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The Most Advanced Decentralized Launchpad Protocol! Dexpad is a multi-chain launchpad, with a tight integration in the upcoming Cronos ecosystem. Holders of the DXP (Dexpad) token will have the opportunity to invest in pre-sales of projects, and enjoy tight integration with the Photonswap dex on Cronos. DexPad allows anyone to Mint, Airdrop, Launch and Lock their tokens seamlessly without any coding required! The Cronos ecosystem Dexpad will be the first Launchpad to be released on the upcoming Cronos, EVM-chain. The Cronos chain, developed by Crypto.com will launch the long awaited mainnet version of their ecosystem next week, on the 8th of November. If the recent development in ecosystems such as the Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Avalanche are any indication on the potential growth of new ecosystems, the coming months could see a great number of new (innovative) projects launched on the Cronos network.On top of that the Cronos ecosystem will boast low fees, and direct integration with the Crypto.com exchange. Dexpad, a special kind of launchpad The team working on Dexpad has seen the pains of traditional fundraising and has been concerned about the amount of new projects that pull liquidity “rugging”, especially in new ecosystems. The existence of a trusted launchpad allows for a safe place for investors to buy into new projects without the risks of traditional project launches. The Dexpad team has also witnessed the rise of two types of launchpads on different chains. The first type of launchpad, “the permissioned launchpad”, has tight controls on what projects are allowed to launch, this type of launchpad has the advantage that only vetted projects are allowed to launch their project on said launchpad. This type of launchpad also has some disadvantages. - Centralisation: The team running the launchpad has the power to pick-and-choose the projects that launch on their platform, this goes against the spirit of blockchain - Expensive & slow: These permissioned launchpads usually take substantial chunks of the projects they list on their launchpad, and the process of vetting can be slow and cumbersome. The other approach projects take is a “permissionless approach”, these types of launchpads allow every project to launch their sale without having any form of validation from the team running said launchpad. Even though this approach is in line with the values of crypto, such launchpads have run into the problem of malicious projects launching. Projects that have included ‘honeypot’ code into their contracts, to prevent token holders from selling their tokens. Examples of such sales include the launch of “BRIT Coin” The Dexpad team has decided on a hybrid approach where all projects are allowed to launch on the Dexpad launchpad, but the code of the project has to pass a anti-honeypot check by the Dexpad team to qualify for launching their projects, this will protect investors from being hard-rugged by projects launching on Dexpad. More info continued on Medium: https://bruce-dexpad.medium.com/dexpad-the-first-multi-chain-launchpad-on-cronos-5564089550b2

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