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BYBORG NFT is a license to gain access to a huge trading opportunity and trading tools to increase trading experience and performance. Through various partnerships and vast experience TradingFXVPS had in the industry, RYBORG NFT aims to bring in the most profitable investment DAO available in Cronos Chain. 100% of the secondary sales will be used for the investment DAO and 80% of the profit will be shared to RYBORG owners. Beside being in a part of the first investment DAO in Cronos Chain, RYBORG offer a wide variety of other utility for a trader/investor/artist: > Access to Signals Trade Call aka Bunker Trading Hall across Stocks, Forex, Commodities, NFT, De-Fi and Cryptocurrency > VIP Membership to TradingFXVPS VPS & Dedicated Server services > Community-based Merchandise Specialty shop > Earn Loyalty Token $RBG For detailed utility explanation: https://www.tradingfxvps.com/nft-vps/utility/

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