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Procyon Finance

Procyon Finance is a Decentralized Algorithmic Exchange market that allows participants to engage in the well-established protocol. Users who provide liquidity for the market earn passive income from many capital-efficient financial features, while traders can trade in an open-integrated market, enabling peer-to-peer transactions in the most stable platform on the DeFi market. Procyon dApps gives the most suitable opportunity to earn the maximum profit for users as we bring the best-to-known features for a long-term decentralized finance platform that provides secure & mainstream cryptocurrency functionalities authorizing multiple usages for users: Users can easily access our flexible $PCY token distribution for multiple purposes (e.g., participate in Launchpad, Yields Optimizers and long-term investment strategies in the Procyon Ecosystem) Holders can make additional profits from interest by supplying liquidity to the protocol to enhance advantage on pricing strategy and participate in the superior features without assets actively-management. Traders can access top-of-the-line cryptocurrencies to capitalize on their short-term trading view (e.g., shorting) or yield maximizing opportunities (e.g., farming)


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