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OpenOcean is a leading DEX aggregator to bring users the best swap return for decentralized crypto trading by integrating the most liquidity sources across 17 blockchains including Cronos into one seamless trading interface. OpenOcean has integrated most of the major liquidity sources on Cronos: VVS Finance, Ferro Protocol, MM Finance, Annex, CronaSwap, Crodex. We will continue adding more liquidity sources. With OpenOcean’s improved algorithm and deep liquidity sources, our platform gives better returns than other DEXs or DEX aggregators based on multiple parameters, including better prices, lower gas fees, lower slippage, and optimized routing. Apart from swaps, we also provide limit order functionality on Cronos for traders to get their set desired price for any supported tokens. Along with OpenOcean’ aggregation protocol, we implement both AMM & RFQ mechanisms in limit order function to help efficiently raise the fulfillment rate. OpenOcean is the only DEX aggregator with a full charting suite built for both swaps and limit order trades. Together with TradingView, we can cater to all kinds of users to execute their investment strategies and enjoy a CEX-like trading experience. To learn more about how to trade on Cronos, read the guideline in OpenOcean’s docs - https://docs.openocean.finance/swap/tutorial-swap-token/swap-on-cronos

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