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The Creatures collection imbues community and immersive music together with NFTs. The Creatures NFT is a holder’s exclusive membership to the Creature Gang, where they can feel the elements of tech, fashion and immerse oneself into hip-hop culture. Creatures is a highly detailed and rendered style creature where collectors can feel intrinsic value. With Creatures, holders can immerse themselves with the soul of their Creature and allow its passion to carry them to another reality with its fellow Creature Gang, giving it a value beyond extrinsic. NFTs are supposed to be ‘unique’. Unfortunately, the industry has been saturated with chaotic community creation and supposed art that has been created in bulk on the conveyance belt of mass production and sold to consumers and the misled community with promises beyond reach. NFTs are supposed to give value, giving collectors the ability to connect with the undifferentiated community. Through community, members can experience the impalpable air of togetherness. The Creature NFTs is a membership of liminality, a rite of passage to a supraliminal stage of community and immersive music. The Creature Gang communitas facilitates the transformation uniting NFT collectors as one.

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