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Weird Apes

THE FIRST APES ECOSYSTEM BUILT ON CRONOS CHAIN Weird apes club is a collection algorithmically generated with a total supply of 2,500 unique NFTs. We’re building a sustainable ecosystem for enthusiasts on Crypto.com’s blockchain, including Breeding feature, DeFi, Governance and more. ALL APES ARE EQUALS, BUT SOME APES ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS Each GENESIS Weird Ape is generated from over a 100 possible traits. Each trait has its own % of occurence defining rarity among the collection, giving you the chance to own a truly unique and rare Weird Ape. GENESIS Once upon a time there was a weird ape who, outcast from his tribe, wandered too far into the dark forest of the EtherJungle. The befuddled monkey jumped from tree to tree, until an unusual liana took him into a bizarre place, the CronosJungle. Lost as he was, he screamed his incoherent call for days, until three fellow vagabonds found him. The rest of the story, the story of the first tribe of the CronosJungle, is a tale told in the blocks that followed... MINT IS NOW LIVE!

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