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CROmmunity Coin aims to be among the leaders in community owned Metaverse Real Estate property development. Our primary goal is to provide as much passive income as possible back to our holders, with no threshold amount of $CRM needed to qualify. This starts with 8% volume based USDT rewards, and will expand to Metaverse revenue redistribution once development is rolled out. The vast majority of revenue from our Metaverse properties will be redistributed to holders, based on their percentage owned. Our flagship property is a Casino in The CronosVerse, located in Play2Earn Plaza, and will also feature a companion site for those who may not be inclined to partake in the full metaverse experience. The remainder of revenue will be divided amongst charitable donations, further MV acquisitions, development, and expansion, additional DEX listings, and staking pools. We currently own potential revenue producing property on Cronos network, as well as a 1200 acre Galactic Island on Solana. We take pride in our transparency, our Founder is doxxed, as well as our commitment to both the crypto and real world communities. We invite you to learn more. Check out our website and socials, visit our partners, and #JoinTheCROmmunity!

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