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What is CroSkull? The Croskull is a collection of 6,666 uniquely generated NFTs stored in the Cronos Chain. Each Croskull NFT is based on 6+ attributes with different rarities. A Croskull is not simply a PFP but is also the key to the insane Dr. Jiko’s laboratory experiments. The Lore Bonesville has always been a mysterious town. Among the dark streets of the city, it is rare to see people stopping to talk to each other. Many elderly people leave their homes just to carry out duties or run errands, whereas the few children who have never played with each other do not know what fun is. At Bonesville, everything is sad, gloomy, melancholic, still. Just one person’s soul stands out across all the grey souls of the city… Dr. Jiko spends most of his time in his secret laboratory located inside the dark Bonesville Castle. After years of failure, he managed to improve his alchemical formula By combining mysterious potions, he found a way to bring joy and life back to the city… 6,666 funny and crazy Croskulls are ready to invade the streets!   What is the Potion System in our Lab? You'll need two potions to create a useful evolution of your CroSkull: - the red potion will be guaranteed airdropped to the first 33 members that will accumulate 3000 SkullCoin reach level 10 XP rank (Pro-Skuller) and will be a CroSkull hodlers. - the blue potion will be guaranteed airdropped to the first 33 members who will get more valid invitations on our Discord. The rest of the potions will be airdropped to a few lucky random 2+ CroSkull hodlers. By combining the two potions, you can obtain a new evolved CroSkull that can be staked to obtain more advantages... FUTURE FEATURES - Token Launch - GameFi Join our Discord for the upcoming news: https://discord.gg/croskull

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