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BUSY BEARS CLUB Busy Bears are a unique and limited collection of 2653 NFT. Each BB represent single Cronos businessman and investor belongs to huge community in Mad City. Those who will join Busy Bears community will get to know the real value of business. They will get access to smart analytical tools, will be involved in managing profits, reinvesting process to grow up the new businesses. The most active ones will get special cards that will get them to another level of financial development. UTILITIES GIVEAWAYS - Holders will automatically enter giveaways during mint time. Top 100 users that minted the highest number of BBs will enter special contest. VOTING PLATFORM - Holders will get access to voting platform on which future development path will be discussed and will have real influence BB TREASURY - There will be a community wallet filled with 10% profit. Through voting platform community will decide where those funds should go. Some part will be reserved for repurchasing BB under mint price from market to maintain the price. CLUB CARDS - Those who will mint 2 or 6 BBs will get Standard or Elite Club Card that will guarantee special benefits like free NFTs, special giveaways, and more that soon will be announced. ANALYTICAL TOOLS - Holders will have an access to smart analytical tools that will help them in their businesses

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