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Bored Candy City

# **Introduction to Bored Candy City** Bored Candy City is the newest AMM & DEX on Cronos Chain with the lowest trading fees at only 0.15%. Furthermore, we are the FIRST to put back 100% of the trading fees into the protocol. ### **_Swap_** Instantly swap all cronos chain tokens, no whitelist needed, search for tokens or import the ones you don't see, it's all decentralized and completely permissionless. Lowest fees in cronos chain Before Bored Candy City, it was MM Finance who offered the lowest trading fees (0.17%). Today, the lowest fees are in Bored candy City at 0.15%. Protocol Owned Liquidity MM Finance was the first to introduce this to cronos chain, so we thank them for it. We are just taking it further since we put ALL trading fees back into the protocol to ensure liquidity even during bear markets. ### **Earn** Earn passive income in $CANDY token with very high interest rates. **Trading Fees** By becoming a liquidity provider, you earn trading fees (0.10%) of all trades that go through your token pair and receive Liquidity Pools tokens (LPs). **Yield Farms** Stake your LP tokens in farms to earn $CANDY. The amount of $CANDY rewards you will receive can be calculated via how much you stake and the APR of the farm. **Staking Pools** Stake $CANDY to earn more $CANDY or $CRO or future partner projects tokens. ### **Launchpad** We will be launching partner projects that bring value to our community. $CANDY holders will have the chance to invest early on and at the best rate. ### **Security** We are KYC verified by Phenix Finance.


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