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Empire DEX

Empire Network is a fast, secure and scalable L1 blockchain. $EMPIRE is the native currency of Empire Network. This token can be bridged using an Empire Bridge to move between every chain that Empire DEX is on. Every chain that the DEX and the Empire ecosystem expands to, $EMPIRE expands with it. Therefore, $EMPIRE can be used as a tool to bridge between a range of chains. $EMPIRE can also be used in Empire Staking Pools to earn a yield in the form of more $EMPIRE. These pools are sustained through a 0.05% fee on every trade on an Empire DEX. What users can do: - Empire DEX to perform swaps - Empire Pools to earn yield - Empire Bridge to transfer value across Empire Network, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon (More coming soon) - Developers can also build their projects on the Empire Network and utilize the low cost, high speed chain








Risk: This project has relatively low TVL. Please read the documentation to better understand potential risks.

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