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Wizardly is heavily themed Token Miner on the CRONOS chain. It's a simple smart contract that acts as a $CRO reward pool, returning 8%\* of your $CRO in the pool on a daily basis, every day as long as there is still $CRO in the reward pool! Users can choose to infuse (compound) or become enlightened (claiming) as they accumulate more $CRO tokens. The Wizardly contract is verified, open-source, immutable, trustworthy, and is visible on <https://cronoscan.com/> Mechanics: 1. Absolve your $CRO tokens (deposit) 2. Infuse daily for 6 days... (compound) 3. On day 7 Allow the magic to enlighten you (claim) 4. Gather your fellow spellcasters to aid us with their Cronos tokens so the ritual can reach all. Our fees are as follows: 5% fee on deposits and claims


Categories: Miner, TEAM ABANDONED