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Hello my fellow Og family!!!
I know everyone is excited for new updates but at this point we are waiting for more word from @dogelonspooncronosog. We had a lapse in communication recently then he returned stating an update on progress last week but nothing so far. We are still here and will remain no matter what. But at this time we must ask community to stop minting until further notice and we get an update from Dogelonspoon. We have confidence and trust he will return shortly just needs time for IRL as we all do sometimes. I can assure you me and the rest of the team will be hodl and here for any questions or assistance. We love and care for everyone!!! Your support and commitment is very much appreciated!!!
What’s up Ogs !! Our partner is having a mint special for Black Friday!!! This a poly project with great art , storyline and utility plus mint royalties!! I’m also a top holder and mod so drop by say hi and check them out !! It’s the Doomed Warriors by @allaboutmomentz founder of cronos project Liminals !! https://discord.gg/dnwrx8ad

GM warriors 💀💀💀💀💀today is Black Friday and first day of mint special for weekend -Friday -Saturday -Sunday

-Here is the specials mint 3 get 1 free bonus doom warrior demons unleashed nft

-Mint 5 get 2 free bonus doom warrior demons unleashed nft ( get 1 house of skulls pets nft )

-Mint 8 get 3 free bonus doom warrior demons unleashed nft

-Mint 10 get 4 bonus doom warrior demons unleashed nft plus 2 pets house of skulls nft

-As always open a ticket 🎟️ once transactions are done to claim bonuses go wild 😜
Dark Carnival Poker Night!! ❤️♠️ Nov 5th Sunday at 7 pm est (11 pm utc)

First place prize :Misfit NFT,Hyena Hustler and AxOL NFT

Second place prize : Dark Carnival NFT,Alpha Invitation and Dead Beat Dad NFT

Third place prize : Dark Carnival NFT

Fourth place : Battle Ready Boyz NFT

Fifth place : Murder Birdz NFT

Sixth place: Alphaclone NFT
♥️Cronos Og Community poker night 25
Free to all Cronos Og NFT holders and Sponsors NFT holders !! Sponsors are Hyena Hustlers ,Gaia Eco ,MoonCrew,Murder Birdz ,Cyberclones and Battle Ready Boys !!! https://www.pokernow.club/mtt/cronos-og-poker-25-uvhG93QjnE

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