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De.Fi is the Inventor of Crypto's First Antivirus - the multi-layer security solution that automatically audits crypto smart contracts and analyzes assets' liquidity. De.Fi is also the Web3 SuperApp - Crypto's Largest Portfolio Dashboards that supports 50+ blockchains and 450+ protocols. With De.Fi: - Users can scan any Cronos' smart contracts (tokens, NFTs, staking vaults), and instantly see the security issues associated with the smart contract, as well as the liquidity, distribution, and governance analysis. - Users can analyze their wallets and the smart contracts they interact with, seeing the personal risk ratings that enable them to revoke risky approvals easily. - Users can explore the highest APYs among tens of protocols built on Cronos, compare TVLs, Yields, as well as browse the historical performance of each LP and Vault. - Users can keep track of their Cronos Portfolio.






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