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Let's SOLD Out the Lion, less than 1000 units.
Mint Contest: from now until sold out:
For each 100 Lions Minted, we will draw two random Lion IDs and each will win 200 Cro + we will burn 10 Lions !!
So a total of 4000 Cro to WIN and 100 Lions to BURN.
First batch: Lions ID from 9001 to 9100
BadLion Mint Contest 72Hours!!

Mint 3 Lions and Claim 1 FREE!!

Let's soldOut it and move to next step!
5 Winners :
3x 100 Cro of BaDT: tickets 693, 814 and 918
2x Free BadLion: tickets 672 and 841
To claim the prize, you need to send the ticket back to the project wallet:

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