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The Vision From the mind of the NYC Art Director himself, as we venture into the art and storyline of the Ghetto Doves™. Entering an imaginative, fun, edgy, dynamic urban world seen through the eyes of a young (7) character city pigeon friend group that comes from various corners of the five boroughs of New York. The Ghetto-Doves™ is your favorite city kids running around neighborhoods and getting into adventures. Our Crew Principles revolve around creativity, honesty, and respect for all people can be summarized in the 7 young pigeon character friends. The variety of grey shades utilized in the GD artwork portrays a framework for equality. GD is often used to reference Ghetto-Doves™ The news around the block: Do you remember the days of collecting and trading Pokémon and vinyl seemed like the coolest thing to do? Today, those coveted collectibles have been widely replaced by NFTs. We offer the ability to utilize an IRL value trading and gamification aspect to build a collection and "level up" from the airdrop "EB-NFT™" Card, to a Deli. Each holder's goal will be to collect one of each of the characters a total of 7 by the end of the minting process. Missing characters in your collection may be acquired only through secondary to fulfill your collection. Additional attributes and 7 character gamification will be revealed prior to Mint day. 💎💎 In addition to the PFP drop, the Ghetto-Doves™ announced the series: Re-Imagination. A series of drops of a new Ghetto-Doves™ collection that will highlight the kids' playful imagination. These specialty drops were announced in discord. Join along with the characters where their imagination leads them. The first of the re-imagination series was successfully dropped on March 22, 2022, which immediately sold out followed by our latest drop on April 4, 2022, on the CDC platform.

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