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PhotonSwap is a decentralized exchange and yield farm on the Cronos blockchain brought to you by the fantastic team at DexPad. PhotonSwap In the journey of designing the perfect launchpad we concluded that a good launchpad requires integration with a great exchange, to ensure a secure transition from the sale contract to the liquidity pool after the tokensale has concluded. In a perfect world liquidity would be automatically locked after a sale concludes. This turned out to be especially important in the Cronos ecosystem, because in the young Cronos ecosystem a dex with a strong reputation has not been developed yet. Therefore we decided to acquire a DEX, to ensure a perfect integration with the Dexpad launchpad. One month ago we acquired PhotonSwap and started integrating the DEX, and the PS token into our ecosystem. In the subsequent weeks we worked on the integration of the two platforms and developed our auto-lock contract, a contract that allows for the automatic locking of liquidity once the sale of a project ends, with the liquidity being locked on the Photonswap DEX. This has a major advantage for investors, because they can be sure there will be liquidity for them to trade in- and out of the token as they see fit. Teams that decide to launch on dexpad also benefit from this approach because they can ensure the safe transfer of their liquidity. Teams that decide to launch can also be sure that the liquidity they raise will be seamlessly transferred to a liquidity pool, taking away a lot of the stress and risks associated with launching a new coin. More information can be found here: https://thecronicle.com/featured-articles/photonswap-the-perfect-dex-for-dexpad/bugzkg/

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