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Stranger Coin Compounding Endowment Welcome to the only tokenomics on Cronos built for indefinite growth. This is done with our endowment tax. 6.75% of every buy and 10% of every sell is placed in Stranger Coin's endowment. This is invested into Mad Meerkat high yield stablecoin farms. 90% of the interest is used to buy Stranger Coin in the decentralized exchange and burn. The remaining 10% gets compounded. This ensures that Stranger Coin will indefinitely increase in value and the token supply will continuously decrease over time. Tokenomics Buy Tax: 10% Liquidity: 0.8% Endowment: 6.75% Marketing/Dev: 2.45% Sell Tax: 15% Liquidity: 1.2% Endowment: 10% Marketing/Dev: 3.8%

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