult + 1x Teddy Bear Cro Club

🎁 Additional Prizes:

🎉 Thank you to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more exciting contests and opportunities in the SousouBears community. Keep shining and collecting those incredible NFTs! 🌈 Prizes are will be sent out shortly.

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