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BASE, here we come 💙!


Truly delight to be present from the very first day of Base launch, our systems are now 100% live and ready on Base chain!

More to come ❤️‍🔥
In this period there'll be a lot of nes and updates that we will go through! ❤️

We are in a full period of SCALING UP! our systems currently, making new friends and connections.

Today it is my pleasure to announce our Linea Builders initative, a place where every project on Linea can meet, present their project in a organised way.

The Linea Build is a Moonflow brand (lead by us), but highly supported and push by Linea team! 🤍


Feel free to hop-in, we try to bring all the projects building on Linea there!

Until next announcement,
Alex ❤️
The power of working together! 🔥

Glad to present the 4th NFT Marketplace, powered by our systems, Arbidex NFT Marketplace ❤️‍🔥

The most complete gas-free NFT Marketplace on Arbitrum 🫡