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Metawarz Shooter

Metawarz Shooter is the Ultimate GameFi with a state of the art play-to-earn gameplay. An immersive Cyberpunk themed First Person Shooter game, with a unique gaming experience through a combination of traditional base gameplay and smart contract mechanics. A hybrid combination of both First-person shooter and Third-person shooter to bring the most optimized experience during the in-game play, territorial expansion and metaverse exploration. Players can combine any ratio of the two genres, including primarily Top-down perspective real-time strategy which include the ability to take control of individual units from a first-person perspective. Choose one of the two opposing factions - The Rebels or the One-Percenters. Allowing you to influence the outcome of the conflict while also providing you with the opportunity to earn rewards for your participation. Both factions will be able to play a vital roles in the game modes. **Gameplay Modes** Conquest Operations Deathmatch **Conquest**: Complete objectives across the map, earning points based on the number of objectives accomplished. If a faction suffers a major deficit, the winning faction conquers the mapped area with all what’s within it, territorial expansion. **Operations**: A war simulation mode that takes place across numerous maps to represent a battle campaign. **Deathmatch**: A standard game in which teams compete to score a target or a maximum number of kills before time runs out. Built on Unreal Engine, Metawarz will be shaped by our desire to create AAA awe-inspiring experiences with cinematic class video game visuals. Metawarz Shooter Development team has 20 years combined experience in Game and Blockchain Development. Metawarz's goal is to create a dynamic GameFi ecosystem that combines gaming and DeFi in a way that entices both the gaming and DeFi communities. Constructing a robust tokenomics foundation for a project that will prosper and evolve with the ever-changing market.


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