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#BearArena by GoC Studios is on its way!
Battle & level up your bears in this epic game!🎮

Release aimed for August. 🗓️

More info in our Medium: https://crodex.medium.com/unleashing-the-bears-introducing-beararena-a-new-blockchain-gaming-experience-4e7b2000cdc5📝

Stay tuned for more! #CRODEX#GoCStudios #BlockchainGaming
🔥🚀 We are thrilled to announce the reveal of our brand new game – BearArena! Developed by GoC Studios, BearArena transports players into a dynamic and strategic gaming experience where they battle and level up their own minted bears.

We're going into detail about the game mechanics, PvP and PvE aspects, leaderboard dynamics, and more in our latest Medium article. So join us on this exciting journey and learn more about BearArena by heading over to https://crodex.medium.com/unleashing-the-bears-introducing-beararena-a-new-blockchain-gaming-experience-4e7b2000cdc5.

We're excited to have you embark on this gaming adventure with us. Let's game on!

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