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Captain’s log. Year 2301. Space. The engines are finally off and I’m using the short time we have before hibernation to record this message for any intelligent life form who might ever listen to it. I’m speaking as a representative of human beings as we fly away from our native planet into the sidereal emptiness; banished by those same species we’ve been greedily exploiting for so long, while we could have simply shared with them the plentiful resources we had. In order not to repeat the same mistakes, the High Council of Human Race has agreed on putting a sophisticated artificial intelligence in charge of the reconstruction of humanity. And now this AI is streaming on every screen of the ship images from the few active cameras left on Earth of our fleets escaping; an eternal memento of why we put it in charge. Time for me to go, there’s a long journey ahead and most probably I’ll end my days on this ship, searching for a planet that might not even exist. What a shame Over and out.



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