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A SAFETY reminder ❀️‍πŸ”₯

There will be NO airdrop, NO secret mint and definetly NO free money links that are official links sent by any of the team members! And NO team-member will ever do a peer-to-peer escrow❗

No matter how good an offer sound from an member that just joined the Discord, 99,99% of those links are scams.

We will never send a surprise external link in the channels! Alert emoji

The only official links can be found in #πŸ”—β”‚project-links!

Until next announcement,
Alex ❀️
Cronos Factions Sweep Raffle.

Starting now and lasting until 18th Aug at 8.15pm UTC we are introducing a special sweep contest.

For every sweep of a Cronos Faction under 150 from Minted, you will recieve one raffle ticket.

Once the contest is over 1 lucky ticket will win a Cronos Fire Faction.

Only Minted is counted
Only sweeps of listed nfts count
Ie Accepted offers DO NOT count
To count the NFT must be purchased for under 150 cro
The road to SUCCESS is never easy! CDgreenalert emoji

But we are here, day by day, grinding to make the impossible, POSSIBLE!

The goal of having IRL benefits for an NFT project was always in my head and I'm happy to say that WE DID the first steps today! ❀️‍πŸ”₯

Play/Engage/Raid and Stake to earn Factions Gold polygon emoji
...and use the Factions Gold in our Rafles and very soon on Bazaar!

But the interesting part, we have secured a partnership today, to have... πŸ₯

Amazon/Uber GIFT CARDS available, starting with NOW! alert emoji

Gift Cards can be redeem for the designated amount on their websites! ❀️

With this in mind, we do make baby steps in the direction to provide the bridge from WEB3 to IRL and thats the most important part! πŸ’œ


Help us share this amazing news with everyone, we are here to BUILD! πŸ”₯

Until next announcement,
Alex ❀️

PS: There already added 2 raffles, both for 50$, one for Amazon and one for Uber. The raffle winners will be drawned on 18th August @ 19:00 UTC and the winners needs to raise a ticket to claim the giftcard! πŸ’œ

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