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CroClubs Werewolf Club

CroClubs is a P2E turn-based combat game environment consisting of different NFT collections where each collection forms a club within the game. Collections give access to special utilities such as staking, giveaways, DAO of the project. The game will allow you to battle other clubs’ members but your own club members as well. The first club is the Werewolf Club. All 1500 unique algorithmically generated characters of the Werewolf Club will have different rarities and will consist of 365 hand-drawn traits. 10 rarest wolves are legendaries and are completely hand-drawn, which will provide additional rights to the holders. The rarity table will be released right after the mint. Each stage of the project will bring in new characters to the game. Wait for the Vampire Club as the next one! Being a holder of a CroClubs Werewolf NFT will grant access to a huge staking pool and the game which will feature in-game rewards. By becoming a CroClubs holder, you may get real-life prizes such as exclusive CDC and Cronos NFTs, VR Headsets, airdrops, merchandises and custom avatars. All brought to you by CroClubs' multinational team of 11 members, located in various countries. The exact date and time of Werewolf Club's drop is at April 21st - 20.00 UTC Collection: https://app.ebisusbay.com/drops/croclubs Become a CroClubber and join the adventure!

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