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Dexpanse is a self-funded, officially registered platform that provides easy-to-use and intuitive decentralized services and tools. With utility and user participation at our core, we continually strive to provide resources to educate and create new possibilities to engage and earn. LAUNCHPAD PLATFORM Explore our multichain, decentralized tools & services, each with their own wide variety of options and features. STANDARD PRESALE: Create a fixed-price presale for your token with features such as whitelisting and automatic presale finalization & locking! FAIRSALE: Create a fairsale for your token with no hard-cap, raise as much as you can within the given time period! PRIVATE SALE: Tired of manually counting tokens owed for private sale investors? Choose between vesting or standard token withdrawals, all with our automatic private sale service! LOCKER: Lock your ERC20 tokens or your LP tokens, or vest them over a period of time using our lockers! TOKEN BUILDER: Looking to create your own standard token, or perhaps a reward token? Choose from a variety of options using our easy-to-use builder! BURNER: Send your tokens to the black hole (dead address) using our free burner, show proof-of-burn certificates & instill trust in your investors! Our Vision Our company vision is to create easy to use, transparent and useful services that are available for all. Our Values Ease of use No barriers, no borders Transparency

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