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Cronos Secret Society

The Cronos Secret Society is an NFT collection of 4 different character species divided by 4 territories in the CSS Metaverse on Cronos Chain. ⌛Years 2169, Los Cronos City. Welcome to the #Cronos Street, in the Cronos Secret Society, 4 Societies, 4 Territories, 1 GOAL: Rule THE Metaverse ⚔️ 🐜3 333 SouthSide Ants (O.G - 1st Society release) 🐱3 333 EastSide Cats 🦆3 333 NorthSide Ducks 🐰3 333 WestSide Bunnies //To join a Crew you will need a Society Mint Pass// Each Society will be released for public mint when the Cronos Network reaches a certain level of unique wallet addresses, why? To expand our community! Because we believe in the future of the Cronos Chain and figure this is the best way to grow with the Cronos Chain, we want to create a kind, friendly community to help educate one another about NFTs and Crypto. The Cronos Secret Society will be an example of the wonderful artists, passionate communities, & endless opportunities the Cronos chain has to offer.

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