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Degen Brain Finance

Degen Brain Finance (DBF) hopes to help new and veteran investors by teaching our community how to navigate the world of crypto. Degen Brain Finance is the first gamified Learn2Earn web3 project on Cronos that incorporates NFT Avatars (DegenBrains), staking utility, their own CRC-20 Token, and a growing community of like-minded investors. DegenBrain.Finance will be the central hub for all things DegenBrains, allowing you to do everything from minting and staking your DegenBrains, to accessing the gamified Learn2Earn platform, and more. What will you learn in our Learn2Earn platform? -The basics (What is a cryptocurrency or what is an NFT?) -The not-so-basic (What is a liquidity pair and why do I care?) -Types of crypto projects (What is a tomb fork anyways?) -The complex (Chart reading, indicators, etc) -And more!


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