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MM.Finance is a brand new decentralized exchange coming to the Cronos blockchain offering the lowest fees, rebates via trade mining, high APY farming, and an affiliate system allowing users to earn from referring others! Launching December 10th at 12pm UTC on DexPad.io! ✅ Lowest Trading Fees (0.17%) ✅ Fee Rebates Via Trade Mining (10% fee rebates via $MMF) ✅ Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) ✅ NFT Yield Farming (equip Mad Meerkat NFT to boost earning) ✅ Affiliate System (earn 1% on top of your friend’s earnings) ✅ High APY Farming (over 1,000%+) ✅ Certik Audit   ✅ KYC by @AssureDefi Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/MMFann Gitbook: https://mmfinance.gitbook.io/docs/

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Tags: Decentralized Exchange, Yield Farm