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Message from the team, taken from official [Medium article](https://medium.com/@croblancdotcom/the-bear-took-the-pack-with-him-be217f758409): # "**The Bear took the pack with him.** # This is not a newsletter we are proud of. The CROBLANC adventure is over for now, we explain why. Nothing went as planned for this project, the team, and some of its users. Since the platform’s launch, and despite its perfect functioning, the token has not been able to give confidence to its holders and has suffered a constant decline. The CRO used to give it liquidity has also not held up since the opening of the pool due to market conditions. Our airdrop campaign attracted a wave of fake accounts, giving the impression of being followed by a lot of users. Finally, very few users trusted us. Thanks to them. Attempts at partnership also failed. VVS and MMF were not interested in our proposals, and many other little projects were rugged or didn’t make it through. CrowFi, a small exchange launched at the same time as us, ended up rug-pulled, leaving only the VVS and Cronawap farms active. We have not done enough marketing, it must be admitted. But we believe a project should not need forced marketing to gain users. The fundamental must take precedence in this ecosystem, we must not sell dreams to users. Market conditions did not help. The entire CRONOS ecosystem has taken a big hit, leading users to save their net worth as much as possible. The current TVL of the dapp no ​​longer allows an interesting return. Dividends and buybacks are almost non-existent. The liquidity on the CRO-CROBLANC pair has been almost entirely emptied by the farmers, despite the attractive rate on the liquidity contribution. The smartcontracts code is open-source on our GitHub. Users are free to relaunch the dapp by using it, farming the token, and above all, keeping it. There is no secret. Of course, the mint of the tokens remains reserved for the original developer. **Any team wishing to regain control of the dapp** should contact @mountainlabs on Telegram. Regarding the play2earn, which was not planned at the start, we will not communicate any details; Most of the ideas have been given by an active member and belongs to him. The two NFT packs will not be minted on our side, having not obtained the hoped-for support from CDC. We will retain the sources unless a buyout offer is made to @mountainlabs on Telegram. Thank you for the constant support of many active members in our small community, it was very appreciated. Telegram channels will be muted, then deleted. Only the News Channel will be left in case of formal updates and to avoid scam attempts. (t.me/croblancdotcom). Twitter will not be deleted to avoid fakes." **--END OF MEDIUM ARTICLE--** CROBLANC is a DeFi Yield aggregator exclusively available on Cronos that comes on top of the most famous platforms such as VVSFinance, CronaSwap and Crodex, offering various types of pools: - Stochastic yield: the emission speed of CROBLANC tokens depends on its market price, in order to keep it sustainable - Classic pools, offering a dual yield CROBLANC + VVS/CRONA/CRX - Autocompound pools, offering an auto compounding similar to Autofarm but with extra CROBLANC yield - Autoswap pools, offering an innovative way to farm A-tier tokens such as BTC, ETH, CRO with stablecoins deposits. CROBLANC also offers to its hodlers dividends paid in $CROBLANC that comes from a small performance fee that is charged on the generated yield. The supply is limited to 100 million tokens.


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