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BOB Adventures

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We are starting a new sweep competition with our donator @ and WeedCoin 9327weed emoji project 🔥

Level 1 up to 30 BOb Sweeps 1️⃣ 🔥

1st : Gen1 Bob + 2 Ganja Farmers + 10000 weedCoin
2nd : BOB Mutant + 1 Ganja Farmers + 5000 weedCoin
3rd : Gen2 Bobz + 3000 weedCoin
4th : 2000 Weed Coin
5th : 1000 WeedCoin

Plus 1 random winner of 1 Ganga farmer + 3000 weedCoin

Level 2 up to 50 BOb Sweeps 2️⃣ ❤️‍🔥

1st : Gen 1 BOb + 5 Ganja Farmers + 15000 weedCoin + Gen2 Bobz
2nd : 3 Ganja Farmers + 10000 weedCoin + BOb Mutant + Gen2 Bobz
3rd : 1 Ganja Farmers + 5000 weedCoin + 2 Gen2 Bobz
4th : 5000 weedCoin
5th : 4000 weedCoin

Plus 3 random winner of 1 Ganga farmer + 5000 weedCoin

Level 3 50+ BOb Sweeps 5408kekez emoji

You have to sweep to see 👀

Plus 5 random sweepers will get 1 Ganga farmer + 5000 weedCoin 🤑💶

Similar competition is going on at WeedCoin discord and best sweepers will get points for grand prizes

All you have to do is sweep and let us handle everything else 🤷‍♂️

28.8. is ending date BOBHead emoji

@Spaceship OWNER🛸@BOB OWNER 🤪@BOB Soldier🤖@Mutated

Happy Sunday BOBs! BOBHead emoji
In this week we had so many things going on that's why I wanted to make announcement that includes everything in case you missed ❤️

What can you do with your BOB Gen1, Gen2, Spaceships and Mutants?

✅BOB Adventures Gen1::white_check_mark:
No more Crodex staking. No more waiting for long pool refills. Now you can stake your gen1 BOBs in Cronos Steak House website! Stake your gen1 BOBs and earn $STEAK token! Earn $STAKE that you can swap for CRO or compound your investment by staking $STEAK on Cronos Steak House to earn even more rewards!🤩
Stake your BOB gen1 here - https://cronossteakhouse.com/bobsstaking

✅BOB Adventures Gen2::white_check_mark:
For more than a month BOB gen2 has listing rewards! All you have to do is list your gen2 BOBs no more than 2x floor price on Ebisus to earn $Fortune token!🤑
And you can help us increase rewards by donating Troops to BOB faction, more info #🤩ryoshi-tales

✅BOB Spaceships::white_check_mark:
We have partnered with Time Machines and now BOB Spaceships can earn $ABYSS token! The $ABYSS token is a non monetized token used to mint Power Tonics, other free mints in the Time Ecosystem and used to upgrade Cards in our trading card game.
Time Machine Nfts is aiming to provide a passive way for people outside of the Time Ecosystem project to utilize Abyss and Power Tonics.
If you want, you can stake your Spaceships here - https://time-dapp.netlify.app/outside-staking/bob-ships

✅BOB Mutants::white_check_mark:
There is a lot going on for BOB Mutants! We have Staking where you can earn BOB coin! You can use our BOB Coin in our shop to buy NFTs! - https://bob-adventures.netlify.app/
And if you don't like it, you can also list your BOB Mutant for Ebisus rewards, just like Gen2 BOBs!6602peepoveryhappy emoji

✅BOB Raffles✅
New raffles added - https://bob-adventures.netlify.app/raffles
Congratz to previouse winners - (0x773c...41e8; 0x3061...dF5f; 0xbA63...E09A)

Have a wonderful Sunday ❤️☀️
Gen 1 sraking is LIVE!🤑

Stake your BOB gen1 here - https://cronossteakhouse.com/bobsstaking

If you have BOBs in your crodex, please, unstake them and stake in our brand new sraking🙏🏻🔥❤️

$STEAK contract address - 0x4137A9F6eb939a8d7d620b239B562596E48d6F41

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