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Minted.network is a decentralised NFT platform that aspires to be the digital bazaar of wonders for everyone to discover, trade, and find NFT gems, native to Ethereum and Cronos. Aiming to bring more tools for collection owners to design, curate, and offer utilities to their communities, all without the technical complexities that riddle many aspiring collection owners. ## Mint, Minting, Minted Minted™ helps promote discovery between creators and collectors, with the below key functions: - **Self-Custodial Trading** - users maintain full control of their NFTs. - **Multi-chain Support** - supports both Ethereum and Cronos from the get go. - **Native $MTD token** - $MTD is Minted™’s native token on Cronos designed to incentivize the long term supporters of the platform. - **Security First** - placing safety and security as the top priority, Minted™ smart contracts are fully audited by third-party auditor Blocksec.


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