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We will get this bitch more active soon , with college vacations coming soon Ill have some free time after work , just a reminder our token contract is renounced meaning there is no owner to
mint new tokens
to black list wallets
to change fees, 0% buy/sell atm

to rug the community
to create backdoors
One of the safest tokens is right here! We have LP locked to prosper when cro prospers , our LP is our back up to buys and sells , the time to buy, dca, or earn would be now, our chart looks corrected but healthy above our starting point. Theres many ways to earn Pepecro right now through various projects and more ways are coming soon for our collections!

Just added more LP to the Rare Pepes wallet , Cro came from selling 1000 FRTN and Royalties available will do Decembers and Novembers burn today

Heroes will have a secret santa event (give some get something)

Apart from the exchanges we will be adding extra goodies like maybe pepecro, cro, frtn it will all be random

Also quick reminder that Heroes community have taken the Pepecro token as one of their native tokens used within the community for this year of 2024
X Link for pic below :


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