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Team Mustachios

The collection : Our collection consists of 6666 high end 3D PFP generated with the state of art and particular attention to details. The team : We are two long time partners who worked on major interactive projects for many years including 3D games, events, live shows and we are now moving full time to web3. The team consists of a talented senior motion designer and an award winning senior full stack developer who share respectively over 15 and 20 years of experience in the industry. Utilities 1- Royalties Games Unlike traditional stacking, we redistribute the royalties in a playful way by selecting a team each week as well as 2 traits from the collection. This is going to stimulate the secondary market every week. 2- Legendary event Right after the mint, we will have an event in which every customer will have a chance to get one of our legendary NFT from our collection. A legendary has the power to unlock 100% of the reward when his team color is selected (every 3 weeks). Not only this is going to be the top ranks of our collection but these NFTs will have more value because of their special attributes. 3- Golden Airdrop: Every owner will get an airdrop of a free NFT per wallet. This NFT will be considered as a premium member pass... more details to come. 4- Unlock the vault We will invest in other projects to provide passive incomes to the community wallet or access the metaverse of establishing projects. 5- Top SECRET Holding X Team Mustachios NFT’s can be a good idea for the future...

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