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This is a 24 Hour notice to all members of the server. Based on a majority vote by 0xLuckless holders,

yellowalert emojithisisfine emojiAll remaining un-minted 0xLuckless v2.2 NFTs will be burned August 3rd at 6:00pm PSTthisisfine emoji yellowalert emoji

This is your last chance to mint before the rest are gone forever. Next phase is v2.3: Th3 Luckl355 (PFPs)

Rarity metadata will remain intact but will no longer be 100% accurate since some NFTs rarity will be different, possibly even creating new one of one's with the remaining NFTs being burned. Once the rest are toast the minted portion of the collection will be visible on the open market and eligible for FRTN rewards.

Thank you to everyone who minted art from v2.2. I worked on this project for months during a very difficult time in my life so this collection will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only was it the biggest 0xLuckless art project to date, but I waited for the right time to release it. When I felt as though the dark times of the past were behind me. Even in chaos, you can still find peace.

While I do feel sad that the last 30 NFTs will be destroyed sad emoji, I am excited to continue building and expanding the project.

If anybody decides to mint before the burn. Open a ticket and I will refund you 175 CRO per NFT.

There is much to do. LET'S FUCKING GROW. - 0xLuckLess emoji


As promised, # pools have been refilled. Here are the details for each pool:

0xLuckLess emoji 0xLuckless v1.0
Number of Weeks: 8
Weekly rewards: 31.25 CRO
Total Rewards: 250 CRO

EL1TE emoji 0xLuckless v2.0
Number of Weeks: 8
Weekly rewards: 31.25 CRO
Total Rewards: 250 CRO

0xCr0ma emoji 0xLuckless v2.2
Number of Weeks: 12
Weekly rewards: 333 CRO
Total Rewards: 4000 CRO

This brings the total CRO stake rewards to 12,500 CRO since staking began. Not bad for a one man art project.

Minor server changes have been made:

# for info and talks regarding Ryoshi Dynasties and The Luckless faction

# added in collaboration with Cronos Club

# added because 420

# added for links to videos of interest, whether for fun or learning or whatever you want to share

successkid emoji amoungusdance emoji mrrogersfinger emoji added a bunch of new emojis with more coming - requests? lmk.

0xLuckless v2.2 Mint is now at 83%& nearing completion! Next drop will be the pfps. I restructured the layout for the release to make it more interesting and rare. Instead of making 1335 pfps in half 2d and 3d, I made 355 all in 3d, each one made individually. As stated, all holders will get an airdrop for each NFT they hold. Leftover NFTs will be available for mint on Ebisu's Bay and then listed under the 0xLuckless brand page.

Another set of 355 pfp style NFTs will be released in the very near future, with a different style all together. Hint: Think multiverse. If you are participating in Ryoshi Dynasties please drop a comment in #Unknown Channel to let me know you are a participant.

Once v2.2 is sold out, v2.3 : Project PFP will begin and then the next release of one of one art works, v2.5 [title redacted] along with the next drop of merch and physical art, and something about a token. For something. That is all for now, focker..out. -0xLuckLess emoji

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