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Followup announcement mfers 👀

We now have a BURN BOT or like we will call it for the moment #🏭︱infernal-furnace redflames emoji

Every Skully-X burnt will appear there showing the supply left as well 😁

Dont forget the sweep / burn contest in #📰︱daily-news

Hello 🔥

As you may notice at your next visite on our website, we did a revamp/rewriting + added a new page / function 👀

You can, starting NOW, burn any of your Skully-X but be aware, there is NO USE in burning now beside reducing the supply. You also will NOT get anything later for the ones you burn now. This is NOT the claim for gen 2, it is a DIFFERENT feature.

We will get a burn bot by TheDoo which will show every skully getting burnt soon soon😁

We will as a project, burn some NFTs to lower the supply / accentuate the demand, and we also will organize burn events where every ID burnt will be an entry to a raffle and other typa stuff. redflames emoji

If you do burn any of yours, please inform us and share it on discord/twitter, just cause it is always nice to see these informations run around🚧

Sacrificial furnace link:
Did you see this ? 🫡

Both Cr00ts & Skully-X will have options for $CRO or $FRTN listings emoji_24 emojifortune_token emoji


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