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**V3S Finance**, the first ecosystem running around an algorithmic token pegged to [VVS](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) on Cronos chain. Build by a team of [VVS](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) Diamond holders, **V3S** is inspired by the most successful algorithmic stablecoin on Fantom: Tomb, and the most prominent algorithmic token project on Cronos: [DarkCrypto](/project-detail/darkcrypto/r/recWKFIuEML9GfTva). **V3S** is an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the price of 1 VVS via seigniorage. The algorithm helps to increase the supply in event of the deflationary tendency of the token or reduce the supply in event of a decline in purchasing power of the token. Therefore, the supply and demand of the **V3S** are balanced which helps to maintain its peg to 1 [VVS](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) in the long run. Happy for Investors and Happy for Developers too! **V3S** maintains its peg to 1 [VVS](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) with a three token structure: - **V3S**: the algorithmic token pegged to VVS - **VSHARE**: which holders can claim V3S inflation when the network expands - **VBOND**: which can be purchased when the network is in contraction and can be redeemed for V3S when the network comes to its deflationary phase


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