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CroDoges are a unique and limited collection of 1800 NFT. Metaverse : By purchasing a CroDoge you automatically become the owner of a 1x1 plot in the Metaverse under construction. Each plot owner receives a portion of the profits generated from renting out larger plots, providing a steady passive income. When you buy 4 or 9 CroDoges, you get plots that are next to each other, such as 2x2 or 3x3. Advertise yourself or others on your plots and rent them out and earn money in the future. Staking : Stake your CroDoges as early as 24 hours after the start of the mint at very favorable conditions. Airdrop : Over 150 prizes will be drawn for CroDoges owners during the mint (including CroDoges with special attributes). There will be many contests and benefits after the mint ends. Extras : Receive free NFT or WL for our and our business partners' future projects. Decide on the direction of the Metaverse through a special voting system.

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