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## Ready to dive into an NFT adventure? Expand your army, Level your heroes, and earn FIRA in Defira! Defira is a NFT game that fuses the best part the blockchain with engaging gameplay. The Defiraverse is home to your favorite DeFi tools. A Decentralised Exchange, Money Market and liquid staking are one click away while playing the game. ## What makes Defira diffirent? Play to Earn is not a sustainable model in its current form. Defira focuses on bringing in value not only by attracting new players. By using the integraded DeFi functions to attract more people into the Metaverse to create another usecase for it's tokens. Defira's end goal is to create an immense 4X gamemode with countless usecases for the Fira token. These usecases will burn most of the Fira in circulation, resulting in Fira becoming an deflarionary asset. **Start playing Defira today!**


Categories: DEX, Money Market (Lending), Liquid Staking, Metaverse, GameFi

Tags: DEX, Money Market (Lending), Liquid Staking, Metaverse, GameFi