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We listened to the community and we decided to apply some changes to the current Royalties System Distribution. 👀

Starting from the next distribution, royalties are going to be split in the following way:
1️⃣ - 60% to Mutant Apes and 40% to staked Families(it was 50/50)
2️⃣ - 20% to Legendary Families, 20% to Diamond Families, 30% to Gold Families, 20% to Silver Families and 10% to Bronze Families (it was 20/20/20/20/20).

Feel free to share other feedbacks in the future, we're always ready to apply some changes if asked by the community. ❤️

Have fun Apes! 🏖️🍹


➡️ After a technical issue that we faced with Minted rewards a few months ago, we finally reached an agreement with their team!

⚡️Cronos Apes collection is going to have:
- 5 $MTD points
- Spotlight collection spot

Both benefits are going to last from July 11th to July 17th. 👀

LFG Apes, it's time to farm!! 🍾🍌

⚠️ 48hrs before Royalties Distribution⚠️

Make sure to Stake your Apes before Tuesday in order to claim this Royalties distribution. cro emoji

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