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The Polygon side of our marketplace, launchpad, staking, and raffles are now live. 🚀🚀

💯We can now host Polygon Raffles. So anyone with a polygon nft that they want to raffle please open a ticket. 6 spots are available. 🚀🚀

Also look out for our listing rewards for Polygon and Cronos soooon 😉


1. Commanders contract is still being remade, guys so bare with us, with it being connected to staking contracts already its a delicate process, but nothing we cant handle. Commanders will be resumed soon, and so will the staking pool for them.

2. The LP and single stake on Crodex is either almost out or completed, I have already contacted Crodex about refilling the LP side,
💯 The Single stake side will be moved to our own site this coming week,
We will start with releasing single stake Unlocked pool,
then release 3 Locked pools for TTT
- 1 month lock period
- 3 month lock period
- 6month lock period

The 6month lock period will obviously have the best APR, 3 month next best, ETC

These vaults will hopfully be done in development in the next 2 weeks, while the unlocked vault should be done in the next few days so be on the look out guys

3. Time Creatures snapshot is in 2 hours, there will not be a ping at that time, this is the warning ping!!

Once the snapshot is done and the airdrops are done, the rest of the mint will be minted in TTT only, The full utilitys for the Time Creatures Ships collection will be announced at mint out, the details and price of TTT will be announced after the airdrop guys

4. Time Ship Blueprints Updates, Being alot of our ecosystems holders nfts are staked, theres no way for us to get a proper snapshot for WL price,

Tomorrow or later tonight, a google doc list will be made and shared, ONLY wallets on this list will have a WL,
WL is capped at 200 wallets,

WL MINT is for ONLY the first 24 hours of Launch!!

ATG rebate is ONLY for the first 48 hours of Launch!!

After the first 24 hours WL price will be raised to Public price

5. 🚀🚀Last but not least to show Cronos what were about!!🚀🚀

Every Guardian Swept for the next 24 hours will get 1 free Time Troop (Max 100)

🚨🚨This is your 24 hour warning for the Time Creatures Class A + B ID pair snapshot. 🚨🚨

More news will follow the announcement of the snapshot tomorrow so don't miss it guys LLLFFFGGGGG Time FAM 🚀🚀🚀

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