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СoinSender is a DAPP that simplifies the process of tokenized assets distribution for payroll in crypto, airdrops, staking & pooling payouts, and other relevant cases. CoinSender allows the processing of numerous transactions of different amounts to different recipients with just a few clicks, which is ideal for web3 organizations, that pay salaries in Crypto, and for token drop organizers. The project consists of Decentralized and Centralized parts: DApp version allows quick and instant multi-address transactions processing (implies the absence of registration, allows decentralized wallet connection, has the possibility to quickly load the database of recipients via Excel sheet, has 30+ networks and more than 110 smart contracts deployed), while centralized application involves numerous enterprise-focused features, such as invoice customization and submission; senders and recipients database; assigning roles (founder, accountant, employees, etc.); enterprise admin panel and others.






Categories: defi

Tags: infrastructure, dev-tool

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