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ICY is the community token for the Cronos. Powered by CRO. Building decentralised infrastructure together. Built by experts, funded by the community and 100% of the profits are given back to the community. ICY was launched on 9th of November. Our mission is to build a decentralised infrastructure for blockchains together with the CRO community. People who participate to the projects will receive ICY Tokens and a chance to win CROs. Our mission is to: Launch low fee and high quality validators for the Crypto.org and other Cosmos chains. Try different technical solutions to provide the highest quality results with low fees and share the results with the community. Help other promising Cronos projects. Provide the community a chance to participate and enjoy the success of CRO, Crypto.org and Cronos. Collect a huge jackpot of CROs and give participants exciting time in the monthly draw. Tokenomics: There will be total of 100M ICY tokens in the Cronos network. They will be distributed in the following way: 40% for the project rewards. 30% for the bonus pool (Builder awards and Jackpot prizes). 10% for the airdrops. 10% for the developers (0.6% dropped in the beginning and 9.4% frozen until 2024). 10% for the Burnicy Game prizes. How to collect ICYs: Follow us in Twitter or Telegram so you won't miss any airdrop or project. Participate in our projects. Even small contributions will be awarded. Play our monthly game with your ICYs to increase your stack (or lose what you have).

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Tags: Community Token, Gaming, Infrastructure, Tools & Utilities