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IMPERIVM is a strategic MMO fantasy game, developed on the Ethereum, Cronos and Polygon blockchains. The game is set in the medieval age, with fictional creatures and a strong influence from the Greek/Roman mythology. Every player will be in charge of his own fortress and will have to expand it and recruit his own army in order to face battles and conquer enemies! IMPERIVM is a completely free game, each player can start their own adventure without having to spend! In addition, the game is based on the "PLAY-TO-EARN" mechanism, meaning you can earn in-game, having fun and defeating your enemies! IMPERIVM, thanks to its native token ($ IMP) will be a deflationary ecosystem. The mechanics within it will be multiple: \- stake in-game - burn programmed - commerce in-game and much more! The game was born with great ambitions. With IMPERIVM we will take the game to major international tournaments. Competitions, races, leagues and much more will be present in the game with new modes specially designed!


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