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Aletheo is first and foremost a marketing tool, which allows for the monetization of human and AI behavior across the internet. Rather than a figurehead responsible for spreading product knowledge and increasing consumer acquisition, next generation Aletheo marketing campaigns will incentivize all individuals to spread awareness by means of the LET token. In traditional marketing campaigns, potential customers are often duped into consumerism through the biased language and message of the influencer. In the world of Aletheo campaigns, we believe in the tried and true mantra, that “all publicity is good publicity”. In this case, posters and peer-to-peer marketers will be compensated for any communication, and not just conversations that seek to serve a certain goal. Moreso, this also leads to more authentic marketing strategies. As stated, Aletheo remains functional as a peer-to-peer marketing tool by means of token incentivization. Users who have the Aletheo name or link in their username or BIO are recognized by the Aletheo oracle and are thus entitled to LET rewards based on activity. In an effort to strengthen liquidity for the protocol and to maintain price stability, we offer the opportunity to stake LET directly on our dApp. Recipients of the LET token for their activity within Aletheo-integrated chats will have the opportunity to stake their tokens in a contract for a period of: \- Less than a month \- 25 days or more The staking contract for posters and voters to lock their tokens as commitment stake for a period shorter than 1 month (shorter than trust- minimized proxy upgrade period) produces some LET yield as of now and is supposed to eventually entirely depend on fees from campaigns. If users lock their LET for at least 25 days (a period, shorter than the trust-minimized proxy's fastest upgrade), they can increase their pay to as much as 25x more (this modifier is subject to change as the protocol’s user base matures), by locking a maximum of 1000 LET tokens. The more skin in the game, the more Aletheo gives back. As staking presents posters with the potential of an increased reward rate, it is our hope that these individuals will act in the best interest of Aletheo and maintain the protocol’s solvency. We do not intend to minimize the impact that “influence” has over consumers, and instead hope to increase the amount that genuine conversation can positively impact corporations and companies. As we progress into the future there will most likely always be a reliance on social media influencers and “people of importance”. More followers will continue to be attractive to traditional corporations and legacy marketing campaigns, there's no changing that. But allow us to bring some authenticity back into the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere.


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