vvs cover

vvs logo VVS Finance ->

VVS Finance — the simplest DeFi venue for everyone. VVS is designed to be the simplest DeFi platform for users to swap tokens, earn high yields, and most importantly have fun! What can you do with VVS ? * Trade a crypto for another crypto * Provide one or two cryptos as liquidity in a Liquidity Pool, earning a share of transaction fees and getting a LP-token in return * Put your LP-token to work in a Crystal Farm to earn VVS protocol token * Stake your VVS into a Giltter Mine to accumulate more VVS * As you accumulate VVS, stake your VVS for xVVS to receive a greater share of platform profits * Stake xVVS into a Crystal Farm to boost your returns or into another Glitter Mine to earn other partner tokens * Acquire a Miner Mole NFT and stake it to a Crystal Farm to further boost your farm returns Watch the tutorial videos at: https://www.youtube.com/@VVS_finance

tectonic cover

tectonic logo Tectonic ->

Tectonic is the first lending and borrowing platform of the Cronos ecosystem, powered by the TONIC governance token. What can you do with Tectonic ? * Borrow CRO, WETH, VVS, USDC, and many other cryptocurrencies at an attractive rate, which may be partly offset by TONIC incentives * Provide liquidity to any of the lending pools, and earn yield on your crypto as a reward * Stake TONIC to get xTONIC, and earn a share of Tectonic revenue * Stake your xTONIC into a Vault in order to further receive TONIC yield

Veno Cover

veno logo Veno ->

Veno is the simplest way to maximize your CRO yield through liquid staking. When you stake your CRO into the Veno protocol, you receive LCRO (liquid CRO) which accumulates value from being staked on the Crypto.org chain. LCRO is liquid, meaning that you can use it on other DeFi protocols of Cronos ecosystem, for example by swapping it into CRO or WCRO on Ferro protocol, or providing your LCRO to VVS, Tectonic or Ferro protocol to earn additional yield. Veno also supports ATOM staking (against LATOM). When you use Veno, you earn VNO protocol tokens, which can be locked into Fountains and Reservoirs to earn additional rewards.

fulcrom cover

fulcrom logo Fulcrom ->

Fulcrom is a decentralized perpetual exchange that allows users to trade leveraged positions with low fees and zero price impact, whilst having the peace of mind that all trades and collateral are stored transparently on-chain. What can you do with Fulcrom ? * Trade long or short perpetual positions in selected cryptocurrency pairs * Provide liquidity to the protocol's FLP pool, and earn a share of protocol profits denominated in CRO and esFUL (escrowed FUL) * Stake your FUL or esFUL to earn additional CRO and esFUL * Lock your esFUL into a Vault for a fixed period of time in order to convert it into FUL

Kaching cover

Kaching logo Kaching ->

Kaching is not your ordinary crypto vault; it's a fully on-chain prize-linked protocol that brings a whole new level of excitement to your CRO holdings. Stake your CRO to join a pool of stakers. The staking rewards collected by the pool are distributed to a random subset of pool participants, who are selected on-chain in a decentralized way. Those selected user can greatly increase their staking yield through this process. Your crypto remains fully flexible at all times, which means that when you need it back you can unstake anytime you want.

Cronos ID cover

Cronos ID logo Cronos ID ->

Cronos ID is the domain name service of Cronos chain. Cronos ID is a decentralised identity and communication layer built on Cronos. On a broad level, Cronos ID will give users the ability to send and receive information onchain, powered by human-readable identifiers. To achieve this, Cronos ID is powered by 3 key subprotocols: * Domains: every user has human-readable domain names in lieu of wallet addresses, enabling them to send and receive crypto easily. * Notifications service (soon): will help the community keep track of key protocol events, alerts, NFT bids and more - gone are the days of manually checking your DApps for bids or collateral factors. * Messaging (later): users and projects will be able to connect and communicate with each other in a safe and verifiable environment. Cronos ID domains are already integrated with most of the top Cronos dapps, Cronoscan, and the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet.

Ferro cover

ferro logo Ferro Protocol ->

Ferro is a StableSwap AMM protocol with deep liquidity that aims to provide safe and efficient tradings of pegged assets, with the spirit to solidify Cronos ecosystem. Ferro's stable curve pool offers a wide array of utility, allows better composability between protocols in Cronos, creates a more effective way to access stablecoins and other highly correlated assets with lower fees, lower slippages, lower impermanent loss, and more utilization of pools. What can you do with Ferro? * Swap correlated cryptocurrencies with low fees and slippage : USDC/USDT/DAI, CRO/LCRO, ATOM/LATOM * Provide liquidity to one of the liquidity pools, and receive LP tokens * Stake your LP tokens in order to receive a share of the protocol's fees, denominated in FER and xFER * Stake your FER and xFER to earn additional rewards

minted cover

minted logo Minted ->

Minted is the premier NFT platform to buy and sell NFTs on Cronos and Ethereum. What can you do with Minted? * Buy NFTs drops from the Launchpad, or buy NFTs from other users on the secondary market * List and sell your NFTs * Earn rewards for using Minted: when you list or trade a NFT on Minted, you may be eligible to receive rewards denominated in MTD * Deposit MTD into a vault for a given period of time, in order to boost your rewards


ebisus Ebisus Bay ->

Ebisu's Bay is a gamified NFT marketplace and DAO. Communities battle form factions and battle each other in pursuit of Fortune token. Buy, sell and trade their favorite NFTs and much more!


beefi logo Beefy Finance ->

Beefy is a Multichain Yield Optimizer that focuses on safety and autocompounds crypto assets

cronos docs cover

cronos logo Cronos Documentation ->

Visit docs.cronos.org to review the Cronos documentation, and list of developer tools and integrations. Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.cronos.org/

blockdaemon cover

blockdaemon logo Blockdaemon ->

High performance JSON-RPC endpoints.

Corgi AI cover

Corgi AI logo Corgi AI ->

CorgiAI is a community driven AI project centered around the creation of a tight knit family - hard working corporate Corgis by day, party Corgis by night. All Corgis are welcome to be part of the club, a place for all the Corgis to unwind, let loose and unleash their creativity onto Cronos, gathered for a common purpose of enjoyment and community building in the bear market! As a team, we’re community first as much as we are dedicated to the furthering of cryptocurrency and groundbreaking technology. That is why we’ve decided to launch CorgiAI, leveraging AI to build tools that will further push the boundary of community building.

Single cover

single finance Single Finance ->

Single Finance is a revolutionary yield farming protocol that offers capital protection in terms of USD value. What makes this protocol truly unique is its intuitive auto-rebalancing market neutral vault and historical farming database, offering users security and flexibility previously unseen in the industry. Recognizing that many yield farmers are being misled by the promise of sky-high APY during yield farming but are unaware of the corresponding risks, Single Finance was created to provide smooth yield farming experiences and protect users' interests to the best of our ability. We have implemented market-first capital protection mechanisms based on USD fiat value and streamline market-neutral yield farming, teaching our community about risk management and control in the process. We recently launched an auto-rebalancing market neutral vault allowing users to maintain a steady income stream and provide liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem in a safe manner.

DGPals Cover

dg-pals logo D.G.Pals ->

D.G.Pals is an interoperable, multi-genre and multi-chain GameFi project. Embracing Web3 and Gaming, we strive to deliver a unique, multi-dimensional gaming experience where the concept of digital ownership is elevated above all else. By owning a DGVerse NFT, you are effectively taking on a role as an enabler for more game makers to come into the Web3 space we love.

argo finance cover

argo logo Argo Finance ->

Argo is the premier liquid staking protocol built on top of the Cronos blockchain that aims to unlock the value of all staked CRO and maximize the capital efficiency of CRO across.

marble-verse logo

marble logo MarbleVerse ->

The glass champions of the MarbleVerse represent the core of creativity, design, and imagination. With their crafted simplicity, minimalistic posture and sturdy build, Marbles are created to battle through race tracks with the grace of a dancer and a strong will to win. Getting stronger as their flocks grow, Marble racers represent purity, open-mindedness, creativity, unbound potential, and unshakable love of our childhoods while reflecting the aesthetic of the contemporary world.

eyeball logo Eyeball Games ->

We are Eyeball Games, the makers of Eyeball Pool. Eyeball Pool was created by the founders of popular Miniclip game, 8 Ball Pool. Eyeball Poll gives players full ownership over their game assets through use of NFTs and blockchain technology. It comes with an improved physics engine, existing skilled-based matching gameplay and crisp graphics and sound.

Loaded Lions Cover

Loaded Lions logo Loaded Lions ->

Crypto.com NFT is thrilled to announce its debut PFP (profile picture) collection—The Loaded Lions. The drop is the first native platform-owned PFP project to be released in the NFT space. The collection includes 10,000 algorithmically-generated "Loaded Lion" NFTs; some are rarer than others, with a few that are legendary. Every single trait is hand drawn by our talented creative team.

Miner Mole cover

miner mole logo VVS Miner Mole ->

VVS miner mole is a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFP. On top of exclusive VVS perks and special IRL event invites. The artwork is also a precursor to our game - VVSgotchi. It gives holders an opportunity to participate in the creation of new characters in the game. The collection consists of over 100+ unique hand-drawn traits from scratch spanning various rarities with no two alike. Each NFT has aesthetic value, but also has utility: * You can use your VVS Mole to compete in VVS's game: VVS Gotchi * You can stake your VVS Mole to boost your rewards when using the VVS protocol

Cronos Cruisers cover

cruiser logo Cronos Cruisers ->

Cronos Cruisers is a collection of 8,000 algorithmically-generated NFTs, racing through the winter along the Cronos Ring to be the ultimate Cronos Cruiser. With more than 200 traits, including expressions, outfits, accessories, and more…every Cronos Cruiser is unique. Each Cronos Cruiser will open portals to limitless possibilities, such as numerous members-only benefits, events, and doubles as an early access token on Cronos. The sky is the limit.

argo atlantis cover

argonauts logo Argonauts & Atlantis Game ->

Argonauts is a collection of 8,888 unique utility-enabled characters that represents your unique identity on the Cronos chain. Each Argonaut holder gets access to utility across the Argo Protocol platform, exclusive treasure chest events, activated partnership experiences, future collections, and more. Atlantis: A fully on-chain resource management strategy game developed by Argo Protocol the team behind the Argonauts NFT collection.

versa games logo VersaGames ->

VersaGames is a web3 gaming platform that enables game discovery and supports the financing and trading of GameFi assets. One of the driving forces of VersaGames is our active and passionate community, with whom we actively engage and offer opportunities to earn, invest and win. Our vision is making web3 gaming easily accessible to anyone!

croskull nft cover

croskulls-logo CroSkull ->

Croskull is an NFT ecosystem project builded on Cronos Chain thought to develope, evolve and give value to each NFTs. Adventures, Missions, Community, Banking and Staking, everything will take shape in this mysterious world called Bonesville. The main goal of the Croskull NFT project is to create a gamificated experience that give real value to the interaction between users.

chainstack cover

chainstack logo Chainstack ->

High performance JSON-RPC endpoints.

MadMex Cover

MadMex Logo Madmex ->

MMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades

chimclub logo Cronos Chimp Club ->

Cronos Chimp Club is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated Chimps on the Cronos Chain with various traits that celebrate the different aspects of the Cronos ecosystem.

mad meerkat nft cover

mad meerkat nft logo Mad Meerkat NFT & Arena ->

We are an NFT Project that seeks to create an opportunity for all to learn about the different facets of Web 3.0 in a fun and unique manner via our expansive products. Coming Year Two, we want to create the MM Brand through our suite of physical, digital and phygital products in a collaborative and open-minded approach with the community. Mad Meerkat Arena is a turn-based PvP game developed by the team behind Mad Meerkat NFT.

Boomer Squad logo Boomer Squad ->

Collection of 8008 Boomers using crypto in the only way they know how. Everyone has felt like our Boomers at some point in their crypto journey but just like everyone else they will figure it out eventually. Founded by a fully doxed team of 11, Boomer Squad was established to build an ecosystem of on chain games, events, collections, and ecosystem developments that reflects value back to our Gen 0 Boomers through our Verified Distribution Contract called the "Mattress Fund" and Boomer DAO. Check out our GitBook for a full breakdown of everything already established and in the works in our ecosystem

VVS Gotchi cover

miner mole logo VVS Gotchi ->

VVSGotchi is an extension of VVS's Miner Mole NFT project where you can feed, interact with and take your Miner Moles on quests! VVSgotchi allows you to go on quests with your Moles to earn Experience Points (EXP). Ultimately, the more points your Moles earn, the more rewards you earn on your VVS boosted farms.

hummingbot cover

hummingbot logo Hummingbot ->

Hummingbot is open source software that helps you build high-frequency crypto trading bots that specialize in market making and arbitrage strategies.

cronoslabs cover

cronoslabs logo Cronos Labs ->

Cronos Labs is a start-up accelerator focused on DeFi, GameFi, and the development of the Cronos ecosystem.

MM Finance cover

mm-finance logo MM Finance ->

MM.Finance has the most complete and holistic ecosystem on Cronos Chain with its AMM/DEX, Yield Optimizer & NFT.

Bored Candy City logo Bored Candy City ->

Bored Candy City is an ecosystem of dapps on Cronos: * Community owned DEX & AMM * 10k NFT collection with 9 utilities * Play 2 Earn Mobile Games & Web3 Games

Ballies cover

Ballies logo Ballies ->

Ballies is a gaming platform with an on-ramping lend-and-earn system, which operates as a web2 game while incorporating all the benefits of web3.

Croissant cover

Croissant logo Croissant Games ->

Croissant Games is a universe of casino style games, some of which are on-chain, and others off-chain. Before using Croissant Games, check that you can lawfully do so in your country.

sky bandit cover

sky bandit logo Sky Bandit ->

Sky Bandit is a "Win to Earn" tournament-based GameFi app. Own NFTs to compete with other players from all over the world to earn high prize!

grind guild cover

The Grind Guild Logo The Grind Guild ->

A community of #GameFi enthusiasts who collect, collaborate and compete for rewards in various web3 games.

Defira Cover

Defira logo Defira ->

Defira is a blockchain metaverse—the Defiraverse. It is a fusion of DeFi and GameFi, harnessing the synergies of both models to create a DeFi "super app" inside a fantasy game world, which hosts novel and engaging gameplay experiences that fully take advantage of the unique strengths of the blockchain medium.

Cronosverse cover

Cronosverse logo CronosVerse ->

The CronosVerse aims to be the first true metaverse project on the Cronos blockchain. Our goal is to create the ultimate social MMO gaming experience for the entire Cronos community.

Crowboys Cover

Crowboys Logo Crowboys ->

Crowboys is a Free-To-Play & Compete-To-Earn Western X-Platform TPS Game-Fi brought to you by Crowboy Labs with each 3D model being an NFT with its own utility and value.

Crotopia Cover

Crotopia Logo Crotopia ->

Metaverse centric project which consists of troops assembled to conquer the metaverse with their own individual identities. Each Crotopia NFT is rigged to make them compatible to be your own personal identities in the metaverse. Crotopia is ready to take the world by storm with their diverse set of weapons, skills and Utilities.

Void Cover

Void Logo Void Guild ->

The Void is a Cronos community gaming guild. We research and support game titles on the Chain because we believe that Web3 gaming can facilitate the mass adaption of crypto.

LAB Guild Cover

lab_guild LAB Gaming Guild ->

The leading guild on Cronos chain dedicated to all web3 gaming projects.

Crodex Cover

Crodex Logo Crodex ->

Crodex is a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on Cronos.

Annex Cover

Annex Logo Annex Finance ->

A Decentralized Marketplace for Lenders and Borrowers with Borderless Stablecoins.

bubblemaps cover

bubblemaps logo Bubblemaps ->

Bubblemaps is the first supply auditing tool for DeFi tokens and NFTs. Our unique and colorful bubbles make on-chain data easy to understand. Investigate wallets, reveal connections, and see through the noise of blockchain data.

Croswap Cover

Croswap Logo CroSwap ->

Croswap is a community-driven, multi-chain DEX that is optimized to run on any EVM-compatible blockchain network.

Dexpad Cover

Dexpad Logo DexPad ->

DexPad.io is a blockchain agnostic IDO Platform. Anyone can launch their token without having any programming knowledge.

DarkCrypto Cover

DarkCrypto Logo DarkCrypto Finance ->

DarkCrypto Finance is the first ecosystem running around an algorithmic token pegged to CRO on Cronos chain. DarkVerse is an ecosystem using DARK as the main token. It contains: DeFi App (Vaults, Stablecoin swap, lending), GameFi, NFT Apps, Betting DApps, MetaVerse applications. - Provide liquidity to earn rewards - DarkAuto: Users can maximize earnings with Dark Auto-compounder - DarkEarn: Users can stake tokens and earn multiple rewards - DarkBoost: Support other products for more DARK utilities - DarkVegas: Play to earn - DarkSport: Bet on Sports events to earn big rewards - DarkRoll: Play and become a Jackpot winner

Crowfi Cover

Crowfi Logo Crow Finance ->

Stake & Swap from your wallet.

DeFi Cover

Defi Logo De.Fi ->

De.Fi is the Inventor of Crypto's First Antivirus - the multi-layer security solution that automatically audits crypto smart contracts and analyzes assets' liquidity. De.Fi is also the Web3 SuperApp - Crypto's Largest Portfolio Dashboards that supports 50+ blockchains and 450+ protocols. With De.Fi: - Users can scan any Cronos' smart contracts (tokens, NFTs, staking vaults), and instantly see the security issues associated with the smart contract, as well as the liquidity, distribution, and governance analysis. - Users can analyze their wallets and the smart contracts they interact with, seeing the personal risk ratings that enable them to revoke risky approvals easily. - Users can explore the highest APYs among tens of protocols built on Cronos, compare TVLs, Yields, as well as browse the historical performance of each LP and Vault. - Users can keep track of their Cronos Portfolio.

CronaSwap logo CronaSwap ->

CronaSwap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the Cronos Chain to offer the lowest transaction fees (0.25%). You can swap CRC-20 tokens easily on the Cronos Chain network that guarantees superior speed and much lower network transaction costs.

Crolon Mars logo Crolon Mars ->

A Metaverse project with utility driven non fungible tokens (NFTs) and Play to Earn (P2E) games on the Cronos blockchain. Crolon Mars is currently collaborating with other Metaverse projects to create a "Multiverse" concept, allowing users to seamlessly portal from one Metaverse to another. $CLMRS launched on the 14th of June 2022 and has continued to develop its products releasing frequent updates to the community. The Crolon Mars p2e game has now integrated Chainlink technology displaying accurate price feeds on the Polygon mainnet.A Metaverse project with utility driven non fungible tokens (NFTs) and Play to Earn (P2E) games on the Cronos blockchain. Crolon Mars is currently collaborating with other Metaverse projects to create a "Multiverse" concept, allowing users to seamlessly portal from one Metaverse to another. $CLMRS launched on the 14th of June 2022 and has continued to develop its products releasing frequent updates to the community. The Crolon Mars p2e game has now integrated Chainlink technology displaying accurate price feeds on the Polygon mainnet.

CroCrow logo CRO Crow ->

Actual first NFT deployed on Cronos.

Phenix Finance Logo Phenix Finance ->

Phenix Finance is primarily a DeFi project that operates on Cronos and Polygon chains. Within its ecosystem, it includes Flaming Phenix Club NFT collections both on Cronos and Polygon chains. The Phenix Finance token at a base offers an extremely easy reward system via the token mechanism. The RX3 (Rapid Relative Rebase) Protocol provides over 66,666% APY just buy holding tokens in your wallet. The PHNX Token will be a tool for high rewards and utility as the ecosystem rapidly expands. Flaming Phenix Club NFT collections consist of 6666 unique birds each. The holders are able to stake FPC NFTs based on rarities and collect rewards in PHNX tokens. They are also able to open 1 Mystery Box weekly completely for free for each NFT that they are holding. Mystery Boxes - another part of the ecosystem - contain rewards in CRO, MATIC and PHNX tokens.

Troopz logo Troopz ->

Troopz is brand consisting of 6 collections all launched on the Cronos chain. We have been here since the launch of the chain with a single core mission: "The Troopz mission is to create an army of honest, trustworthy and dependable foot soldiers supporting, protecting and guiding the NFT community."

Mad Moguls Logo Mad Moguls ->

International Real Estate Group utilizing blockchain technology and NFT utility to provide a robust and secured fractionalized investing platform.

Briar Token Logo Briar Token ->

Decentralized ecosystem cross chain

Sou Sou Bear Logo Sou- Sou Bears Degens ->

Bear Market Bears 🐻 Building Wealth Together | Fortune Favours These Bears #FFTB #Crofam Social Savings and Collectors Club for #Cronos #NFT

 Crypto Crows Logo Crypto Crows ->

The Crypto Crows NFT collection is the first from Corvus Labs. In addition to owning one of a kind NFTs, it will allow free shipping on orders from the Crypto Crows custom merchandise website. Our goal is to create a community for web3/crypto entrepreneurs to forge stronger relationships with brands and their communities. Join us to learn, build and showcase the technology's true power as a tool to add value to products and services.

Aiko Beanz logo Aiko Beanz ->

10,000 pfp generated with different traits and with different rarities, their name is AIKO BEANZ, one of the Official Collections of AIKOSociety. These little BEANZs will release benefits, gifts and more to their Holders.

Eyeball Balldroid Gen 0 Logo Eyeball Balldroid Gen 0 ->

Eyeball Pool is by the makers of 8 Ball Pool. Balldroids are a collection of 4,001 unique utility PFPs that gives you early game access to Eyeball Pool. On launch you will receive an airdrop with an in-game starter pack of NFTs and tokens. In addition, holders of the PFP will also get "priority boarding" to in-game tournaments from a private Discord channel and the right to vote on community polls.

othersidemeta logo Otherdeed for Otherside ->

Otherdeed is the key to claiming land in Otherside. Each have a unique blend of environment and sediment — some with resources, some home to powerful artifacts. And on a very few, a Koda roams.

CroDooNFT logo CroDooNFT ->

The CroDoo is an NFT project with a first generation of 5678 unique voodoo dolls PFP collectibles on Cronos blockchain. We aim for a long term project of which all holders of OG collection benefit from holding them.

Cronos Mutant Apes logo Cronos Mutant Apes ->

Cronos Mutant Apes is an official collection of the Cronos Apes brand. You can obtain one of the remaining Mutant Apes by burning a mutant serum inside our Dapp. The collection consists of 1,000 utility-enabled and fully animated PFP generated from 100+ unique hand-drawn traits. Each NFT grants you access to an ever-growing set of utilities, including revenue distribution and access to the first holders-only community in Cronos.

CrofamLadies logo Crofam Ladies ->

Crofam Ladies is a collection consisting of 3685 NFT. Get your lady's full crown and send her to the miss election and get a guaranteed VIP drop. Find 1 of 100 queen attributes and get a guaranteed VIP drop. The first collection is just the beginning and will guarantee free drops. The first free drop for all owners is coming soon, and it will be a classic collection that has more than 200 different items. Sooner you staked out, the more you will gain. 5% of the mint's value goes to Crofam Ladies holders.

MadMeerkatNFT Logo Mad Meerkat ->

The Mad Meerkat is inspired by the cheeky nature of the loveable rogues, who loves nothing more than cavorting together in the sun. An expansion from our OG Ethereum collection, these 10000 Next Gen Cro Meerkats will traverse the novel Cronos chain. Guided by the M.A.D values, we will embark on an adventure to explore and unlock all that lies within Cronos. With each Mad Meerkat sharing and learning from one another regardless the chain, it is our next step forward as one Burrow.

MM Treehouse logo MM Treehouse ->

The MM TreeHouse represents a celebration of inclusivity and empowerment amongst all. Connecting branches between all of Cronos, it is a shared space where innovation is created from discovering shared value between differences- To build a lush future for everyone to succeed in their unique ways. Welcome to Stage 2 of MM.

BoomerSquadNFT1 logo Zoomer Squad ->

A collection of 7007 Zoomers from the Boomer Squad Project. Built to play in the game branch of the Boomer Squad Ecosystem, Zoomers play while Boomers earn.

Mutant Aiko Beanz logo Mutant Aiko Beanz ->

5,555 pfp generated with different traits and with different rarities, MUTANT AIKO BEANZ (MAB), one of the Official Collections of AIKOSociety. These little MUTANT AIKO BEANZ will release benefits, gifts and more to their Holders.

DegenBrains Logo DegenBrains ->

Purchasing a DegenBrains NFT will grant you exclusive access to a gamified Learn2Earn platform (DegenBrains Galaxy), private Discord channels with a growing community of degen-investors, and unique ways to earn passive income. Degen Brain Finance hopes to help new and veteran investors by teaching our community how to navigate the world of crypto.

Exodus Logo Exodus ->

Captain’s log. Year 2301. Space. The engines are finally off and I’m using the short time we have before hibernation to record this message for any intelligent life form who might ever listen to it. I’m speaking as a representative of human beings as we fly away from our native planet into the sidereal emptiness; banished by those same species we’ve been greedily exploiting for so long, while we could have simply shared with them the plentiful resources we had. In order not to repeat the same mistakes, the High Council of Human Race has agreed on putting a sophisticated artificial intelligence in charge of the reconstruction of humanity. And now this AI is streaming on every screen of the ship images from the few active cameras left on Earth of our fleets escaping; an eternal memento of why we put it in charge. Time for me to go, there’s a long journey ahead and most probably I’ll end my days on this ship, searching for a planet that might not even exist. What a shame Over and out.

CronosOG Apes logo CronosOG Apes ->

A collection of 1200 AI Apes designed to add the personality and looks of the true OG of the 1920's. This is the first installment from the CronosOG Collections and was made with the investors of the Cronos blockchain from its early beginnings to the current day in mind. The OG Ape has seen the fud, been in a rug, had some great success and or is just building his future in the shadows. In any case there is an Ape in this collection that represents that investor. In addition these OG's are also the key to gaining 60% royalties from secondary sales and 10% of each mint that CronosOG puts out in the future. So grab that fedora, use them getaway sticks and meet us down at the speakeasy.

CRO Homes Logo CRO Homes ->

Display your NFTs in your Metaverse home, earn $RENT and make it a reality using AR with your Smartphone.

Cr00ts logo Cr00ts ->

The Cr00ts rolled into Cronos and are taking over ! Born from the hands of 8 talented artists 🎨 Giving 50% of secondary markets ROI to holders, beneficial partnerships, growing investment pool, and more to come ! Join the fam, join the fun 💎

Mad Meerkat Degen logo Mad Meerkat Degen ->

The Degen Mad Meerkat Collection is the symbol of True Madness within MM. Loving the thrill of celebrating highs and avenging lows, this is what it means to be on an Adventure like no other. MM has and will always be a movement for those who burn bright in the Madness no matter what happens. #MAD4LIFE.

CrofamLadiesVIP Logo Crofam Ladies VIP ->

Crofam Ladies VIP is a collection consisting of 1660NFT. VIP collection from the Crofam Ladies Brand.

Cronos World Tour logo Cronos World Tour ->

Join us as we travel the world to build up the Cronos #crofam community! These NFTs commemorate Cronos participation in various conferences & events across the globe (commemorative collectibles with no commercial value).

Degen Ape Cronos Club logo Degen Ape Cronos Club ->

7777 Degen Apes looking for a degen holder on the cronos network. Join the degen club today!

Crofam Ladies RETRO_logo Crofam Ladies RETRO ->

CrofamLadiesRETRO is a collection consisting of 10 000 NFT. 11 traits and over 200 elements CrofamLadiesVIP drop for TOP 200 CrofamLadiesRETRO holders 5% mint royalties for CrofamLadiesRETRO holders 10% Market Royalty Fee - We will buy CrofamLadiesRETRO from floor price and burn it Part of the profits will be used for the CrofamLadiesVIP staking

Crofam Ladies SKULL_logo Crofam Ladies SKULL ->

CrofamLadiesSKULL is a collection consisting of 10 000 NFT. 10 traits and over 200 elements. CrofamLadiesVIP (SKULL rarity) drop for TOP 155 holders. Special (1:1) drop "Era of Inventors" collection. 5% mint royalties for CrofamLadiesSKULL holders. Part of the profits will be used for the CrofamVIP staking. More utility coming soon.

Cronos Apes Logo Cronos Apes ->

Cronos Apes is the first collection of the Cronos Apes brand. The collection consists of 5,000 utility-enabled and fully animated PFP generated from 160+ unique hand-drawn traits. Each NFT grants you access to an ever-growing set of utilities, including revenue distribution and access to the first holders-only community in Cronos.

Club_Cro logo Trollfam ->

Trollfam is built from a community of Trollcoin holders. You are Trollcoin, we are Trollfam!

Genesis Weird Apes_logo Genesis Weird Apes ->

Genesis Weird Apes is a collection of 2500 NFTs randomly generated from 125 traits aimed to bring Weirdness all over the Cronos Chain! Not just a PFP but an entire ecosystem of advanced mechanisms of staking, breeding, renting, customization and more! With every 2D ape you may burn $WAC to claim an additional new 3D Voxel ape with corresponding rank and traits. Voxel apes will play a key role within our P2E, Legends of Weirdonite. Visit our Discord to join our wonderful community!

Baby Weird Apes logo Baby Weird Apes ->

Baby Weird Apes will inherit rarity and some traits from parents, there will also be a random mutation that can give the baby brand new traits for a total number of 300+ traits. A Baby Weird Ape can be customized by changing the name and the bio. Every Baby can be staked to yield 5 Blue Vials per day in Legends of Weirdonite as the game releases.

Loaded Lions logo Cyber Cubs ->

The Cyber Cubs collection consists of 10,000 unique and algorithmically-generated PFPs. Stumbling upon a mysterious portal, the Cyber Cubs have jumped 370 years back to the present to reunite with the Loaded Lions. Armed with advanced technology and knowledge, these Cubs quickly assimilate into the present way of life, but not without a few tricks up their sleeves. There’s no stopping this dynamic duo now.

Cronos Fox Fraternity logo Cronos Fox Fraternity ->

Join the Elite!

Lion Social Club logo Lion Social Club ->

Lion Social Club is a collection of randomly generated NFT's stored on the Cronos blockchain. The genesis generation consists of 2,500 unique NFT's with over 140+ traits. Lion Social Club is a utility-focused PFP NFT collection whose goal is to provide value and a strong community that works together to bring long-term revenue to our ecosystem.

TeddyBearCroClub logo Teddy Bear Cro Club ->

They are cute but also dangerous, these unique teddy bears guarantee exclusive benefits to their holders, including: 50% of total royalties back to holder, weekly Cro prize, Top holder reward, free gen 2 airdrop and much more.

SuperRare logo SuperRare ->

SuperRare makes it easy to create, sell, and collect rare digital art. SuperRare's smart contract platform allows artists to release limited-edition digital artwork tracked on the blockchain, making the pieces rare, verified, and collectible. Filter the crypto art world's best selling works by artist name, creation type, and year of birth on OpenSea.

MetaPlanets Big Bang logo MetaPlanets Big Bang ->

Metaplanets is an nft project, counting for the first generation called "big bang" 600 metaplanets. Our planets are in a 2d cartoon/semi realistic style. But our project is not only to make a simple collection. Our plans are much bigger and our vision much more ambitious. As stated in our roadmap, our second generation "expansion" will have 2000 metaplanets, realized in 3d. The owners of the 600 Metaplanets of the "Big Bang" collection will be airdrop 3D metaplanets . A lot of utility ! As example : the holders of at least 5 metaplanets, will receive after sold out, a metastar, this star will allow them to complete their planetary systems and add a multiplier to staking potential ! Much more to discover on our website.

BOBz Adventures logo BOBz Adventures ->

BOB Adventure generation 2 is a collection of 2222 hand-drawn unique and limited NFTs with 250+ different traits that has different rarities. BOBs main mission is to build strong community and offer passive income to all BOB holders. We offer 100% secondary sale royalty share, yes 100% goes back to community. All BOB holders will get automatic WL for future drops.

cronos bridge cover

cronos bridge logo Cronos Bridge ->

Cronos Bridge is the web interface that enables users to transfer selected cryptocurrencies between Cronos and other Cosmos chains, using IBC bridge protocol.


Darkauto logo DarkAuto ->

DarkAuto, a product of DarkCrypto Foundation, is a Decentralized, Multichain Yield Optimizer that allows users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. Users can deposit into our vault and effortlessly yield with auto-compound strategies.

grindery cover

grindery logo Grindery ->

A no-code platform to connect your web2 apps, Zapier, and multiple blockchains.

sentio cover

sentio logo Sentio ->

Monitor. Analyze. Diagnose. All In One Place. End-to-end observability platform to help you gain insights, secure assets and troubleshoot transactions for your decentralized applications. Use our type-safe, easy-to-use yet powerful SDK to collect and transform data based on smart contracts' events, transactions, traces and states. Collected data are versioned for fast and easy iteration. Build low-code, real-time dashboards in seconds with powerful transformation and aggregation functions. Visualize metrics and easily zoom in and out on different timespan. Set up real-time alerts to notify your team via Slack, Telegram, Email and Webhook so you can react to critical events more quickly. Emit structured logs that are searchable and can be referenced from real-time dashboards.

coinsender cover

coinsender logo CoinSender ->

СoinSender is a DAPP that simplifies the process of tokenized assets distribution for payroll in crypto, airdrops, staking & pooling payouts, and other relevant cases. CoinSender allows the processing of numerous transactions of different amounts to different recipients with just a few clicks, which is ideal for web3 organizations, that pay salaries in Crypto, and for token drop organizers. The project consists of Decentralized and Centralized parts: DApp version allows quick and instant multi-address transactions processing (implies the absence of registration, allows decentralized wallet connection, has the possibility to quickly load the database of recipients via Excel sheet, has 30+ networks and more than 110 smart contracts deployed), while centralized application involves numerous enterprise-focused features, such as invoice customization and submission; senders and recipients database; assigning roles (founder, accountant, employees, etc.); enterprise admin panel and others.

subquery cover

subquery logo SubQuery ->

SubQuery is an open, flexible, fast and uniiversal data indexing framework for web3. Our mission is to help developers create the decentralised products of the future.

unmarshal cover

unmarshal logo Unmarshal ->

Unmarshal is a multi-chain data infrastructure providing simplified access to data on DeFi, NFT and Metaverse.

bitquery cover

bitquery logo Bitquery ->

Bitquery is a set of software products that parse, index, and store blockchain data in a unified way. We started with bloxy.info as an analytics explorer and APIs for Ethereum Mainnet. With Bitquery, we are crossing the 'chain chasm' by delivering a set of products that can work across blockchains.

dexcheck cover

dexcheck logo DexCheck ->

DexCheck is a crypto and NFT analytics platform powered by AI, delivering real-time insights, intelligent alerts, and in-depth market analysis to optimize your trading experience and help you get the best results.

dappradar cover

dappradar logo DappRadar ->

Dapp is the world's dapp store, helping users discover thousands of blockchain applications through understandable data-driven metrics, and supporting developers in finding their audience. The more insightful and understandable data DappRadar offers, the more users it attracts. And when DappRadar attracts users, dapp developers are incentivized to add and maintain their smart contracts.

pyth cover

pyth logo Pyth Network ->

Pyth Network is an oracle that publishes financial market data to multiple blockchains. Our market data is contributed by over 80 first-party publishers(opens in a new tab), including some of the biggest exchanges and market making firms in the world. We offer price feeds for a number of different asset classes, including US equities, commodities, and cryptocurrencies(opens in a new tab). Each price feed publishes a robust aggregate of publisher prices that updates multiple times per second. Price feeds are available on multiple blockchains and can also be used in off-chain applications.

footprint cover

footprint logo Footprint Analytics ->

Footprint Growth Analytics offers a comprehensive solution to collect and analyze data from various Web2 and Web3 sources. With its powerful analytics capabilities, you can identify trends, monitor KPIs, and get a competitive edge in your marketing strategies. Analytics App is a zero-coding analytics platform designed specifically for the crypto industry. With its real-time on-chain data and drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly build charts and dashboards to showcase cutting-edge blockchain market insights without having to write any code. You can even use SQL queries to dive deeper into your data. At Footprint, we've developed a model that aggregates this raw data and indexes it to be meaningful. The info about these millions of transactions is broken up by domain—our data engine determines whether it can be classified as GameFi, NFT, DEX, or other. We decode this data so analysts can search for the information they need, like block time, TVL, token price, etc., and immediately display that data on a chart. Instead of strings of numbers and letters that are, to most, indecipherable, you have wallet addresses, chains, NFT collections, and other meaningful categories. Lastly, Data API is a unified data API for NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi across all major chain ecosystems. It supports both raw data and statistics metrics, allowing you to easily access and utilize the data you need with just one line of code.

nftscan cover

nftscan logo NFTScan ->

NFT Scan provides developers and users with professional NFT asset data search and query functions, including: NFT Collection, NFT Contract, Wallet Address, NFT TxHash and other multi-dimensional data search queries. NFT Portfolio is a dashboard product launched by the NFTScan team. Users can easily manage the NFT assets in their own multi-chain wallet addresses through the NFTScan Portfolio. The OpenAPI platform launched by NFTScan supports the full amount of NFT data of the Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNBChain, Polygon, Aptos, Moonbeam, Arbitrum, Optimism, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, PlatON, Cronos, Gnosis . Developer docs: https://docs.nftscan.com/

Darkness cover

 DarkNess Logo Darkness ->

The First Multi-Fractional-Algorithmic stablecoin With Stablecoins Dex on Cronos Chain. Users can trade stablecoins; Mint and redeem DUSD; Yield by staking NESS in the boardroom.

witnet cover

witnet logo Witnet ->

Witnet enables your smart contracts to react to real world events with strong crypto-economic guarantees. The decentralized oracle is true to the censorship resistant nature of blockchains. Without a reliable oracle, smart contracts can be vulnerable to hacks, corruption and monetary loss. Witnet leverages state-of-the-art cryptographic and economic techniques to provide your smart contracts with secure data input.

band protocol

band protocol Band Protocol ->

Band Protocol ensures interoperability between smart contracts and the rest of the world. One of the biggest challenges for the any decentralized application is to have access to trusted data and services over the traditional Web 2.0. Band Protocol tackles this problem by building a decentralized bridge to enable secure interoperabilities between smart contracts and the traditional web.

rubic cover

rubic logo Rubic ->

Rubic is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users and dApps. Our vision is that Rubic’s new umbrella SDK will aggregate the best Web3 cross-chain tech - from signals and oracles, to tokens and NFT bridges, in ready-made templates for DEXs, Lending/Farms, and more. This will help developers easily make their Web3 dApps cross-chain, regardless of what their function is. Right now, Rubic aggregates 60 major blockchains, 90+ DEXs and bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds - in one click. Users can do it on https://app.rubic.exchange/, but we also provide tools for dApps to enable cross-chain swaps. On top of that, Rubic’s app and our cross-chain widget provide fiat-on-ramp services, making crypto easy to access and buy.

moonflow cover

moonflow logo Moonflow NFT Marketplace ->

Gas-free NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad & NFT raffles on Cronos. On Moonflow, users can: - Collect, buy, sell and trade NFTs. - Create NFT collages - Create NFT QR codes directly to the marketplace

EmpireDEX Cover

empiredex logo 2 Empire DEX ->

Empire Network is a fast, secure and scalable L1 blockchain. $EMPIRE is the native currency of Empire Network. This token can be bridged using an Empire Bridge to move between every chain that Empire DEX is on. Every chain that the DEX and the Empire ecosystem expands to, $EMPIRE expands with it. Therefore, $EMPIRE can be used as a tool to bridge between a range of chains. $EMPIRE can also be used in Empire Staking Pools to earn a yield in the form of more $EMPIRE. These pools are sustained through a 0.05% fee on every trade on an Empire DEX. What users can do: - Empire DEX to perform swaps - Empire Pools to earn yield - Empire Bridge to transfer value across Empire Network, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon (More coming soon) - Developers can also build their projects on the Empire Network and utilize the low cost, high speed chain

GetBlock_cover image

GetBlock_logo GetBlock ->

GetBlock is a Blockchain RPC Provider that gives access to more than 50 multiple Blockchains including Cronos, via API. Users can get instant access to multiple blockchains like Cronos and get data from this chain. When you get an account on GetBlock users can get a pack with RPC requests they can use for their needs depending on their dApp.

Pulsar Finance_Cover

Pulsar Finance_logo Pulsar Finance ->

Pulsar Finance is a cross-chain portfolio dashboard that allows you to track all your holdings (Tokens + DeFi + NFTs), across 70+ blockchains Hence by utilizing our dashboard, users can conveniently view their DeFi positions, including Staking, Debt, LPs, Farms, Futures, and Limit orders, alongside their tokens and NFTs. Our platform also caters to users with multiple wallets, allowing them to create and manage various portfolios over time, improving their overall experience. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive solution for all crypto users, whether they are beginners or advanced. Overall, our goal is to empower crypto enthusiasts with in-depth data to make informed decisions, addressing the challenges we encountered when entering this space.

Manecity cover

Mane City_Logo Loaded Lions: Mane City ->

Loaded Lions, the flagship NFT collection of Crypto.com, has launched its first-ever game – Loaded Lions: Mane City – on the Cronos chain. Loaded Lions: Mane City is a tycoon simulation game where players design and build their dream cities and mansions with gold and diamonds generated from the in-game land that they own, alongside businesses they build on them such as gyms, banks and music stores. - Mansion personalisation: Players can personalise their Mane Mansions to express their unique character and flair. By decorating their mansions, it also influences their in-game progression – unlocking additional blueprints to build Businesses and generate Gold, plus character level-ups. - Dynamic prize pool (for Competitive Season): The prize pool grows dynamically and is updated live throughout the season. Many players will be able to share in the prize pool, but only the best of the best will take home the lion’s share. - Building placements: Instead of predefining Business placements, players are free to decide where to place Business on the Land Plots which opens up more opportunities for strategic and skilled players. - Marketplace: Integrated within the game, players can buy and sell Businesses and Blueprints.

NOW Wallet_cover

nowwallet_logo NOW Wallet ->

A versatile crypto wallet allowing users to buy, store, exchange Cronos and 500+ crypto assets on 40+ blockchains or connect to dApps using WalletConect.


Furrend_logo Furrend ->

Furrend is the web3 pet video-sharing social network that provides the tools, resources, and infrastructure for content creators to monetize their work and engage with their community through NFTs. Launched in 2023, Furrend enables creators to share a continuous stream of high-quality content with users — fueling their love for pets, inspiring creativity, and providing valuable insights and entertainment. We aim to empower them to pursue their passions, further fuel their creativity, and continue producing exceptional pet-related content that resonates with our global audience.

Crooks Finance ->

Crooks Finance is a DeFi project launched on the CRONOS Chain which provides its users with an automated high-yield cronos reward protocol which makes passive income easy, secure, and sustainable. Shared staked capital will increase weekly because of trading volume and our smart compounding protocol.

Cougar Optimizer ->

This is the most ideal Yield Optimizer for leveraging different DeFi protocols and strategies to maximize user profits. The cougar optimizer is designed with the aim of optimizing the profits of DeFi users based on the power of compounding interest, saving users time, and enabling higher yields through creative automation, optimal compounding frequency, and highly efficient gas utilization. How awesome is that? You save fees when you farm on us compared to other farming spaces!

Elk Finance ->

Fast, safe, cheap, and trustless cross-chain value exchange across all blockchains

Savanna Finance ->

SVN Finance is a Tomb fork with core changes to its mechanics, thus giving it the ability to act as a DAO that accumulates MMF tokens

Fortune DAO ->

Stablecoins Liquidity For DeFi 2.0

Scrub ->

Scrub is a platform that offers two currencies with modes of spending and trading, both printed from a seigniorage coin. The goal is to offer our community more and more agreements to buy selected and discounted products with our coins.

DexPad ->

**[DexPad.io](https://dexpad.io)** is a truly decentralised and blockchain agnostic IDO Platform. Anyone can launch their token without having any programming knowledge. DexPad allows anyone to mint their token and raise a capital through presales. As launchpad allows custom tokens, as a user you must do due deligence regarding the token and the team behind it. We restrict the honeypot contracts through our **[Anti-Honeypot](https://dexpad.io)** Mechanism, we still suggest investors to check team's social media accounts and their history on different anti-rug websites. Please checkout **[Terms and Conditions](https://dexpad.io/termsandconditions)**

Degen Brain Finance ->

Degen Brain Finance (DBF) hopes to help new and veteran investors by teaching our community how to navigate the world of crypto. Degen Brain Finance is the first gamified Learn2Earn web3 project on Cronos that incorporates NFT Avatars (DegenBrains), staking utility, their own CRC-20 Token, and a growing community of like-minded investors. DegenBrain.Finance will be the central hub for all things DegenBrains, allowing you to do everything from minting and staking your DegenBrains, to accessing the gamified Learn2Earn platform, and more. What will you learn in our Learn2Earn platform? -The basics (What is a cryptocurrency or what is an NFT?) -The not-so-basic (What is a liquidity pair and why do I care?) -Types of crypto projects (What is a tomb fork anyways?) -The complex (Chart reading, indicators, etc) -And more!

Frens ->

Innovative and exciting new community reward token on Cronos by TENDIES dev

Titan Maker ->

Titan Maker is an incubator and launch platform for early stage projects on Cronos. The platform leverages a unique merit-based points system which assigns Titan Points to the highest quality users based on both on-chain and off-chain metrics. Titan Maker is founded by a highly experienced, skilled, and well-connected team which has spent years incubating, advising, and launching successful blockchain-based products. The team's proven track record perfectly aligns with Titan Maker's ability as a launchpad to provide the much-needed assistance, guidance, and touch most start-ups will require to launch successfully.

Adamant Finance ->

Adamant is a yield optimizer vault that provides users with an easy and safe way to automatically compound

Cronos Labs ->

Cronos Labs is a startup accelerator dedicated to incubating projects built on blockchains, with a high potential to bring disruptive impact

DefiLlama ->

Open and transparent DeFi TVL and analytics

CyborgSwap (former ChronoSwap) ->

One of the very first DEXs on Cronos blockchain

Smokin' Gorilla Finance ->

Smokin’ Gorilla is an ecosystem starting with an auto-staker and autocompounder on the Cronos mainnet starting off with a 95,000% APY with a slow tapering model incorporated to fight inflation. Our vision is to innovate the DeFi space within the Cronos ecosystem. Our innovation leveraged with Crypto.com’s effective marketing of their DeFi Wallet App to bring new users to the space is something we believe can be a combination to disrupt the current world of DeFi.

Aletheo ->

Aletheo is first and foremost a marketing tool, which allows for the monetization of human and AI behavior across the internet. Rather than a figurehead responsible for spreading product knowledge and increasing consumer acquisition, next generation Aletheo marketing campaigns will incentivize all individuals to spread awareness by means of the LET token. In traditional marketing campaigns, potential customers are often duped into consumerism through the biased language and message of the influencer. In the world of Aletheo campaigns, we believe in the tried and true mantra, that “all publicity is good publicity”. In this case, posters and peer-to-peer marketers will be compensated for any communication, and not just conversations that seek to serve a certain goal. Moreso, this also leads to more authentic marketing strategies. As stated, Aletheo remains functional as a peer-to-peer marketing tool by means of token incentivization. Users who have the Aletheo name or link in their username or BIO are recognized by the Aletheo oracle and are thus entitled to LET rewards based on activity. In an effort to strengthen liquidity for the protocol and to maintain price stability, we offer the opportunity to stake LET directly on our dApp. Recipients of the LET token for their activity within Aletheo-integrated chats will have the opportunity to stake their tokens in a contract for a period of: \- Less than a month \- 25 days or more The staking contract for posters and voters to lock their tokens as commitment stake for a period shorter than 1 month (shorter than trust- minimized proxy upgrade period) produces some LET yield as of now and is supposed to eventually entirely depend on fees from campaigns. If users lock their LET for at least 25 days (a period, shorter than the trust-minimized proxy's fastest upgrade), they can increase their pay to as much as 25x more (this modifier is subject to change as the protocol’s user base matures), by locking a maximum of 1000 LET tokens. The more skin in the game, the more Aletheo gives back. As staking presents posters with the potential of an increased reward rate, it is our hope that these individuals will act in the best interest of Aletheo and maintain the protocol’s solvency. We do not intend to minimize the impact that “influence” has over consumers, and instead hope to increase the amount that genuine conversation can positively impact corporations and companies. As we progress into the future there will most likely always be a reliance on social media influencers and “people of importance”. More followers will continue to be attractive to traditional corporations and legacy marketing campaigns, there's no changing that. But allow us to bring some authenticity back into the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere.

StormSwap ->

**Based on incativity on social media (Twitter) from January and inaccessibility of domains, we have decided to tag the project as "TEAM ABANDONED"** **-Note by Cronos Research** Swap, Earn and Build on the Leading Decentralized crypto trading protocol

CRONEX Finance ->

### Project owners have deleted all socials and the website domain, therefore we are marking the project as ABANDONED! Cronex is a swap with the safety of investors in mind. Featuring LP lockers with a burn function, if a project is found to be a scam after being reported by the community and the team doesn't respond within 24 hours, their locked LP tokens are then burned to protect those who've invested, and still allowing those investors to sell their bags. CRONEX also offers fixed lock times, which forces projects to remain active for at least a month before being able to rug pull. This, combined with the burn function effectively prevents all forms of time-rugging.

ToxicDeer Finance ->

ToxicDeer (DEER) is an anti-deflationary and anti-inflationary crypto project running on the Cronos chain. It draws its inspiration from BasisCash as well as its predecessors, Pegasus, Soup and Tomb Finance. We want to support their protocol by pegging **DEER** to **USDC**, henceforth providing new use cases for **USDC**, as well as increasing ToxicDeer's liquidity on the Cronos ecosystem. Consequently, exposing ourselves to **USDC** also means exposing us to its recent success. As a strong **USDC** supporter, we can attract investors that originate from **USDC** by providing space for their **USDC** LPs in ToxicDeer Finance. Yes, **USDC** is **DEER** and **DEER** is **USDC.**

Evolve ->

Evolve is a decentralized lending protocol which allows suppliers to earn up to 2,500% APR without impermanent loss and allows borrowers to yield farm with leverage.

DEXTools ->

Ultimate Hub and Defi App For Uniswap and DEX trading

Salem Finance ->

Yield Farming protocol, currently on Fantom and Cronos Network

Ferro Protocol ->

As blockchain technology comes under the spotlight over the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in the DeFi space with the boom of decentralized exchanges revolutionalizing the way we trade and how prices are determined. The demand for stablecoins, cryptocurrencies that are pegged to fiat currencies, is also on the rise. You might have tried trading on one of these DEXes and wondered "Aren't stablecoins supposed to have stable value? Why is the value much lower after swapping?" We feel the same. As a group of faithful DeFi enthusiasts, we are delighted to see a vibrant market but also understand the need to build products that overcome existing challenges and fit our needs. Therefore, we came together and set up **Ferro** - a **StableSwap AMM **protocol with deep liquidity that aims to provide safe and efficient tradings of pegged assets, with the spirit to solidify Cronos ecosystem. Ferro's stable curve pool offers a wide array of utility, allows better composability between protocols in Cronos, creates a more effective way to access stablecoins and other highly correlated assets with **lower fees**, **lower slippages**, **lower impermanent loss**, and **more utilization** of pools. Money market protocols can list their interest-bearing token in Ferro, while any lower liquidity stablecoins bridged from other chains can leverage the Meta Pool set up to bootstrap the liquidity.

Icy CRO ->

Building decentralised infrastructure together

Lords of Cro ->

We seek to bring together the Kingdoms of Cronos old and new. We will offer LP staking and Single Pool staking, a Royal Exchange feature, a Launchpad for new GameFi projects, and an NFT ecosystem for our future games.

CougarSwap Ecosystem ->

The futuristic generation Yield Farming strategies built on Binance Smart Chain features at highest stability and security level. **Linked project:** [Cougar Exchange](/project-detail/cougar-exchange/r/recUZ4RoQOq2O7fnP)

CroMarket ->

Live streaming charts & swap dApp for Cronos

Babylons ->

Babylons is an ecosystem governed by a unique DAO model serving as a community-governed NFT platform, a premiere blockchain gaming aggregator, a cutting-edge launchpad, and web3 technology solutions provider.

Good Driver Reward Token ->

Building the token and application that will power the future of incentivizing safe driving for everyone with GDRT rewards.

CroBank ->

CroBank is a reward token on Cronos that rewards in USDC, 8% of every transaction goes back to holders of $BANK in USDC. With the recent boom in Defi, CroBank aims to bring passive income to our holders, and revolutionize passive income.

Magus Nodes ->

**[Thread explaining reason for end of development](https://twitter.com/MagusNodes/status/1562197325564370948?t=s-4NqyIS2zrRbApkncr3ig&s=19)** **Welcome to Magus Nodes.** We are planning to be the next big Node protocol on Cronos where you will have the opportunity to make passive income for life. In our eyes, community comes first. Our team consists of veterans in the crypto space, who have come together to bring the Node community one of the biggest and most sustainable projects of the year. Who can say no to that? We are looking to launch in April with a deliverable long-term roadmap and a fully functional Dapp. Be ready for Magus Nodes, the NaaS protocol coming to CRO in April.

DexCheck ->

## **About the DexCheck** [DexCheck](https://dexcheck.io/) helps you with Real time DeFi / NFT Analytics and Insights to be ahead of the game. Know your way around trading Crypto currencies and NFTs to make decision based on knowledge with DexCheck ### DexCheck Platform Features: **Chain Board:** ChainBoard provide users access to cognitive intelligence feed on network data metrics of the top-tier blockchains **NFT Board**: NFT Board empowers users to explore and track trending NFTs with real-time trading volumes. Users can evaluate NFTs for their trend analysis, historical charts and previous transactions history. **DexSwap**: DexSwap enables users to trade on several DEXs with the most suitable rate getting favourable results each time. **Charts**: Our real-time charts permits users to track performance of their favourite coins along with getting history and other relevant data in a visually aesthetic and organized manner **New Tokens**: New Tokens feature showcases the newly listed tokens on different DEXs enabling users to find the real hidden gems avoiding ponzi schemes **Big Trades**: With Big Trades feature, users can keep themselves updated when a whale buy or sell a token enabling them to stay ahead of the game **Wallet Tracking**: Manage, track, copy, and save the most profitable wallets all in one place. **DexTAX**: Taking care of your crypto taxes to ensure a hassle-free crypto experience. Whether its an accurate crypto tax report, inventory tracking, or transaction organizing you want to get hold of- DexTax accommodates it all.

VersaGames ->

VersaGames is the next-generation community-driven NFT-gaming ecosystem. VersaGames connects investors, gamers, content creators and developers. The easy to use yet ultramodern web3 storefront enables its users to: - Find content about new and upcoming GameFi projects - Share knowledge, through content creation - Be a part of an active and meaningful community within the #CROfam - Take part in tournaments and community events - Interact with all disciplines. Developers meet investors. Gamers meet developers. - Stake $VERSA and earn $VERSA/GAME tokens distributed from VersaGames Treasury - Stake Liquidity and earn $VERSA/GAME tokens - Have access to GameFi IDO’s on Cronos - Trade Game NFTs (non-fungible tokens) VersaGames brings together proven and new concepts to unite the NFT gaming ecosystem and dramatically improve the experience of every participant in this area. By combining and empowering our community to grow with VersaGames, we are creating a unique powerhouse in this growing ecosystem that attracts gamers, investors and developers. VersaGames has been announced as an IGO on [VVS Finance](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) platform [[LINK](https://medium.com/@VersaGames/versa-coming-to-vvs-on-cronos-b456e4211d12)]

Cronos ID ->

We are your one-stop service for Domains, Notifications, and Messaging on [@cronos\_chain](https://twitter.com/cronos_chain). The [#web3](https://twitter.com/hashtag/web3?src=hashtag_click) ecosystem is full of innovations but comes with its own set of challenges such as unmemorable wallet addresses, a lack of verified communication channels, and notifications. [@cronos\_identity](https://twitter.com/cronos_identity) solves this. To achieve this, Cronos ID is powered by 3 key subprotocols: 1. 𝘾𝙍𝙊 𝘿𝙤𝙢𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙨 2. 𝙉𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 3. 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙞𝙣𝙜 ## 𝘾𝙍𝙊 𝘿𝙤𝙢𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙨 The Cronos ID’s identity layer. eg "johndoe.cro" With it, John is able to - - Host his own IPFS websites & NFT galleries - - Quickly send and receive funds to/from .CRO address - - Get verified so everyone knows it’s really him on [@cronos\_chain](https://twitter.com/cronos_chain) ## 𝙉𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 This enables users' wallet addresses to receive notifications about on-chain events automatically, without the need to check DApps and holdings like: - Warnings on liquidation events - bids on NFTs - Notifications of governance votes on DAOs ## 𝙈𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙜𝙞𝙣𝙜 Enabling communication between wallet addresses in a trusted, verified, and safe channel like: - Negotiations for NFTs - Users can also reach out to specific wallets and teams and be sure they’re all talking to the right people. With our infrastructure, we believe Cronos ID is able to extend the capability of Web3 dapps in [@cronos\_chain](https://twitter.com/cronos_chain) ecosystem and have [#crofam](https://twitter.com/hashtag/crofam?src=hashtag_click) having ownership of their own identity.

CroKing ->

CroKing is a multifunctional utility token which utilizes the speed and versatility of the Cronos Chain to pr ovide investors with one of the most exciting opportunities for passive earnings. Holders will receive wrapped CRO multiple times per day (based on number of owned CRK, and system volume), just for having CRK in their wallet. Meanwhile, CRK will offer an NFT marketplace and a launchpad for emerging projects which will feature anti-rug pull protections, so investors can operate with confidence. Other features include: token supply cap, Doxxed developers, cleared Audit, anti-whale wallet size limits, and an enthusiastic community with open communications with the development team.

Sphynx Labs ->

Sphynx Labs is an All-In-One (AIO) Crypto Investing Ecosystem created to simplify the trading experience. Their goal is to create a safe, stress-free platform where users can streamline the process of trading in the DeFi space. Sphynx Labs has already produced various utilities such as a DEX with charts, staking and farming pools, NFT staking, a stop-loss feature, and a launchpad. Future developments will include a wallet, mobile app, token bridge, NFT marketplace, and Sphynx TV. With its well-educated and dedicated team offering top-notch customer support, unparalleled utilities, and professionalism, Sphynx is poised to be one of the top ecosystems in the crypto space.

V3S Finance ->

**V3S Finance**, the first ecosystem running around an algorithmic token pegged to [VVS](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) on Cronos chain. Build by a team of [VVS](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) Diamond holders, **V3S** is inspired by the most successful algorithmic stablecoin on Fantom: Tomb, and the most prominent algorithmic token project on Cronos: [DarkCrypto](/project-detail/darkcrypto/r/recWKFIuEML9GfTva). **V3S** is an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the price of 1 VVS via seigniorage. The algorithm helps to increase the supply in event of the deflationary tendency of the token or reduce the supply in event of a decline in purchasing power of the token. Therefore, the supply and demand of the **V3S** are balanced which helps to maintain its peg to 1 [VVS](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) in the long run. Happy for Investors and Happy for Developers too! **V3S** maintains its peg to 1 [VVS](/project-detail/vvs/r/recdMNepjbcNcMurR) with a three token structure: - **V3S**: the algorithmic token pegged to VVS - **VSHARE**: which holders can claim V3S inflation when the network expands - **VBOND**: which can be purchased when the network is in contraction and can be redeemed for V3S when the network comes to its deflationary phase

Phenix Finance ->

The Phenix Finance project is an initiative led by a team of committed, experienced, and community-driven people who have a high focus on delivering easy methods of rewards and DeFi services to project and business owners in the crypto-space. The Phenix Finance team have come together to bring forward a vision that is founded on our core values and beliefs of trust, transparency, and determination. The team has a deep focus on community, security, and education as a new generation enters into the crypto world. Phenix Finance acknowledges that crypto is an element of everyones life's that will change the way we operate on a day-to-day basis and they strive to be the pioneers in delivering services and applications with real world utility and power for project and business owners entering the DeFi space. They aim to break the difficulty barrier that prevents so many people from accessing this world of DeFi through enhanced accessibility and DeFi applications/servics. The Phenix Finance Project is one of the many great projects pushing this vision of the future of DeFi ahead. The Phenix Finance token at a base offers an extremely easy reward system via our token mechanism. The RX3 (Rapid Relative Rebase) Protocol provides over 66,666% APY just buy holding tokens in your wallet. The PHNX Token will be a tool for high rewards and utility as our ecosystem rapidly expands. The ecosystem will continuously expand with different decentralized applications and services which make it easier for project and business operations easier for everyone that uses them. We aim to release the Phenix Vault and Phenix Payroll Management System as two applications that will assist businesses on DeFi to manage their assets safely and properly organise and keep track of their employee payroll with advanced statistics that are unseen in the space. They aim to release the DeFi services and applications on the CRONOS chain initially, then across multiple chains to provide a white array of utility to different parts of DeFi.

Corgi Studio ->

Corgi studio is an NFT marketplace and launchpad on Cronos. Our mission is to bring #crofam the best experience in the NFT space. Corgi Studio is a registered company under Corgi Studio LLC in California

MM Finance ->

MMFinance is the 2nd Generation & the 1st AMM & DEX on Cronos Chain that offers fee rebates via trade mining and protocol owned liquidity

Cronos Name Service ->

The Cronos Name Service aims to make the blockchain ecosystem a bit simpler by allowing users to create a global username for their public addresses and decentralized dapps. CNS will help users to map their public accounts on various blockchains like Cronos to a simpler, short and human-readable username like_ **john.cro**_

Kaguni ->

Kaguni is a CRC20 gaming token. Every month there will be a new mini game. The top 3 of the mini game (on the 24th day of the month) will get a part of the kaguni jackpot. When we have more players we will release PvP games where you can win or loose kagu.

Loaded Nodes ->

Loaded Nodes is an innovative yield farming protocol built on Cronos chain and inspired by $THOR and Polar Node. Through the help of a multi-chain yield farming protocol, it will allow you to earn rewards by creating one or more nodes on our dApp. Then you simply claim your daily $LDN every day, for the rest of your life ! **Goals** : Our main goal is to have several products built on Cronos chain in the coming months like our DaaS platform, become a validator on Crypto.com then the other blockchains chosen by our community with the goal of becoming a sustainable NaaS. We will also launch our NFT collection few weeks after the public launch in order to reward our community and bring assets for our nodes holders. We are positioning our platform to capture value for our investors and provide a safe and sustainable project for them to generate rewards. We aim to be the leading DeFi platform on the Cronos ecosystem, with several dApps (Decentralized Apps) available. Our initial launch will serve as a gateway to build our vision and future as a strong DAO. The community is at the center of our project, the different investments in various protocols is done through votes and suggestions from the community. Moreover, Cronos offers with their native CRO token a relatively cheap transaction cost. The team will be really grateful for those who have supported us since the beginning, Loaded Nodes is more than you see...

Dove Finance ->

A decentralized reserve currency built on Cronos

EatTheBlocks ->

**[EatTheBlocks](https://eattheblocks.com/) **is the leading online coding school for Web3 development, providing high quality beginner, advance, and live courses relating to Web3 development. **1. Theoretical Explanation** The course topic is explained through schemas and diagrams. We always start our classes by explaining complex concepts in the most simple and easiest way possible. **2. Video Coding Class** We teach programming through pre-recorded videos. Students watch instructors coding and explaining at the same time. The codebase of every course is available to students on Github. **3. Questions & Answers** At each milestone reached, students go through a Q&A to test if they understood and can continue to the next step. **4. Lab Project(s)** From theory to reality, lab projects enable students to test their knowledge on real professional development tasks.

Crohm Finance ->

Decentralised Reserve on Cronos $CROHM

Pegasus Dollar ->

Pegasus Dollar (PES) is an algorithmic pegged to METF running on Cronos-chain. The Pegasus Dollar Protocol was created by the Pegasus team as a Cronos Chain an algorithmic token pegged to **[METF](/project-detail/mm-etf/r/recdOnJHGhOfYxh24)**. **Inspired by Basis and its predecessors, Pegasus Dollar is a multi-token protocol that consists of the following tokens:** - Pegasus Dollar (PES) - Pegasus Shares (SPES) - Pegasus Bonds (BPES)

Parabola.fi ->

Parabola Fi launched as a** **fork of Ellipsis Finance on Cronos. And the Parabola team is very grateful to Ellipsis for its innovative practice in the stablecoin trading market. The Parabola team will commit to the core values: a trustless and decentralized architecture, zero deposit or withdrawal fees, no lock ups on liquidity and extremely efficient stable coin exchanges. 

Argo ->

Argo is a liquid staking protocol on Cronos, empowering Cronos users to stake their CRO and earn staking rewards. Users will receive a liquid stake CRO (bCRO) which can be used across Cronos DeFi applications to earn additional yields.

Dexioprotocol ->

Our vision is a world in which blockchain technology is mainstream and vastly more people are connected by it. We are advancing this ambition by creating a suite of gaming applications that allow our users to play our games with or without a digital wallet. By providing people with incredibly fun and interactive games, we can introduce digital assets and other applications within our ecosystem that allow our users to step comfortably into blockchain technology. In addition to that, we are creating sustainable and long-term revenue streams that support the business of Dexioprotocol as well as fund investment in the development of our blockchain-based ecosystem. We are here to stay and we mean to ensure that Dexioprotocol has a realistic, viable, and visionary approach to the advancement of the blockchain revolution.

Gaur Money ->

Algo-rock your world with GAUR while getting exposure to ETH. Gaur Money is available on Cronos chain.

1Beam ->

Official announcement about ending development from the official [Medium article](https://1beam.medium.com/ending-support-for-1beam-protocol-c0e8d7f88289): # **Ending Support for 1Beam Protocol** Dear 1Beam Community, After examining all the possibilities at our disposal that could potentially restore the situation, we sincerely regret to inform you that we find ourselves having to end support for 1Beam. This decision was a very tough one to make, because of the many hours of development paired with our own capital we have spent trying to offer DeFi users a useful and intuitive stableswap product. Without any external funding whatsoever and zero team token allocation ever sold, the recent market downturn forced us to conclude that maintaining 1Beam has become financially unviable and unsustainable. The following actions will take place: - The 1Beam.io website will be **shut down on 30 June 2022** - LP providers will have to remove their liquidity from farms and pools - Liquidity incentives for all 1Beam pools will end effective immediately - 100% of 1Beam Treasury funds will be distributed to our users, see below # Treasury Funds Distribution All accumulated funds in 1Beam Treasury will be distributed to stakers and lockers **by the end of May**. At the time of writing, [Total Undistributed Fees](https://1beam.io/staking) across our three ecosystems are as follows: - 1Beam MoonRiver: **$30,669** - 1Beam MoonBeam: **$1,114** - 1Beam Cronos: **$517** To all of our users and supporters: **THANK YOU!** **-- END OF MEDIUM --** 1Beam is building a decentralised application ecosystem on Moonbeam and other Ecosystems. Liquidity Providers can earn by supplying capital to the underlying liquidity pools. Liquidity Providers earn native token incentives by farming LP tokens or by staking tokens.

Agora ->

Fully-fledged NFT marketplace on Cronos Chain and soon Arbitrum

Cropperfield ->

Cropperfield is a decentralized community-focused meme plus utility project, deployed on the Cronos Network. The project seeks to expand the meme space, introducing various new features which will not only bring fun but also a steady source of income to its community. CROpperfield maintains the fundamentals of a De-fi token with a deflationary touch.

CrogeCoin ->

Croge is an open source, peer-to-peer digital asset, on the Cronos blockchain, favored by reptiles worldwide. ## Bridge is live! The team at Croge is happy to announce that the first BSC to CRO bridge is live! This has never been done before, and we are first token to have it. What does this mean for Croge? This means that the entire BSC world can safely and simply brdige BNB into the Croge token. They can also bridge bnb to croge and then sell croge for Cronos tokens. Our bridge basically is the portal from BSC to CRO for anyone who does not know how to get Cronos currency. We are inviting the BSC world over to CRO!

LitBit Finance ->

We plan on being the Elite Ido Launchpad by providing a more stringent vetting process and incubation of projects. 

CronaSwap ->

CronaSwap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the Cronos Chain to offer the lowest transaction fees (0.25%). You can swap CRC-20 tokens easily on the Cronos Chain network which guarantees superior speed and much lower network transaction costs. CronaSwap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms. We want to take on the mantle of becoming the leading DEX platform on the market for token swaps. We are highly committed to providing true value, fairness, and innovation to decentralized finance through our top-quality products and services. CronaSwap is fast and secure and anyone can swap and earn tokens easily. The native token of CronaSwap is CRONA.

Serval Finance ->

By Serval Finance: The lead developer rug, but the team is still here, we will think of compensation plans for affected users The team is working with MMFinance to ensure that the develop that rug will be caught and have his account frozen. The leftover serval team will do our best to compensate affected users and we will be here to stay. We are working with the MMF team to apprehend the rogue developer. The rest of the team is here to ensure that any funds we have left that is not taken by the developer will be used as refund for the SRV and SRV LP holders. Sorry to everyone affected. **Serval Finance** is the first ever DAO protocol on Cronos that unifies **metaverse, gamification and NFT's with DAO**. Serval finance is a decentralized reserve currency platform on **Cronos**. Each Serval is backed by at at least 1 USDC. If Serval ever trades below 1 USDC, the protocol buys back and burns Serval, pushing the price back up to 1 USDC. There is no upper limit imposed by the protocol to the potential trading price of Serval. Serval is backed by USDC, not pegged to it. This allows the Serval token to achieve a stable floating value, while never falling below the value of its backed assets. The token price is designed to equal (1 USDC + Premium), with "premium" reflecting market value. Bonds are sold by the protocol for different assets, and in return the buyer receives Serval at a significantly discounted price. This increases the treasury and enables us to produce incredible yields for our users. Serval expands its treasury through **bonds and fees that we will receive from Metaverse, NFT and GameFi**. This will allow Serval to build more utility around $SRV token and also increase the size and value of assets in the treasury along with the value of $SRV token.

Baby Phenix ->

BabyPhenix was born when we realized the cronos community feels so bullish on phenix so we are looking to do the same thing earn 8% passive income in phenix rewards just for holding babyphenix and with your rewards you will be earning 66666% APY in phenix automatically. We plan to follow in there footsteps as the memecoin version of them. We will be the next big bird coin on the cronos chain pushing to launch in the beginning of this bullish market we have coming as cro is scheduled to explode any moment now we will follow the wave and push to the moon!

Crodex ->

The most advanced and widely used DEX on Crypto.com’s Cronos Chain

Degen Protocol ->

Crystl Finance ->

Come Explore the DeFi Universe at Crystl Finance with High APY Vaults and Pools

CroNodes ->

Cronodes is a fork of a DeFi as a Service (DaaS) platform (Thor) from the Avalanche Network. We have seen the DaaS platform on many different networks, but Cronodes dreamed of bringing the idea to the Cronos chain. We believe that the Cronos chain is going to gain serious traction in the next year with the marketing push that Crypto.com is doing. From advertising everywhere, Superbowl Ads, and even buying out the LA Lakers stadium name. That's right, the LA Lakers stadium is now called the Crypto.com Arena. This crazy unprecedented marketing push, in our opinion, is going to open the flood gate to normal everyday retail investors and we wanted to be one of the first good projects on the Cronos chain

Cronos News ->

The #1 Cronos & DeFi News, Features & Analysis

Printer Financial ->

Printer Financial is an EVM native cross-chain protocol that lets you transfer value seamlessly across chains and pays interest for providing liquidity. Rather than being pegged to a native token, PAPER is free to travel across all available chains at zero cost to you. No fee, no charge, no tax. Just the freedom to take your PAPER with you wherever you go in the blockchain.

KyberSwap ->

As DeFi's first multi-chain Dynamic Market Maker and the main protocol in Kyber's liquidity hub, KyberSwap is both a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator and a liquidity source

CroBucks ->

Hold CroBucks to earn passive income in USDC

Loot Network ->

Innovative yield farming protocol built on Cronos Chain #CRO | Get your node and earn a daily rewards !

Trollcoin ->

We are the first Troll Coin on Cronos, where 95% of the supply was purchased by the community. We did things differently by implementing a max buy of 1% and a max sell of 1% and allowed the community to buy and hold the supply, unlike other meme coins that their team to purchase before launch!

Thetanuts Finance ->

Thetanuts Finance is creating the best-in-class products for users to maximize risk-adjusted yield generation in all market conditions with a well-designed and intuitive user experience. Thetanuts Finance has been mentioned as one of 4 projects for the second batch of grant recepients of Cronos Ecosystem Grants (from total of 80 applicants since January) [[LINK](https://medium.com/cronos-chain/announcing-the-second-batch-of-cronos-ecosystem-grant-recipients-78ef06c9fd25)]

Croala ->

The cutest meme token on Cronos Mainnet. Croala is a meme token with the overall purpose to take over the meme token market and help koalas along the way. Our charity goal is to adopt as many koalas as possible which can be tracked on <https://savethekoala.com/adopt-a-koala/>.

CROBeansMiner ->

The CRO Beans Miner is a decentralized application built on the Cronos chain. The object of the game is to hire more miners sooner and more often than other players. This in turn earns you more CRO faster. These miners work for you tirelessly, giving you a daily average of 8% of your miners' value. The daily percentage return depends on players' actions that are taken within the platform that impact the miners's efficiency rate. The farming efficiency rate rises and falls as users buy miners, re-hire your earnings and sell your crops for CRO. Once miners are bought/hired, they cannot be sold, and the investment made to re-hire/compound them (either through hire or re-hiring) cannot be taken back. However, once bought, miners will not stop producing yield. Using a referral link to hire miners does not affect the number of miners you hire, but it will help surely encourage the community to share more and grow the community of users. Community will drive the success of the project.


CUJO is the most Rabbid dog on chain as a DEFLATIONARY MEME coin

Mimas Finance ->

**Mimas Finance** is an algorithmic money market and liquid staking protocol on the Cronos blockchain. Built by the same team behind [Tranquil](https://tranquil.finance) on the Harmony blockchain, it allows users to supply and borrow assets while receiving or paying interest in a completely permissionless and decentralized way. Borrowing and lending interest are set based on market demand, and loans are over-collateralized to ensure solvency. Mimas Finance is a fork of Tranquil Finance (which is forked from Compound), which has been [audited by CertiK](https://www.certik.com/projects/tranquil-finance) and has been successfully running for many months across volatile market conditions with [tens of millions in TVL](https://defillama.com/protocol/tranquil-finance). Our DEX-based TWAP _fully decentralized_ price oracle stack, which works without Chainlink, has been proven and validated in the field. Mimas Finance has also been audited by [CertiK](https://www.certik.com/projects/mimas-finance).

Defira ->

## Ready to dive into an NFT adventure? Expand your army, Level your heroes, and earn FIRA in Defira! Defira is a NFT game that fuses the best part the blockchain with engaging gameplay. The Defiraverse is home to your favorite DeFi tools. A Decentralised Exchange, Money Market and liquid staking are one click away while playing the game. ## What makes Defira diffirent? Play to Earn is not a sustainable model in its current form. Defira focuses on bringing in value not only by attracting new players. By using the integraded DeFi functions to attract more people into the Metaverse to create another usecase for it's tokens. Defira's end goal is to create an immense 4X gamemode with countless usecases for the Fira token. These usecases will burn most of the Fira in circulation, resulting in Fira becoming an deflarionary asset. **Start playing Defira today!**

Gaur Vaults ->

## About Gaur Vaults project A decentralized finance platform that enables everyone around the globe to invest and take advantage of DeFi opportunities. Advanced vault strategies and ERC4626 standardized vaults. ## What are Gaur Vaults? Gaur Vaults are what you would call a yield optimizer. Simply put it optimizes the yields on your assets in a variety of ways. Those are called strategies and you can find out more information on each one in the strategies section.

D.G.Pals ->

**[D.G.Pals](https://dgpals.io/)** is a collectible virtual pet, multi-genre NFT Game Project that focuses on V-pet simulator, Squad-battler (PvP and Competitive), Siege Defence, NFT Land Ownership, Clan System, Virtual Town. The D.G.Verse that the project is building will expose Cronos users to an exciting ecosystem of multi-genre Play-to-Earn NFT games.

RNA Cash ->

An algorithmic stablecoin on Cronos, pegged to the price of 1 $CRO via seigniorage. Same team as DNA Dollar.

DEX Screener ->

With so many **cryptocurrencies**, deciding which ones are worth your time and money can be tricky. That’s where access to high-quality data can be crucial. Therefore, it’s common to see traders using online tools to help find the best investment opportunities based on parameters like price, **market capitalization**, volatility, and **trading volume**. DEX Screener is a tool for exploring data on **decentralized exchanges**. The platform is free to use and offers access to information from a number of blockchain networks, making it an excellent platform for both beginner and advanced investors.

Krypton Protocol ->

Krypton Protocol is a decentralized reserve currency protocol based on KRON token

YieldWolf ->

Next-generation yield farming automation

FAB ->

FAB is the governance and dividend token to FABEURO & FABUSD. FABEURO beeing the first Euro Stablecoin on Cronos and FABUSD beeing a multiple collaterized dollar stablecoin. FAB holders benefit from dividends through AMM arbitrage aswell as voting on official proposals made through the organisation behind the FAB Ecosystem: Weast n.e.V.

Procyon Finance ->

Procyon Finance is a Decentralized Algorithmic Exchange market that allows participants to engage in the well-established protocol. Users who provide liquidity for the market earn passive income from many capital-efficient financial features, while traders can trade in an open-integrated market, enabling peer-to-peer transactions in the most stable platform on the DeFi market. Procyon dApps gives the most suitable opportunity to earn the maximum profit for users as we bring the best-to-known features for a long-term decentralized finance platform that provides secure & mainstream cryptocurrency functionalities authorizing multiple usages for users: Users can easily access our flexible $PCY token distribution for multiple purposes (e.g., participate in Launchpad, Yields Optimizers and long-term investment strategies in the Procyon Ecosystem) Holders can make additional profits from interest by supplying liquidity to the protocol to enhance advantage on pricing strategy and participate in the superior features without assets actively-management. Traders can access top-of-the-line cryptocurrencies to capitalize on their short-term trading view (e.g., shorting) or yield maximizing opportunities (e.g., farming)

Swapp ->

CryptoSwapp on Cronos

Zapper ->

Zapper is an asset management platform for web3. Our mission is to make web3 accessible and easy to use. We work towards this mission by: - providing a dashboard from which users can track and exchange more than 3000 digital assets; - helping builders and developers from across the web3 reach as many users as possible by integrating their protocols with our dashboard; - creating and sharing educational resources on Zapper Learn to help demystify the complexities of cryptocurrencies and web3 for newcomers.

Annex Finance ->

A Decentralized Marketplace for Lenders and Borrowers with Borderless Stablecoins

Cronos Node Project ->

The Cronos Node Project ($CRON) is an innovative approach to solving the issues seen in DeFi as a Service (DaaS) platforms. With our experienced team, the Cronos Node Project have advanced the idea of DaaS further than originally thought possible. With our custom-built smart contracts, extensive cross chain use cases, and new home on the Cronos Network utilizing its low gas fees and explosive growth potential, we are poised to revolutionize the Defi landscape, forever.

The CronosVerse ->

The CronosVerse aims to be the first true metaverse project on the Cronos blockchain. Our goal is to create the ultimate social MMO gaming experience for the entire Cronos community. You will be able to participate as either land owners or as everyday civilians of the CronosVerse, known as the "Crovilians." Each Crovilian will have their own unique set of traits, identifying their unique role within the CronosVerse society. Along with our own collection of playable Crovilians characters, we will work with our project partners to give their NFT Communities their very own Metaverse experience within their own CronosVerse Land Tiles. So How Do You Get Involved In The CronosVerse? Buy your digital land plot, develop your property and community, enter The CronosVerse.

CronosBay ->


Metawarz Shooter ->

Metawarz Shooter is the Ultimate GameFi with a state of the art play-to-earn gameplay. An immersive Cyberpunk themed First Person Shooter game, with a unique gaming experience through a combination of traditional base gameplay and smart contract mechanics. A hybrid combination of both First-person shooter and Third-person shooter to bring the most optimized experience during the in-game play, territorial expansion and metaverse exploration. Players can combine any ratio of the two genres, including primarily Top-down perspective real-time strategy which include the ability to take control of individual units from a first-person perspective. Choose one of the two opposing factions - The Rebels or the One-Percenters. Allowing you to influence the outcome of the conflict while also providing you with the opportunity to earn rewards for your participation. Both factions will be able to play a vital roles in the game modes. **Gameplay Modes** Conquest Operations Deathmatch **Conquest**: Complete objectives across the map, earning points based on the number of objectives accomplished. If a faction suffers a major deficit, the winning faction conquers the mapped area with all what’s within it, territorial expansion. **Operations**: A war simulation mode that takes place across numerous maps to represent a battle campaign. **Deathmatch**: A standard game in which teams compete to score a target or a maximum number of kills before time runs out. Built on Unreal Engine, Metawarz will be shaped by our desire to create AAA awe-inspiring experiences with cinematic class video game visuals. Metawarz Shooter Development team has 20 years combined experience in Game and Blockchain Development. Metawarz's goal is to create a dynamic GameFi ecosystem that combines gaming and DeFi in a way that entices both the gaming and DeFi communities. Constructing a robust tokenomics foundation for a project that will prosper and evolve with the ever-changing market.

Lab Gaming Guild ->

The number one gaming guild who are dedicated to researching ALL web3 gaming projects on Cronos chain. Come to our discord to get news about GameFi projects, have in-depth discussions, and learn about different ways to earn. Stay for the community.

PlaySwap ->

We are a revolutionary Play2Earn protocol and an AMM DeFi platform built on Cronos. Our P2E protocols enable the mainstream gaming community to earn PLAY tokens while playing PC, Xbox, or PlayStation without investing capital to start earning. In the past months, we have seen a massive growth of the Play to Earn space, but we also noticed that most of these games are not attractive/good enough for the vast majority of the mainstream gaming community. Therefore our protocol will allow these gamers to generate active and passive income while playing their favorite games. The mainstream gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, with hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide. The vast majority of gamers worldwide like to play top-tier games and have no interest in the recent GameFi industry. On the one hand, they don’t like the quality of the games, but on the other hand, they are still not aware of the power of the crypto-verse and the DeFi ecosystem. Playswap will close this gap and become the bridge between these two worlds. Our community will be able to play their favorite games and, at the same time, monetize the time they spend gaming. With this monetization, our community will also get to know the crypto-verse, understand the power of DeFi, and potentially become active DeFi, GameFi, Swappers, etc. Fortune Favors the Brave.

KryptoDex ->

The First DEX with 3 types referral system and the lowest swap fees on Cronos

Peachtools ->

Peachtools is a CRO-specific charting site seeking to unite token developers, traders, and advertisers under one site to help perpetuate project lifespans and boost the Cronos ecosystem.

Cougar Exchange ->

Cougar Exchange is the first optimized decentralized exchange developed by the Cougar team to provide an extremely cheap transaction-free and to comprehensively bring efficiency in using capital for users and liquidity providers through many outstanding new features, investors can benefit from greater earnings returns on their capital. Our goal is to build a policy-controlled decentralized transaction system that provides users with the ability to quickly itinerant DApps from the compatible cross-chain with absolute advantages of the first originating ecology that can be used to optimize stability and consistency of a leading exchange for the peer-to-peer universal paralleled network that facilitates balanced decentralized exchange achievement for flexible and adaptable, allowing for non-customizable and stabilized in current interchangeable architecture modules. Moreover, the Cougar Exchange adapts inter-connected platforms for a whole DApps combined internal and external ledger, providing users with the lowest slippage trading experience. Ultimately, Cougar Interchange Integrant enabled the counterpart module to form a Decentralized Exchange that enhances the accessible ecosystem and investments from multiple well-known partners.  **IFO for Cougar Exhange:** <https://cronosapp.cougarswap.io/ifo> **Linked projects:** [CougarSwap Ecosystem](/project-detail/cougarswap-ecosystem/r/rec6os0ZAfmulnxIZ)

Dark Crystal Finance ->

We are a more sustainable Tomb Ecosystem with multiple Deflationary mechanics.. Magik burn vaults that use fees to burn and buyback supporting the protocol. Locked LP Collab nodes that will offer a way for both us and friendly Ecosystems to lock some of their excess circulating supply up in a symbiotic manner.. this provides a slower and more linear unlock of users rewarded tokens.. we also have a Burn raffle that will steadily have more interesting prizes from meerkat nfts to share token bonuses.. All DarkC contributed will be burnt.. much of the work we've been doing behind the scenes connecting with the people I know across cronos try to work together and help each other however we can.. our project hopes to be a service to the community in that it will work on dynamic ways to manage excess supply.. The community is organic and growing slowly:)

FarmAssist ->

Cross-chain DeFi dashboard. Ultimate yield farming tool.

Hakuna Matata ->

An SVN algorithmic pegged token with features that seek to enhance our ecosystem The mechanics of Hakuna Matata is similar to that of [Savanna Finance](https://svn.finance/) except the underlying pegged token is different. On Savanna Finance, the $SVN is pegged to $MMF. On Hakuna Matata, the token $HKN is pegged to $SVN. Hakuna Matata project was voted by the community, for the community, by the MMF team. Vote: <https://snapshot.org/#/mmfinance.eth/proposal/0xc40f7c854044ba2596fcfe0e0ef68c2d6b1ee8b7329a1322a511fb1efa47b75c> Hakuna Matata is an algorithmic stable coin platform with our token **$HAKUNA** pegged to the value of 1 **SVN**. An Algorithmic Stable Coin (ASC) is a non-collateralized stablecoin tailored for improving price stability. The key differentiators are as follows 1. Incorporation of layer 1 MMF-CRO liquidity yield farms to promote and deepen MMF-CRO liquidity for better price stability not just for $HAKUNA but also entire MM Ecosystem. 2. Addition of NFT boosting which would act as the best form of reward to the true believers of our ecosystem. We will be the first Algorithmic Pegged Token platform with such an unique feature. 3. There will be a portion of the DAO allocation to be distributed to the METF AUM to allow METF to grow its backing. 4. Rate of inflation for this project will be lowered as compared to SVN, so as to allow a slower but stronger value growth over time. Any increment of supply by 25% after 8,000,000 $HKN, we will decrease emission by 5%. This is to ensure that $HKN will not be inflated and become unsustainable. 5. Dev team will take 0% allocation from Hakuna Matata. There will be allocation only to the community and to the DAO. Also, 100% of all the SVN tokens raised are used for liquidity, locked up in DAO or burnt. None is being sold to the market or sent to the team. This development is our way of giving back to the community that has believed in us all along.

XY Finance ->

We offer a web3 storefront with liquidity staking to start, and we will quickly integrate NFT trading and borrowing/lending into our platform. By combining these offerings and empowering our community to grow with VersaGames, we are creating a unique powerhouse for gamers, investors, and developers.

Bored Candy City ->

# **Introduction to Bored Candy City** Bored Candy City is the newest AMM & DEX on Cronos Chain with the lowest trading fees at only 0.15%. Furthermore, we are the FIRST to put back 100% of the trading fees into the protocol. ### **_Swap_** Instantly swap all cronos chain tokens, no whitelist needed, search for tokens or import the ones you don't see, it's all decentralized and completely permissionless. Lowest fees in cronos chain Before Bored Candy City, it was MM Finance who offered the lowest trading fees (0.17%). Today, the lowest fees are in Bored candy City at 0.15%. Protocol Owned Liquidity MM Finance was the first to introduce this to cronos chain, so we thank them for it. We are just taking it further since we put ALL trading fees back into the protocol to ensure liquidity even during bear markets. ### **Earn** Earn passive income in $CANDY token with very high interest rates. **Trading Fees** By becoming a liquidity provider, you earn trading fees (0.10%) of all trades that go through your token pair and receive Liquidity Pools tokens (LPs). **Yield Farms** Stake your LP tokens in farms to earn $CANDY. The amount of $CANDY rewards you will receive can be calculated via how much you stake and the APR of the farm. **Staking Pools** Stake $CANDY to earn more $CANDY or $CRO or future partner projects tokens. ### **Launchpad** We will be launching partner projects that bring value to our community. $CANDY holders will have the chance to invest early on and at the best rate. ### **Security** We are KYC verified by Phenix Finance.

WarBunnys ->

War Bunnys are a race of experimental bunnies developed in Bunny Labs. They were designed to inherit miscellaneous aggressive traits while simultaneously retaining the cuteness of ordinary bunnies. Bunny Labs therefore designed obstacle courses to put their experimental creations to the test. Public 450 $CRO FMF1 420 $CRO WL 380 $CRO HERE IS THE MINT PAGE 👉 https://cyborgswap.io/nft-drop/WarBunnys

DarkCrypto ->

The first algorithmic token pegged to CRO running on the Cronos Chain **Linked projects:** [DarkNess](/project-detail/darkness/r/recnHE3pFdFk0AgUO)

Agile Finance ->

Agile Finance is the first lending borrowing platform on Cronos blockchain

DeBank ->

The leading DeFi portfolio tracker that supports the largest number of DeFi protocols across 17 chains


### Project owners have deleted all socials and the website domain, therefore we are marking the project as ABANDONED! CYCLONE is a crypto washing utility that makes crypto transactions completely anonymous once more. Using CYCLONE allows you to maintain financial privacy, as it is essential to preserve your freedom. It is the first of it's kind on the Cronos Chain.

CroBlanc ->

Message from the team, taken from official [Medium article](https://medium.com/@croblancdotcom/the-bear-took-the-pack-with-him-be217f758409): # "**The Bear took the pack with him.** # This is not a newsletter we are proud of. The CROBLANC adventure is over for now, we explain why. Nothing went as planned for this project, the team, and some of its users. Since the platform’s launch, and despite its perfect functioning, the token has not been able to give confidence to its holders and has suffered a constant decline. The CRO used to give it liquidity has also not held up since the opening of the pool due to market conditions. Our airdrop campaign attracted a wave of fake accounts, giving the impression of being followed by a lot of users. Finally, very few users trusted us. Thanks to them. Attempts at partnership also failed. VVS and MMF were not interested in our proposals, and many other little projects were rugged or didn’t make it through. CrowFi, a small exchange launched at the same time as us, ended up rug-pulled, leaving only the VVS and Cronawap farms active. We have not done enough marketing, it must be admitted. But we believe a project should not need forced marketing to gain users. The fundamental must take precedence in this ecosystem, we must not sell dreams to users. Market conditions did not help. The entire CRONOS ecosystem has taken a big hit, leading users to save their net worth as much as possible. The current TVL of the dapp no ​​longer allows an interesting return. Dividends and buybacks are almost non-existent. The liquidity on the CRO-CROBLANC pair has been almost entirely emptied by the farmers, despite the attractive rate on the liquidity contribution. The smartcontracts code is open-source on our GitHub. Users are free to relaunch the dapp by using it, farming the token, and above all, keeping it. There is no secret. Of course, the mint of the tokens remains reserved for the original developer. **Any team wishing to regain control of the dapp** should contact @mountainlabs on Telegram. Regarding the play2earn, which was not planned at the start, we will not communicate any details; Most of the ideas have been given by an active member and belongs to him. The two NFT packs will not be minted on our side, having not obtained the hoped-for support from CDC. We will retain the sources unless a buyout offer is made to @mountainlabs on Telegram. Thank you for the constant support of many active members in our small community, it was very appreciated. Telegram channels will be muted, then deleted. Only the News Channel will be left in case of formal updates and to avoid scam attempts. (t.me/croblancdotcom). Twitter will not be deleted to avoid fakes." **--END OF MEDIUM ARTICLE--** CROBLANC is a DeFi Yield aggregator exclusively available on Cronos that comes on top of the most famous platforms such as VVSFinance, CronaSwap and Crodex, offering various types of pools: - Stochastic yield: the emission speed of CROBLANC tokens depends on its market price, in order to keep it sustainable - Classic pools, offering a dual yield CROBLANC + VVS/CRONA/CRX - Autocompound pools, offering an auto compounding similar to Autofarm but with extra CROBLANC yield - Autoswap pools, offering an innovative way to farm A-tier tokens such as BTC, ETH, CRO with stablecoins deposits. CROBLANC also offers to its hodlers dividends paid in $CROBLANC that comes from a small performance fee that is charged on the generated yield. The supply is limited to 100 million tokens.

Dexpanse ->

Dexpanse is a self-funded, officially registered platform that provides easy-to-use and intuitive decentralized services and tools, such as presales, private sales, token builders & more. While Dexpanse has yet to release its own token - all of its services are already functional on the Cronos chain. The utility token - Singularity, will be released in May/June of this year (2022) and will support staking and a robust engagement system that will provide plenty of opportunities to earn for all in the Dexpanse community. With utility and user participation at our core, Dexpanse continually strives to provide resources to educate, as well as create new possibilities to engage and earn.

Cookbook ->

Cookbook is a smart contract marketplace where users can find, customize, and deploy any smart contract on EVM blockchains. This abstracts code away from the process - simplifying development flow and reducing costs - enabling mainstream businesses to enter web3.

AutoFarm ->

Stake your assets and earn optimized yield on BSC, HECO, Cronos, Polygon ...

Ducky DeFi ->

The first fair launch DEX on Cronos Chain

Fulcrom Finance ->

## About Fulcrom Finance project Fulcrom is a decentralized perpetual exchange built on Cronos for pro traders. At Fulcrom, our goal is to revolutionize the way traders access leverage trading, allowing users to trade leveraged positions for up to 25X with minimal fees and low price impact while ensuring all trades and collateral are transparently stored on the blockchain.

Flair ->

Flair is building the ultimate Web3 Infra Platform; offering building blocks to developers and founders so they can move easier and faster by integrating NFT and Web3 features.

Crowboys ->

Western NFT-Metaverse Game-Finance Crowboys is a futuristic and community-focused Long-Term FreeToPlay & CompeteToEarn cross-platform Game-Finance project in a western theme. The idea is to create an easy-to-learn and a hard-to-master game, giving the possibility to monetize players' gaming skills, however still open for PC and Mobile users that are not yet involved in cryptocurrencies, and bring the blockchain beauty to them. The project consists of the following main aspects: Decentralized Finance, NFTs, Metaverse, Gaming. The Future Is Wild YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW! **Linked projects:** [Crowboys - Genesis Crate NFT](/nft-detail/crowboys-genesis-crate/r/recno9TvzdBnPhOCS)

DNA Dollar ->

The very first algorithmic token pegged to $USDC on the Cronos network

RockX ->

**[RockX](https://www.rockx.com/) **is one of Asia’s leading staking platforms and with a wealth of experience in mining, staking, protocol research, and infrastructure design. RockX provides both free and paid Access Node API for Cronos developers to leverage upon.

Liquid Capital ->

Liquid Capital is a team of proven DeFi veterans who have created a revolutionary DeFi protocol and a powerful operating strategy designed to achieve what most DeFi investors search for in a DeFi project; sustainability and price stability. Liquid Capital is the next stage of DeFi projects. Created after months of in-depth research on the DeFi market, and its successes and failures, Liquid Capital is optimized to deliver a broad range of consistent financial and other benefits to its token holders. The project also has a goal of transforming the overall DeFi space, making it safer and more rewarding for investors. \*\*The presale for the Liquid AR will be held on Gaur Money, the only project currently associated on Cronos chain.\*\*

Minotaur Money ->

One of the first reserve currency protocols that employs a transaction tax as a holding incentive

CronoSphere ->

Beefy ->

## What is Beefy Finance? Beefy Finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Yield Optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their holdings. DeFi applications are unique in the sense that they are permissionless and trustless, meaning that anyone with a supported wallet can interact with them without the need for a trusted middleman. Through a set of investment strategies secured and enforced by smart contracts, Beefy Finance automatically maximizes the user rewards from various liquidity pools (LPs),‌ ‌automated market making (AMM) projects,‌ ‌and‌ ‌other yield‌ farming ‌opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem. For all the vaults deployed on every blockchain, Beefy Finance has its native governance token $BIFI at its core. Platform revenue is generated from a small percentage of all the vault profits and distributed back to those who stake $BIFI. Beefy Finance is a supported partner of Binance’s official decentralized wallet, Trust Wallet, and audited by Certik to guarantee the robustness of deployed smart contracts. Certik has already provided audits for such projects as Ocean Protocol, NEO, Ontology, and Waves. The supply of $BIFI is limited at 80,000 tokens and available on the top decentralized exchanges such as Binance, 1inchexchange and PancakeSwap. ## What is $BIFI? $BIFI is the native governance token of Beefy Finance. $BIFI Tokens can be staked on the Beefy platform to gain rewards and interest. A portion of the fees paid by anyone using Beefy’s yield optimization vaults are distributed to holders of $BIFI staked on the platform. Token holders also have a right to create and vote on proposals to the platform as part of its governance system. They can vote without un-staking their tokens. ## What makes Beefy Finance unique? There are lots of farms to choose from across several blockchains. Beefy automates and optimizes different investment strategies, allowing token holders to benefit from the upside of complex farming protocols. Users can request new vaults directly from Beefy’s developers and the time it takes to answer these requests is very low. ## What are yield farming and yield optimization? Yield farming is simply a way to make some interest with crypto holdings. A yield optimizer is an automated service that seeks to gain the maximum possible return on crypto-investments made through DeFi platforms. They work much more efficiently than attempting to maximize yield through manual means. Each yield optimization method on Beefy Finance has its own unique strategy for farming, which normally involves the reinvestment of crypto assets staked in liquidity pools. At the most simple level, it farms the rewards given from staked assets and reinvests them back into the liquidity pool for the user. ## What are Beefy vaults? Vaults are investment instruments that employ an optimized set of strategies for yield farming. They make use of automation to continually invest and reinvest deposited funds, which help to achieve high levels of compounded interest. Vaults are the core of the Beefy Finance ecosystem. In a Beefy vault, you earn more of the asset you stake, regardless of whether it’s a liquidity pool (LP) token or a single asset. Despite what the name 'vault' suggests, user funds are never locked on Beefy.Finance. Users can withdraw from a vault at any moment in time and Beefy does not own the funds staked in its vaults. ## What fees are incurred from using Beefy Finance? The performance fees are already built into the displayed APY of each vault and daily rate. Most vaults available on Beefy Finance take 4.5% of harvest rewards. The performance fee on users vault profits is largely distributed back to $BIFI stakers and is the main source of Beefy Finance's platform revenue: 3% is distributed back to $BIFI stakers, 0.5% is allocated to treasury, 0.5% to the strategist that developed the vault and 0.5% for the one calling the harvest function. Each vault has either a deposit or withdrawal fee of 0.1% or less, which is there to protect bad actors from abusing the vaults. This is shared with all other stakers in that specific vault. Users should also consider network transaction fees when adding or removing funds. These fees do not go to Beefy, but to the operators keeping the blockchain network up and running.

Bogged Finance ->

Limit orders, stop losses, charting and a better swap platform for multiple chains

VVS Finance ->

VVS Finance — the simplest DeFi venue for everyone. VVS is designed to be the simplest DeFi platform for users to swap tokens, earn high yields, and most importantly have fun!  Over the past year, we’ve seen massive growth in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem pioneering new models for individual financial autonomy and opportunities. We love DeFi and are humble farmers ourselves. However, to newcomers, DeFi can be intimidating. New terminologies, foreign procedures, unfamiliar interfaces... Coming from a deep product design background, a team of humble farmers got together, determined to build DeFi products for our aunts and neighbors, with a goal of bringing amazing protocols to the masses. We are excited to introduce you to VVS Finance - the simplest DeFi venue for everyone. The **VVS** token is our platform's native token. It is a utility, governance, and reward token with applications throughout the VVS platform. Our core product features: **Bling Swap:** - Swap supported tokens at low fees and fast speed - Supply liquidity by providing a pair of assets, receive Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens as proof of ownership, and earn proportionate 0.2% transaction fees whenever the pair is traded. **Crystal Farms:** - Stake your LP tokens to receive VVS rewards. We value your platform patronage and want to shower you with shiny bling bling. **Glitter Mines:** - Stake your newly earned VVS tokens to receive even more VVS. Stake, forget, and collect! - Low risk, maintenance-free passive income for your coffers. **Initial Gem Offering (IGO):** - Discover new projects in the nascent and fast-growing Cronos universe. - Buy brand new tokens at a fixed initial offering price and join the ride!


MM ETF is the first decentralized ETF protocol that runs on METF token. The DTF term is thus coined by our team as the DEX Traded Fund, being the first of its kind. Each METF token is backed by a basket of assets (e.g., MMF, METF-MMF LP Tokens etc etc) in the METF Assets Under Management (AUM), giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below. All of these assets come from the MM Finance DEX, and hence form part of the DEX Traded Fund. The DEX Traded Fund seeks to track high performing assets in the MM Finance DEX, with strong value accrual strategies that will be outlined in this set of docs.

CroSwap ->

CroSwap is an exclusive Automated Market Maker (AMM) based Decentralized Exchange (DEX) designed to work seamlessly on the fast-growing Cronos Network. CroSwap will be integrated with CronosNode as well as all the Node Navy EVM compatible expansions. CroSwap transaction fees will inject additional capital into the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) leveraged by all Node Navy projects. CroSwap will also provide: a bridge to allow for greater ease-of-access to multiple different blockchain networks, a cross-chain launchpad, auditing services, and an oracle service.

Krystal DeFi ->

Multi-Chain DeFi & NFT Management Platform

The Cronos Steakhouse ->

The Cronos Steakhouse is a decentralized miner protocol that pays out daily rewards in many different tokens. Deposit your tokens to start grilling your steak! Season it to compound your rewards or serve dinner to withdraw your rewards!

Vegas Finance ->

Vegas Finance is a GameFi with a blockchain casino game and unique yield farming protocol. We aim to be the first-ever GameFi to integrate partner’s native token into our games to increase the utilities of the partner’s protocol and additional benefits to the CRONOS ecosystem.

CroFlips ->

CroFlips! - Double or Nothing on #CRO

Wizardly ->

Wizardly is heavily themed Token Miner on the CRONOS chain. It's a simple smart contract that acts as a $CRO reward pool, returning 8%\* of your $CRO in the pool on a daily basis, every day as long as there is still $CRO in the reward pool! Users can choose to infuse (compound) or become enlightened (claiming) as they accumulate more $CRO tokens. The Wizardly contract is verified, open-source, immutable, trustworthy, and is visible on <https://cronoscan.com/> Mechanics: 1. Absolve your $CRO tokens (deposit) 2. Infuse daily for 6 days... (compound) 3. On day 7 Allow the magic to enlighten you (claim) 4. Gather your fellow spellcasters to aid us with their Cronos tokens so the ritual can reach all. Our fees are as follows: 5% fee on deposits and claims

Ebisu's Bay ->

Ebisu’s Bay is the largest marketplace for trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on the Cronos network. Using CRO, Cronos’ native token, the Cronos community can trade, buy and sell peer-to-peer with other NFT traders and consumers. Ebisu’s Bay has achieved a lot in a small period due to our focus on inculcating a community around the marketplace. Ebisu’s Bay is much more than an NFT marketplace, it serves as a launch pad for new NFT collections with the ability to customize collections, NFT smart contract advice, the ability to mint NFTs, or simply join a proactive community of NFT enthusiasts. #CroFam We offer our users, veterans, and newcomers, an easy and seamless experience for buying and selling NFTs. Our wide variety of services for both big NFT collections as well as independent artists include but are not limited to: 1. Launchpad services and promotions 2. Rarity rankings - standardized formula as well as custom-weighted traits based on your project needs 3. Displaying in-game attributes of NFTs (for GameFI NFT projects) Our Founding Members NFT holders benefit from: 1. Reduced service fees 2. Whitelist and preferential prices for NFT drops done through our Launchpad platform 3. Beta early access to new features being added to the platform


IMPERIVM is a strategic MMO fantasy game, developed on the Ethereum, Cronos and Polygon blockchains. The game is set in the medieval age, with fictional creatures and a strong influence from the Greek/Roman mythology. Every player will be in charge of his own fortress and will have to expand it and recruit his own army in order to face battles and conquer enemies! IMPERIVM is a completely free game, each player can start their own adventure without having to spend! In addition, the game is based on the "PLAY-TO-EARN" mechanism, meaning you can earn in-game, having fun and defeating your enemies! IMPERIVM, thanks to its native token ($ IMP) will be a deflationary ecosystem. The mechanics within it will be multiple: \- stake in-game - burn programmed - commerce in-game and much more! The game was born with great ambitions. With IMPERIVM we will take the game to major international tournaments. Competitions, races, leagues and much more will be present in the game with new modes specially designed!

PhotonSwap ->

Nebkas.ro provides free presonal RPC access for using MetaMask on the Crypto.org Cronos Blockchain. We also provide paid enterprise RPC Service for several projekts likeMM.Finance, Ebisu's Bay, DexPad and many more

Kronos Sale ->

KronoSale is a protocol providing a full suite of tools and services assisting with a smooth, secure, and successful token launch. It's a cost-effective solution providing launchpad solutions for projects of all sizes on the Cronos Network providing opportunities to everyday investors once only available to venture capitalist and other large-scale investors. Kronos is the launchpad with tools and services that developers and project leaders have come to expect with the added commitment of safe and secure project launch fully alleviating common issues such as rug pulls, chart manipulation, project mistakes, and scam artist. We put ourselves in the shoes of the investors and Project Admin to ensure smooth launches, sound investments, relentless quality checks & project audits, and a vast network of marketing professionals.


BACC Finance has the most complete ecosystem on the Cronos Blockchain.

Pegasus DAO ->

A decentralized token on Cronos driving wealth creation and DAO literacy

Single Finance ->

Single Finance is the first marked-to-USD DeFi yield earning platform, offering strategies that protect your capital by minimizing the impact of price effect.

CronoScan ->

Cronos Block Explorer

Crono ETHER ->

CROETH is a first token with $ETH reward on the CRONOS Chain. Simply hold the token to gain automatic restribution Rewards

PinkSale ->

PinkSale is a decentralized launchpad that allows users to launch their own token and create their own initial token sale. No coding knowledge is required, just simply navigate through to our terminal and design your own token in just a few clicks. PinkSale offers multiple other features to help you with the overall token launch, such as: Automatic listing of your token on PancakeSwap, UniSwap, ShibaSwap, SushiSwap, KuSwap, QuickSwap and MM Finance, all whilst giving you the ability to lock your LP and and adding an optional vesting period for your tokens. **Why PinkSale?** On top of being a premier token sale creator, PinkSale aims to incentivize users to continue use our platform. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all of our investors that use our Pink ecosystem. With this in mind, we have implemented strict KYC procedures to deter dangerous and deceptive behaviour from entering our platform. At the end of the day, what matters most to us is that you, the investor, feels protected and can have the confidence that PinkSale is a safe place for you to invest in crypto projects.

TetherEarn ->

TetherEarn is a reward token on Cronos stealth launched on February 16th 2022, that generates passive income simply by holding it. Hold TetherEarn $TEARN in your wallet and enjoy 8% USDT reflections.

CroATOM ->

FIRST token with 9% $ATOM rewards on the Cronos Chain

Moralis ->

Moralis provides a single workflow for building high performance dapps. Fully compatible with your favorite web3 tools and services.

CroMoon ->

The first working reflection token on the Cronos Chain that pays rewards to all holders!

ZOO ->

IndexZoo is a DeFi multi-chain ecosystem of index and leveraged token built for utmost accuracy, highest leverage and lowest cost

Empire Dex ->

EmpireDEX is a Multi-Chain DEX Protocol

Nebkas.ro ->

Nebkas.ro provides free presonal RPC access for using MetaMask on the Crypto.org Cronos Blockchain. We also provide paid enterprise RPC Service for several projects like MM.Finance, Ebisu's Bay, DexPad and many more

CroDoge ->

The first MEME coin on Cronos

DarkNess ->

**DarkNess Dollar** is a stablecoin with parts of its supply backed by collateral and parts of the supply algorithmic. This means **DarkNess Dollar** is a stablecoin to have part of its supply floating/unbacked. The ratio of collateralized and algorithmic depends on the market's pricing of DarkNess Dollar stablecoin - **DUSD**. If **DUSD **is trading at above $1, the protocol decreases the collateral ratio. If **DUSD** is trading at under $1, the protocol increases the collateral ratio. **DarkNess Dollar** attempts to be the first stablecoin protocol on Cronos chain to implement design principles of both Entirely Collateralized and Purely Algorithmic Stablecoins. We are aiming to create a highly scalable, trustful, extremely stable, and ideologically pure on-chain money.  **Linked projects:** [DarkCrypto](/project-detail/darkcrypto/r/recWKFIuEML9GfTva)

Crodo ->

Crodo - finding new stars in the Cronos Network ecosystem

OpenOcean ->

OpenOcean is the most efficient DEX aggregator protocol for crypto trading that sources liquidity from DeFi markets and enables cross-chain swaps. Our intelligent routing algorithm finds the best prices from DEXes and splits the routes to provide traders the best prices with low slippage and fast settlement. The product is free to use; OpenOcean users only need to pay the regular blockchain gas and exchange fees for the trades, which are charged by the exchanges and not OpenOcean. OpenOcean aggregates major decentralized exchanges across Ethereum, Layer 2s such as Arbitrum and Optimism, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom and more, and is the first DEX aggregator on BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Solana and Gnosis. We continue to expand more public chains and decentralized exchanges based on the needs of the community. Besides aggregation of swaps, OpenOcean will continue to aggregate derivatives products and launch its own intelligent wealth management services. OpenOcean provides an API and arbitrage tools for users to operate automated arbitrage strategies. The vision is to build a full aggregator for crypto trading that increases capital efficiency and connects the isolated islands in the current fragmented DeFi and CeFi markets. Regardless of being a small individual investor or large institution, everyone should have the opportunity to trade at the best prices and apply their own investment strategies to various crypto asset classes. OpenOcean has its own token - **OOE**, which serves as a utility and governance token. ### What is a Full Aggregator? Full aggregation means one-stop services that search DeFi and CeFi markets to find and optimize the best trading options for all types of crypto assets across various public blockchains. **_Cross-chain support_** OpenOcean supports cross-chain swaps between the aggregated public chains via cross-chain protocols and will support direct cross-chain transactions once the infrastructure matures. **_Connecting DeFi and CeFi through CeFi trading aggregation_** We are continuously aggregating value by adding exchanges. Users with large orders will automatically optimize the best route between markets to execute transactions at the best price across DEXes and CEXes. **_Derivatives product aggregation_** The protocol will expand product scope into derivatives both from DeFi and CeFi markets based on user needs. We are planning to build products to support the aggregation of on-chain derivatives and act as a one-stop-shop for derivatives traders to help facilitate arbitrage and CTA trading strategies for various products, such as perpetual futures and options. In addition, OpenOcean will also provide intelligent investment services to help users participate in the DeFi and CeFi ecosystem and automate their asset management process. **_Full user coverage_** OpenOcean will support not only DeFi but also CeFi users. No matter if you are beginner or professional traders, OpenOcean is ready to use. The existing interface is user-friendly and completely free for users. For funds and professional traders, OpenOcean provides an API and customized trading interface services to assist investment institutions in developing trading strategies such as quantitative arbitrage. ### Investors We have completed strategic investment and private placement fundraising by well-known industry investors. The strategic round investment is led by Binance, and other strategic investors include Multicoin Capital, LD Capital, CMS, Kenetic, and Altonomy. In the private round, the investors were Altonomy, LD Capital, DAOMaker, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, AU21, FBG, the TRON Foundation, Asymmetries Technologies, and LIAN Group. In July 2021, Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund also made a strategic investment in OpenOcean.

Shield Protocol ->

Shield is a most advanced daily use security tool to secure your online with first 2FA built on Blockchain

Cro Predict ->

Introducing The First Predict-To-Earn GameFi on Cronos Chain

Moonflow NFT Marketplace ->

Moonflow Ecosystem NFT Marketplace, a Marketplace built for communities and project creators

Firebird Finance ->

DeFi multi-chain yield farms deployer & DEXs aggregator

Stronghands ->

Stronghands Money is a protocol designed to implement DeFi and community-oriented applications, services and smart contracts in a way which creates a beneficial platform for all participants. The aim is to build the strongest platform possible, while embracing current and evolving trends. Anyone is welcome to participate. Users will find confidence in the platform's capabilities to serve as a safe and secure place to save, swap and stake tokens on Cronos Mainnet - there is no official audit available for Stronghands Money, however community and independent review and audit is encouraged! To increase the protocol's sustainability, Stronghands Money is focusing on creating contracts and applications which have a focus on increasing the burning of SMX and the rehypothecation of trading fees into areas which boost the protocol in a manner which helps its users.

Cronopoly ->

The best community driven Decentralized Exchange on Cronos

MoonVenturesDao ->

Moon Ventures Dao Is A Community Driven Venture Capital, Which Invest In Early Stage Crypto Projects By Dao Governance, Where $Moon Is The Ecosystem Token Of Moon Ventures Dao With Utility Of Governance And Dao Treasury Ownership. MoonVenturesDao is For-profit Investing Dao for the investors How MoonVenturesDao works? MoonVenturesDao basically collect investments from investors and invest in projects at seed and private rounds. In return investors receive $Moon tokens as a part of their investment ownership.

CroissantGames ->

A series of play-to-win blockchain games that are transparent, non-custodian, and immutable

CroCash ->

CROCASH is a new USDT rewards token on the CRO Network!

Tectonic ->

Tectonic is the first lending and borrowing platform of the Cronos ecosystem, powered by the TONIC governance token. Tectonic is your gateway to earn passive yield and accessing instant backed loans


BUCK is Asset-backed Stablecoin combined with Stabilizing Algorithm by using Farm-able Governance Token: HERD

Gelato Network ->

Gelato Network is a decentralized network of bots used by web3 developers to automate smart contract executions on public EVM compatible blockchains. Using Gelato, developers can outsource their web3 DevOps needs in order to focus exclusively on building their core product. Gelato will be supporting smart contract automation on Cronos.

MM Optimizer ->

Leveraging different DeFi protocols and strategies to maximize user profits.

CronosPad ->

Cronospad is the first major micro and small cap decentralized launchpad on Cronos. Cronospad will support crypto and blockchain project that aspires to launch on Cronos Network. Bringing you the stability, safety and future of Cronos to you with Cronospad.

MMF Money ->

You can provide collateral in the form of various interest bearing crypto assets like tUSDC, mmUSDT, aMMF and more to borrow $MUSD (Mad USD) which is a stable coin that you can swap for any other traditional stable coin!

Cronos Live Lottery ->

Cronos Live Lottery, is a CRC20 token that rewards its holders with automatic MMF payments several times a day. With a new lottery every week. Launched stealthily and governed by the Crofam community,we are here to make you win..!

Cronos Chain News ->

Cronos Chain News brings you the latest updates on the Cronos ecosystem (news, tokens & NFTs)

Pluto Farm ->

CR Note: Project has rugged on first days of being live, deleting/renaming Twitter social account and Medium. The audacity owner had was exceptional, asking as for direct Twitter promo (which we don't do) and notifying CR in DMs about added liquidity, trying to scam CR as well directly. We are glad to see you as a part of Pluto Farm community. Pluto Farm is an AMM on Cronos network. Our Pluto Farm project is a fork of GooseDefi launched on BSC network. Its contracts have been audited by Hacken & Certik. In the future we will move to also audit our Pluto Farm deployment. The DeFi side of the project will be represented by Pluto tokens. We also launch different farms and solo pools.

CroBTC ->


Deez Nodez ->

Deez Nodez (DN) project is a hybrid-style passive income Dapp and DAO combined to where the ecosystem provides the users with daily rewards in $DN tokens from the protocol owned liquidity reward pool as well as other DeFi applications.

Kafe Finance ->

Have a Kafe! Come join us at KafeFinance, the coolest Cronos farm there is.

Minted ->

Minted.network is a decentralised NFT platform that aspires to be the digital bazaar of wonders for everyone to discover, trade, and find NFT gems, native to Ethereum and Cronos. Aiming to bring more tools for collection owners to design, curate, and offer utilities to their communities, all without the technical complexities that riddle many aspiring collection owners. ## Mint, Minting, Minted Minted™ helps promote discovery between creators and collectors, with the below key functions: - **Self-Custodial Trading** - users maintain full control of their NFTs. - **Multi-chain Support** - supports both Ethereum and Cronos from the get go. - **Native $MTD token** - $MTD is Minted™’s native token on Cronos designed to incentivize the long term supporters of the platform. - **Security First** - placing safety and security as the top priority, Minted™ smart contracts are fully audited by third-party auditor Blocksec.

CroSea ->

The First Open NFT Marketplace on the Cronos Blockchain

GambleFi ->

The first rebase protocol featuring Zero Loss Sports Betting

SmolSwap ->

The cutest fair launch decentralised trading platform on the Cronos chain where you can trade and earn in a safe, simple, and fun manner

MM Printer ->

MMPrinter is a simply hold the token to gain Automatic Redistribution reward MMF

Crow Finance ->

Trade, stake and earn with your DeFi wallet

Meta Dragons ->

Meta Dragons is a full-fledged ecosystem on the Cronos mainnet, starting off with a 95,000% APY auto rebasing token with a slow decay model to fight hyper inflation via multiple deflationary mechanisms including passive and user based burns, NFT Utility, Sustainability and branching out to new applications by leveraging the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet App

10mb Finance ->

💣 10mb Finance - The Algorithmic Stablecoin on Cronos Network Pegged to 0.1 USDC by Both Seigniorage and Fractional Collateralization 🧲 Iron Finance + 🪦 Tomb Finance = 💣 10mb Finance

AegisDOE ->

Next-generation DOE protocol that's revolutionizing the world of DeFi. We are an alternative AMM & DEX where you will be able to earn both active and passive incomes while growing together with our community in this environment full of possibilities and potential waiting to be unleashed by protocols like ours. The DeFi environment has enormous growth potential but lives with its hands tied due to the current almost exclusively speculative protocols offered; which are unsustainable, easily manipulated and often attributable to Ponzi schemes. AegisDOE aims to change this trend and create a true value asset. Through a strong business style approach and the continuous addition of solutions and tools to boost revenues, we will create a growing monthly income which will then be translated into a form similar to the “EPS” (Earnings Per Share) of the financial world, where the shares will be represented by our governance token giving it true computable value.

Annex Finance ->

Annex Finance allows users to utilize their cryptocurrencies by supplying aToken (ANN) to the network to earn passive income, supplying both collateral and liquidity respectively. By utilizing ANN tokens, this enables the community to; (1) Create a secure lending platform where lenders receive a compounded interest rate paid per block while borrower pays interest on the cryptocurrency borrowed (2) Supplying liquidity contributing to the continuation and sustainability of the ecosystem (3) Governance of select protocol features supporting flexibility and community ownership. (4) Enable purchase and bid of NFT collectibles. (5) Auction currency with ANN. Unlike traditional finance systems, Annex Finance is enabled by an integrated DEX so that the community can swap tokens through a community-centric Defi platform. The community enhances the platform by detaining its governance through votes.

Argo ->

Argo is a liquid staking protocol allowing you to stake CRO to earn CRO staking yields & get a liquid staked token, bCRO, to yield farm across Cronos Argo offers one-click DeFi vaults running liquid staking strategies to simplify the bCRO yield farming process

ArtKit ->

ArtKit is Social Media NFT Platform that will enable the users to create, share, and collaborate to make the story & utilization on NFT. ArtKit also can be the place for everyone to enjoy the art & show. To enjoy the Art, ArtKit will develop our own Social Media NFT Platform and enable the user to create the story & add utilization for an NFT. So, it will make the NFT more interactive & the common people will understand what the NFT is. The user also can buy or sell and give like or comment on NFT. They also can support the NFT Creator by doing a donation or collaborating with each other by creating their own community page.

Blockchain Bingo Balls ->

Blockchain Bingo Balls is the only Bingo Themed Project on Cronos! This project has been created to benefit the entire Cronos Chain NFT scene! We aim to invigorate marketplaces through strategic project partnership schemes whilst bringing the good old times to the chain! Blockchain Bingo Balls is an NFT based bingo game which will bring entertainment, fun and prizes galore to its community of 'dabbers'. Our product will include an online Bingo Gift Shop which will use our very own token (non-monetary) to allow players to save tokens and redeem for prizes! Just through being active in the community! We also bring PFPs to our community with various rewarding utilities! Croback, exclusive access to events and more! Long term Blockchain Bingo Balls aims to go Cross Chain and also establish itself through the various Metaverses through strategic partnerships, lending of IP and Exclusive Events within chosen Meta Realms!! Our core mission is to ensure everyone who engages with Blockchain Bingo Balls receives something back and doesn't just hold useless NFTs!! This stands for other Cronos and soon Cross Chain NFTs!

BlocTale - MMORPG ->

https://bloctale.com/ https://whitepaper.bloctale.com/ BlocTale is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG that aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by integrating blockchain technology - coming to your browser, mobile and desktop. It seeks to create a secure, trustless, and fair in-game economy, eliminating the traditional black market and promoting player ownership. The game will feature a vast, immersive world where players can explore, battle, and engage in various in-game activities while benefiting from the advantages of blockchain integration. -- Tokenized In-Game Economy BlocTale features a tokenized in-game economy with its own native currency, BlocGold (GLD), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing in-game items. This structure enables secure and transparent transactions while allowing players to trade in-game assets with real-world value. Players can earn BlocGold through various in-game activities, such as completing quests, battling monsters, and trading items. BlocGold can then be used to purchase in-game items, services, and even real estate within the game world. NFTs, on the other hand, represent unique in-game items, such as weapons, armor, and collectibles. These NFTs are stored on the blockchain, ensuring their scarcity and value. Players can trade NFTs in the in-game marketplace or even exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money outside the game.

Bogged Finance ->

Bogged Finance is a suite of trading & analytics tools for DeFi Traders and Teams. They currently operate on 10 chains with plans to expand to more. Current Products on CRONOS: - BogSwap - DEX aggregator including routing through 8 DEXes for best price and optimal stable swaps. - BogPriceBot - free custom bot for up to date token price in telegram grouos. Summon ANY token info. Products elsewhere: - Limit orders,stop losses & trailing stop losses (BSC) - High speed charting with trade plots and more (BSC & POLYGON) - Portfolio tracking (BSC) - Launch Sniper (BSC) - NFT collection (BSC) - BogPriceBot & BogSwap (ALL CHAINS) Future plans? -BogBridge -is in beta and under audit. Once live will allow $BOG deployment on new chains + will facilitate cross chain swapping - Limit Order & Stop Loss migration to new chains where there is significant demand. Bogged Finance aim to make DeFI trading on all chains simple, accessible and reliable. Bogged Finance are always open to collaberation. If you are a DEX or StableSwap seeking integration all requests are welcome. For token teams seeking advice on tools or enquiring about collaberation there is a dedicated teams telegram: https://t.me/BOGforTokenTeams

Boomer Squad NFT ->

The Boomer Squad is a utility-focused PFP NFT collection that is built on the single goal of generating revenue that is shared with our Boomers. We will generate revenue by building a portfolio of projects; games, events, collections, etc. Everything we launch under the Boomer Squad umbrella will always point revenue back to our Boomers. Flexibility is key so we are not limited to developing on a single block chain and are open to all methods of generating revenue. A collection of 8008 Boomers trying to use crypto in the only way they know how. Each Boomer comes equipped with an action & mode of transportation. The collection has 9 properties with over 180 traits including 18 unique 1/1s. The Boomer Squad team is armed with a diverse collection of professional experiences. Each of our 11 members having 5-10+ years experience as working professionals across multiple industries and is fully doxxed. Currently we are in the process of building awareness on our project and our community. Discord is currently open to the public on a limited basis through giveaways and partnerships and this posting here. We are also regularly hosting giveaways of NFTs/CRO/WL in discord and on twitter. We are putting finishing touches on our website and will let you know when it is live.

Boss Track ->

Boss Track is a DeFi portfolio tracker which gives users real time price data on chains such as Cronos, BSC, Ethereum and more.

Bushicro ->

What is BushiCRO? 4444 Warriors coming on Cronos to begin the Edo Period Alot, of cool features such as NFT Staking, Token airdrop and Play2Earn. The first NFT you can upgrade your skills to be stronger and earn more money in a badass P2E.


BUSY BEARS CLUB Busy Bears are a unique and limited collection of 2653 NFT. Each BB represent single Cronos businessman and investor belongs to huge community in Mad City. Those who will join Busy Bears community will get to know the real value of business. They will get access to smart analytical tools, will be involved in managing profits, reinvesting process to grow up the new businesses. The most active ones will get special cards that will get them to another level of financial development. UTILITIES GIVEAWAYS - Holders will automatically enter giveaways during mint time. Top 100 users that minted the highest number of BBs will enter special contest. VOTING PLATFORM - Holders will get access to voting platform on which future development path will be discussed and will have real influence BB TREASURY - There will be a community wallet filled with 10% profit. Through voting platform community will decide where those funds should go. Some part will be reserved for repurchasing BB under mint price from market to maintain the price. CLUB CARDS - Those who will mint 2 or 6 BBs will get Standard or Elite Club Card that will guarantee special benefits like free NFTs, special giveaways, and more that soon will be announced. ANALYTICAL TOOLS - Holders will have an access to smart analytical tools that will help them in their businesses

Corgi Studio ->

Corgi Studio is a decentralized project with Corgi Token as the native token and Corgi Studio NFT Marketplace with Cronos Corgi Club NFT collection. Introducing Corgi Token: 5% Tax on any transaction (Buy, sell, transfer): -2% Reflection reward to holders. Just hold your tokens in your wallet and enjoy the reward! -1% Burning. -1% Giveaway to the community. -1% for the team. Upcoming NFT and marketplace: corgistudio.io

Cougar Exchange ->

Cougar Exchange is the first optimized decentralized exchange developed by the Cougar team to provide an extremely cheap transaction-free and to comprehensively bring efficiency in using capital for users and liquidity providers through many outstanding new features, investors can benefit from greater earnings returns on their capital. Our goal is to build a policy-controlled decentralized transaction system that provides users with the ability to quickly itinerant DApps from the compatible cross-chain with absolute advantages of the first originating ecology that can be used to optimize stability and consistency of a leading exchange for the peer-to-peer universal paralleled network that facilitates balanced decentralized exchange achievement for flexible and adaptable, allowing for non-customizable and stabilized in current interchangeable architecture modules.


The Creatures collection imbues community and immersive music together with NFTs. The Creatures NFT is a holder’s exclusive membership to the Creature Gang, where they can feel the elements of tech, fashion and immerse oneself into hip-hop culture. Creatures is a highly detailed and rendered style creature where collectors can feel intrinsic value. With Creatures, holders can immerse themselves with the soul of their Creature and allow its passion to carry them to another reality with its fellow Creature Gang, giving it a value beyond extrinsic. NFTs are supposed to be ‘unique’. Unfortunately, the industry has been saturated with chaotic community creation and supposed art that has been created in bulk on the conveyance belt of mass production and sold to consumers and the misled community with promises beyond reach. NFTs are supposed to give value, giving collectors the ability to connect with the undifferentiated community. Through community, members can experience the impalpable air of togetherness. The Creature NFTs is a membership of liminality, a rite of passage to a supraliminal stage of community and immersive music. The Creature Gang communitas facilitates the transformation uniting NFT collectors as one.

CRO Crow NFT ->

CRO Crow is an NFT collection minted on the Cronos blockchain, consisting of 7,777 unique NFTs. Each crow is an ERC-721 token representing a crow. The metadata and images for the token are hosted on IPFS: a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. Edition #1 was minted on contract deployment on block 946 and became the first token ever minted on Cronos Crows are able to be minted from the contract for a fixed price of 100 CRO until the max supply of 7777 is reached. Each crow is procedurally generated from a list of over 180 possible attributes. https://discord.gg/crocrow

CroClubs Werewolf Club ->

CroClubs is a P2E turn-based combat game environment consisting of different NFT collections where each collection forms a club within the game. Collections give access to special utilities such as staking, giveaways, DAO of the project. The game will allow you to battle other clubs’ members but your own club members as well. The first club is the Werewolf Club. All 1500 unique algorithmically generated characters of the Werewolf Club will have different rarities and will consist of 365 hand-drawn traits. 10 rarest wolves are legendaries and are completely hand-drawn, which will provide additional rights to the holders. The rarity table will be released right after the mint. Each stage of the project will bring in new characters to the game. Wait for the Vampire Club as the next one! Being a holder of a CroClubs Werewolf NFT will grant access to a huge staking pool and the game which will feature in-game rewards. By becoming a CroClubs holder, you may get real-life prizes such as exclusive CDC and Cronos NFTs, VR Headsets, airdrops, merchandises and custom avatars. All brought to you by CroClubs' multinational team of 11 members, located in various countries. The exact date and time of Werewolf Club's drop is at April 21st - 20.00 UTC Collection: https://app.ebisusbay.com/drops/croclubs Become a CroClubber and join the adventure!

Crocos NFT ->

CrocosNFT - $Crocos - Staking Platform - Launch Pad. All On CRONOS Chain. CrocosNFT is a collection of 10.000 Crypto Crocodile NFTs – unique digital collectibles living in their natural habitat; on the brand new Cronos blockchain. Holders are able to farm $CROCOS tokens by staking their NFTs and tokens.

Crodex Exchange ->

CRODEX, the most advanced and widely used Decentralized Exchange on Crypto.com’s Cronos Chain. CRODEX aims to be a complete trading ecosystem, covering all aspects of DeFi. Our Whitepaper provides a complete overview of our mission. CRODEX Exchange is working to be the best trading platform at Cronos. CRODEX enjoys the enviable position of being amongst Cronos’ first and most widely recognized Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). Our extensive roadmap is a testament to our compromise to give both Cronos traders and developers a state-of-the-art Decentralized Exchange; with exclusive trading tools, standards-compliant, audited and well-documented Routers and Factories, low fees, and more.

Crodo.io ->

Crodo - IDO launchpad that connects people with Cronos galaxy. We are helping for new projects in early stages to raise capital from users, by making them into real clients in GameFi and implementing a CRM system to increase customer activity after listing. Our advantages over other IDO platforms: 1. The technology is built on the fast-growing Cronos blockchain with a huge ecosystem and support from the world's largest exchanges, 2. Unique integrations and game mechanics for startups and users, 3. Additional rewards for investors - ranks for long-term cooperation, 4. A cluster of powerful servers that solves the problems of congestion at the time of the IDO, 5. Intelligent chatbot for registration reminders, whitelist approval, and other important events, 6. Ambassador's cabinet with task reminders, competitions, points system and task status tracking. Having experienced all the shortcomings of other IDOs, we created a project with a convenient and easy-to-use interface. Having shown the finished version of the site to users and investors, we received great reviews, proposals for investment and cooperation. Core Team: Maxim Laptev, Sergey Zadorin, Ilya Kras, Alexandr Kolupaev Team experience - 10 years in personal and joint projects, that created business solutions for companies. Backers: Dust Ventures, Kaizen Finance, Element, CroDex WebSite: https://crodo.io TG: https://t.me/crodo_io Discord: https://discord.gg/kBASzHpUhu Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crodo_io White Paper: https://docs.crodo.io Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crodo.io One Pager: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vtFKikU6OI0zqtcCvpxwVf4MvTRVKxBF/view?usp=sharing Pitch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FWME3iwnGYzY6SvEbkcrJVl-HAyw87yv/view?usp=sharing

CroDoges ->

CroDoges are a unique and limited collection of 1800 NFT. Metaverse : By purchasing a CroDoge you automatically become the owner of a 1x1 plot in the Metaverse under construction. Each plot owner receives a portion of the profits generated from renting out larger plots, providing a steady passive income. When you buy 4 or 9 CroDoges, you get plots that are next to each other, such as 2x2 or 3x3. Advertise yourself or others on your plots and rent them out and earn money in the future. Staking : Stake your CroDoges as early as 24 hours after the start of the mint at very favorable conditions. Airdrop : Over 150 prizes will be drawn for CroDoges owners during the mint (including CroDoges with special attributes). There will be many contests and benefits after the mint ends. Extras : Receive free NFT or WL for our and our business partners' future projects. Decide on the direction of the Metaverse through a special voting system.

Crofam Ladies ->

Crofam Ladies is a collection consisting of 3685 NFT. Get your lady's full crown and send her to the miss election and get a guaranteed VIP drop. Find 1 of 100 queen attributes and get a guaranteed VIP drop. The first collection is just the beginning and will guarantee free drops. Sooner you staked out, the more you will gain. 5% of the mint's value goes to Crofam Ladies holders. Date: 26.10.2022, Price: 60 CRO WL Price: 45 CRO

Crofam Ladies AI ->

Are you ready for the most beautiful ladies on Cronos? CrofamSpace goint to the Age of Inventors. Before the same like CrofamLadies allowed you to get VIP CrofamLadiesAI allows you to create an Intelligent Robot Get your InventorBot and guarantee Staking to yourself. The last Inventorbots component (SKIN) - you need 1 x CrofamLadiesAI to build 1 x Inventorbot Find Special Ai Robot and get guaranteed 1:1 Free Mint Inventor Bot

CrogeCoin ->

A new and hyped meme to utility token. 7 days we reached 2.5m ATH and still going up. We have plans of the first BSC to CRO bridge. The 4 team members all own big call channels in BSC, so this bridge will attract huge attention to the entire Cronos market in general. That is our goal, to get attention brought to Cronos. We have our own custom DAPP, we are whitelisted on MMF and already have a pool going there as well. We have much more listings on our agenda still. We are running ad's on social media, TikTok, google and more. We are trying to bring all eyes to the new market that we are building up. We also have our NFT marketplace coming out. We have more ideas down the road that we are looking to get into, real utility projects that can serve a proper purpose to other cronos chain coins. The sky is the limit with us Whitepaper: https://docs.crogecoin.com/

Crognomes ->

2,000 secretive Crognomes on the Cronos blockchain with breeding & staking features Do you know where your CRO cards actually come from? Those glistering ruby, shiny indigo & luminescent jade crystals that are needed for those ooooh so sweet cashbacks are harvested deep inside the hidden crypto mine shafts. The location of these mines are a well-kept secret by the Crognomes. While they are very hard-working, Crognomes have been known to share secrets once they are in a warm and cozy place, like your cryptowallet. They might even lead you the way to the secret mines, if you take care of them well enough…

CroLick ->

CroLick offers rewards to holders in a bear market aswell as a bull market. Our token $CROL rewards holders with $USDT which is ideal in a bear market, while our NFT staking rewards holders in CRO which is ideal in a bull market. Either way we help you dollar cost average into the Cronos network

Crolon Mars ->

Our Play to Earn game is currently ready to deploy by the Softtik team and ourselves. We are building a "Mars Racing" game which utilizes the metaverse to give players a feel for our ecosystem. It also contains an in-game economy in which players will be able to race and collect in-game tokens that can be transferred into CRO, the native token of crypto.com. Our MVPs are due at the beginning of October. We are also looking to implement various advertising opportunities and the ability to upgrade within the full game, with our game being the perfect place to purchase billboards or other forms of advertisement. The P2E game is a big step in Crolon Mars’ development as self-sustaining model that generates revenue through various streams.

CROmmunity Coin ->

CROmmunity Coin aims to be among the leaders in community owned Metaverse Real Estate property development. Our primary goal is to provide as much passive income as possible back to our holders, with no threshold amount of $CRM needed to qualify. This starts with 8% volume based USDT rewards, and will expand to Metaverse revenue redistribution once development is rolled out. The vast majority of revenue from our Metaverse properties will be redistributed to holders, based on their percentage owned. Our flagship property is a Casino in The CronosVerse, located in Play2Earn Plaza, and will also feature a companion site for those who may not be inclined to partake in the full metaverse experience. The remainder of revenue will be divided amongst charitable donations, further MV acquisitions, development, and expansion, additional DEX listings, and staking pools. We currently own potential revenue producing property on Cronos network, as well as a 1200 acre Galactic Island on Solana. We take pride in our transparency, our Founder is doxxed, as well as our commitment to both the crypto and real world communities. We invite you to learn more. Check out our website and socials, visit our partners, and #JoinTheCROmmunity!

CroMoon ->

CroMoon is an CRC20 token on the Cronos chain with a total supply of It works like all other CRC20 tokens but the team included some additional features in its transfer function that are unique in the original smart contract. These features are a Transaction Fee, Reflection, and Liquidity Pool (LP) Acquisition. Transaction Fee — every transaction incurs a 10% fee 5% Reflection — Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as their balance of CroMoon grows 5% Liquidity Pool Acquisition — A percentage of all transaction fees is added to the liquidity pool. To keep the liquidity pool balanced 2.5% is added to the CRO token and 2.5% is added to the CroMoon token. The recipient of the LP units is the CroMoon team. To keep the funds safe we will add half of the 5% Liquidity Acquisition to the Liquidity Locker every week. The other half will be used for our Afterburner Effect (explained below) Afterburner Once a week, half of the LP tokens produced by the contract will be withdrawn into equivalent portions of CroMoon and CRO. The CroMoon portion will be burned, and the CRO will immediately be used to purchase CroMoon from the market. The purchased CroMoon will then also be burned. AFTERBURNER events will happen once a week on an entirely random basis and will be announced only after the above process is fully complete in order to prevent any manipulation or timed buying/selling. The Afterburner program will simultaneously induce community hype whilst creating a significant positive price action and providing a burn outlet for the contract-generated LP tokens. Blackhole Shortly after launch the team burned 10% of the supply. By doing so it create a ‘blackhole’ which will, thanks to the reflection mechanism, suck CroMoon tokens out of the supply and burn them. This turns CroMoon into a deflationary token, because every transaction some CroMoon gets send to the burn wallet.

CronaSwap ->

CronaSwap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the Cronos Chain and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.25%). We are a decentralized exchange platform for swapping ERC-20 tokens on the Cronos Chain network. This network guarantees superior speed and much lower network transaction cost. We are highly committed to providing true value, fairness and innovation to decentralized finance through our high-quality products and services. CronaSwap is fast, secure and anyone can swap and earn tokens.

CronoGlyphs ->

The very first generative art collection on Cronos. Cronoglyphs Series 1 are 1111 unique 32x32 generative glyph-art compositions based on 6 different glyph sets. #CRO Our goal is to jumpstart and develop the generative art scene on Cronos. A token airdrop system will enable the collection of $GLYPH. This utility token may be used instead of CRO in all future Series mints, thus rewarding holders for their loyalty to the project. We want to offer artistic and technical support to up and coming generative artists coming to the platform and wishing to convert their work into NFTs. If you are a generative artist and are looking for support to mint your work reach out to us on Twitter.

Cronos Bot Society ->

Cronos Bot Society is a collection of 2,000 NFTs with striking artwork, a magnitude of traits and utility to go with it! Are you prepared to follow the BOTKING in search of rare CPU Upgrade Chips which are hidden within the Cronos Code… Each CPU Upgrade Chip will give the holder the chance to upgrade their bot into a BILLIONAIRE BOT, which will be a 1 of 1 NFT with extreme rarity due to the small supply (Total supply 100). 100% of royalties will be put into the CRODEX staking platform each time it reset, this gives every holder the ability to gain passive income. By owning a Cronos Bot Society NFT, you will be part of the society and help dictate how the project develops whether that be a Gen 2 or a different direction.

Cronos Chimp Club ->

Cronos Chimp Club is an NFT collection minted on the Cronos blockchain. WELCOME TO THE CLUB OF CHIMPIONS10,000 uniquely generated Chimps on the Cronos Chain with various traits that celebrate the different aspects of the Cronos ecosystem.


This is the most recently-developed project of Cougar Ecosystem that provides a comprehensive Rewards Incentive Program circulated on Cronos Blockchain Network established at the highest stability and security level. Implemented by a team with in-depth blockchain experience. CougarSwap is a long-term DeFi project that has been on the market since May 2021, with the initial BSC successfully deployed we have now held the reputation as one of the most prestigious cross-chain projects in the DeFi market. The DApp (Decentralized Application) was designed with the purpose of bringing users a core benefit of easily accessing one of the most adequate financial frameworks and modules on which the Cougar ecosystem is built. In other words, interoperable Cougar Decentralized Applications constructed on multiple public blockchain networks have the potential to create an entirely diverse and distinctive community-driven platform.

Cronos Football Club ->

First #R2E on #Cronoschain Player Vs Goalkeeper $GOAL $CRO #crofam #cronos Cronos Football Club is a cryptocurrency project on the cronos blockchain. We are releasing a risk to earn type of game that need NFT and our $Goal token for mechanics. Our supply is of 5000 NFT with rarity ranking : Players (4500), Goalkeeper (450) and Captain Goalkeeper (50).

Cronos Goats ->

Cronos Goats is The Original Deflationary NFT. Our Goat Burns, Royalty, and Gaming allocations will fill your wallets with $CRO. Cronos Goats is a love child between Crypto and NFT's. These Goats were created as a utility NFT with tokenomics that have be proven to be successful. We also strive to have one of the tightest NFT communities inside Cronos. We do this with top notch community standards as well as community interaction from our team. We are always available to answer any questions our community has, just reach out on Discord.

Cronos Rocks ->

There will only ever be 100 Cronos Rocks! What are Cronos Rocks? Our first drop of artwork within the collection consists of 100 unique rocks. The limited-edition mint will be the first of our geological themed projects and is also the first of it's kind to be minted on the Cronos chain. The rock projects on peer chains have had huge success and our aim is to bring that potential to the Cronos chain and it's community. The Cronos NFT community is growing rapidly and “Cronos Rocks” will lay a solid foundation - or bedrock - for this fast-evolving space. Who are @CronosrocksNFT? We are a team of Geologists who love rocks, the Cronos Chain and all our #CroFam.

Cronos Secret Society ->

The Cronos Secret Society is an NFT collection of 4 different character species divided by 4 territories in the CSS Metaverse on Cronos Chain. ⌛Years 2169, Los Cronos City. Welcome to the #Cronos Street, in the Cronos Secret Society, 4 Societies, 4 Territories, 1 GOAL: Rule THE Metaverse ⚔️ 🐜3 333 SouthSide Ants (O.G - 1st Society release) 🐱3 333 EastSide Cats 🦆3 333 NorthSide Ducks 🐰3 333 WestSide Bunnies //To join a Crew you will need a Society Mint Pass// Each Society will be released for public mint when the Cronos Network reaches a certain level of unique wallet addresses, why? To expand our community! Because we believe in the future of the Cronos Chain and figure this is the best way to grow with the Cronos Chain, we want to create a kind, friendly community to help educate one another about NFTs and Crypto. The Cronos Secret Society will be an example of the wonderful artists, passionate communities, & endless opportunities the Cronos chain has to offer.

Cronos World ->

We're working on making Cronos-world a one-stop destination. Cronos-World will have a series of releases lined up, we hope that our releases contribute towards the adoption of Cronos chain by the developers and investors. 📍Cronos-World will consist of: ▪️A Decentralised exchange(DEX)  ▪️A Launchpad and incubator for projects that launch on Cronos Chain ▪️A MarketPlace for NFTs

CronosEyez ->

CronosEyezNFT Genesis collection. 333 randomly generated NFTs from exactly 255 (digital hand drawn) traits. That makes it really unique. We are a multi collection long-term NFT project, each NFT grants to the holder a share of our community Art-Vault.

Cronosphere ->

Cronosphere is a hyper deflationary token with the main focus on community ownership, crowd-consulted decision-making, and with a long-term vision on sustainability and value retention for all investors. The team behind Cronosphere aims to build a token that will eventually become the best auto liquidity, reflection and burn protocol on Cronos chain. On this journey together with the Cronosphere community, the team hopes to create more awareness and push adoption for the Cronos ecosystem and all it’s participants.

CroPunks ->

CroPunks is an NFT collection and yield farming dApp on the Cronos blockchain.. RoadMap Augmented Reality Experience your CroPunks immersed in AR/VR. Our Augmented Reality app will bring the Cronoverse to life and thus providing a real utility to CroPunks. Only Cropunks holder will be able to use our AR/VR App. Staking After the launch and airdrop of our token on the Cronos blockchain, we wiill open a staking pool for Cropunks holders to stake their NFTs and earn yield. This provides long term utility and helps increase demand for Cropunks beyond initial mint. NFT Marketplace Trading and auctioning are necessary for any NFT collection to grow and prosper. Our NFT Marketplace will be used to trade punks in a fast and secure manner. The royalties collected from the trades will be distributed among Cropunks holders and stakers. Tamagotchi Game Our vision for CroPunks is a Tamagotchi game that makes your Cropunk the ingame avatar. You will be able to find treasures and other accesories for costumizing your Punks scattered throughout the game.

CroSea ->

The First Open NFT Marketplace on Cronos, that allows user to sell virtually any type of Cronos NFT.

Croshi Inu ->

Croshi Inu is a decentralized digital asset and the first Shiba Inu-Cronos meme-token that is progressively evolving into a vibrant and engaging ecosystem for the masses. We aim to bridge the gap between retail and crypto by offering a fun, exciting, and engaging investment experience for users. So far, we have released a swap and bridge - with plans to release staking and a P2E game in the coming months.

CroSkull ->

What is CroSkull? The Croskull is a collection of 6,666 uniquely generated NFTs stored in the Cronos Chain. Each Croskull NFT is based on 6+ attributes with different rarities. A Croskull is not simply a PFP but is also the key to the insane Dr. Jiko’s laboratory experiments. The Lore Bonesville has always been a mysterious town. Among the dark streets of the city, it is rare to see people stopping to talk to each other. Many elderly people leave their homes just to carry out duties or run errands, whereas the few children who have never played with each other do not know what fun is. At Bonesville, everything is sad, gloomy, melancholic, still. Just one person’s soul stands out across all the grey souls of the city… Dr. Jiko spends most of his time in his secret laboratory located inside the dark Bonesville Castle. After years of failure, he managed to improve his alchemical formula By combining mysterious potions, he found a way to bring joy and life back to the city… 6,666 funny and crazy Croskulls are ready to invade the streets!   What is the Potion System in our Lab? You'll need two potions to create a useful evolution of your CroSkull: - the red potion will be guaranteed airdropped to the first 33 members that will accumulate 3000 SkullCoin reach level 10 XP rank (Pro-Skuller) and will be a CroSkull hodlers. - the blue potion will be guaranteed airdropped to the first 33 members who will get more valid invitations on our Discord. The rest of the potions will be airdropped to a few lucky random 2+ CroSkull hodlers. By combining the two potions, you can obtain a new evolved CroSkull that can be staked to obtain more advantages... FUTURE FEATURES - Token Launch - GameFi Join our Discord for the upcoming news: https://discord.gg/croskull

Crypto Surferz ->

Crypto Surferz is a play-to-earn metaverse on Cronos that features both single and multiplayer on PC. They also have upgradable NFTs with in-game functionality & a marketplace. Crypto Surferz provides a fun play-to-earn experience for users of all ages.

Crystl Finance ->

Crystl Finance is a Premier Vaulting Platform on multiple blockchains bringing Maximized Passive Income to the masses through secure, transparent, and decentralized solutions. Available on Cronos, Polygon, and BNB. V3 Vaults: Investment instruments with unprecedented flexibility for passive income that is only possible through Crystl Finance. Not available on competitor platforms. Ultra Farms: Accumulate tokens your way with our original Ultra Farm contracts that maximize your income in the token you most desire. Revenue Sharing: Earn consistent dividends from the overall revenue of Crystl Finance by providing & staking liquidity for the $CRYSTL token on various blockchains. 24/7 Customer Support: You don't have to be alone in DeFi. Our experts are at your service 24/7. Use the Intercom icon on our site to reach out to us, or join our community. Our support team will get back to you as soon as we can!

CyborgSwap ->

Your NFT oriented DEX on Cronos Chain Trade, farm, earn and now stake your owned NFTs from several Cronos projects. Give your assets real utility. Take back control of your Tokens and unleash their full potential

D.G.Pals ->

D.G.Pals is a collectible, multi-genre NFT game platform project. The D.G.Verse is a multifaceted vision that supports an entire ecosystem on its own. From indie developers to gamers, investors, influencers, streamers or competitive players, each has a significant role in the D.G.Verse to invest themselves in and everyone in this metaverse can play and enjoy it.

Defira ->

Defira is a blockchain metaverse—the Defiraverse. It is a fusion of DeFi and GameFi, harnessing the synergies of both models to create a DeFi "super app" inside a fantasy game world, which hosts novel and engaging gameplay experiences that fully take advantage of the unique strengths of the blockchain medium. We aim to cultivate the Defiraverse as a multimedia franchise and valuable piece of intellectual property, which is owned and driven by a decentralized community and fandom. The Defiraverse consists of three core layers, each synergizing with the others. DeFi Layer Our long-term vision is to create a crosschain DeFi super app, integrated within a fantasy game world. Each supported blockchain will host a multi-primitive DeFi protocol (e.g. DEX, lending, liquid staking), and its usage will be intimately linked with the item and progression systems of the game layer. As the first step, we will begin by integrating Tranquil Finance, our existing DeFi protocol on the Harmony blockchain, into the Defira metaverse. It will be a testbed for experimenting and developing our ideas for Defira before expanding cross-chain. Please check out our DeFi Vision. Game Layer As a fusion of DeFi and GameFI, we want Defira's game systems to fully take advantage of the unique strengths of the blockchain medium. We aim to extend the common play-to-earn model to integrate and improve upon the tokenomics of our DeFi systems. Popular GameFI projects suffer extreme inflation and lack of utility for their game token (like Axie Infinity). In our model, Defira's game tokens are also governance tokens for its DeFi super app, vastly enhancing the utility and value of the token compared to the traditional GameFI model. In our grand vision, the Defiraverse will be home to a diverse suite of fully fledged game modes of different genres, catering to different types of players who have varying levels of investment into Defira. Although this vision is far off, we will start by initially focus on developing two core game modes—Expedition and Conquest. Please check out our Game Vision. Intellectual Property Layer We aim to grow a large and passionate community and fanbase around the Defiraverse by developing recognizable characters, music, settings, and stories that together create a valuable piece of intellectual property. An engaging IP also allows us to expand the Defiraverse into other mediums to reach a broader non-core crypto audience, acquiring new fans through fanbase mining. Beyond the brand and community value an IP provides, a strong IP also provides interesting and innovative opportunities for monetization through selling iconic characters and other assets as ultra premium unique NFTs. Please check out our IP Vision. We are just starting out in our long and ambitious journey to fulfill our grand vision for Defira, and as new features and game mechanics are developed and released, we will continue updating this living whitepaper. Welcome to the Defiraverse!

Degen Protocol ->

$SH33P is the Degen Protocol’s official elite token (CRC-20) on the Cronos Chain (Crypto.com's EVM chain) that captures value by having a scarce supply, a deflationary burn mechanism, constantly raising floor price via token buybacks, and by providing staking rewards for HODLers to earn passive dividends. There is a 6% transaction fee on all $SH33P token buys, sells, and transfers. That 6% fee is distributed as the following: *5% sent to a burn address *20% towards the liquidity controller address – strategically used by the core team to initiate token buybacks and add additional token liquidity *2% towards development costs *3% towards marketing costs *10% towards the team wallet splitter *30% towards XSH33P staking rewards – first payout will be released 30 days from 12/15/2021 to ensure that those who purchased during the Sacrifice Phase will receive their fair share of the staking rewards *2% towards XSH33P vault APY booster *10% towards the Las Vegas party fund – the Degen Protocol community’s annual meetup event *18% towards SH33P NFT holder rewards -- more details TBA, but HINT: you will want to hold A LOT of $SH33P for these 😉 People holding $SH33P can stake their $SH33P as XSH33P into the staking pool to earn passive $SH33P rewards from transaction fees collected by trading activity. At launch, there will also be a “vault style” contract released where users can deposit their XSH33P to earn rewards from both the instant and drip dividend pools. There is a 10% fee on deposits, compounds, and withdrawals distributed as the following: 2% towards the instant rewards pool and 8% towards the daily dividend pool. The daily dividend pool drips out 3% of it’s balance to all players per day. The rewards received are proportional to your percentage share of the total XSH33P staked in the vault and there are no additional fees for harvesting your rewards. Participating in the vault is completely voluntary, but it allows users to “double dip” by earning rewards from both the native staking pool and activity occurring within the vault. In addition, the team will be launching their “Woolshed” DeFi dApp in Q1 2022. The Woolshed will provide additional utility for $SH33P, allowing users to mint NFTs and exchange their tokens for “WOOL,” which can be deposited to receive up to a consistent 1% daily return (365% APR). Not only will this benefit those staking XSH33P in the native staking pool (since it will help prevent dilution), but it will also lock up a large amount of the supply and speed up the token burn process. The goal of $SH33P is to not only create a community driven project that is fun, but also provide value to token holders and incentivize long-term strategies!

DegenzSkulls NFT ->

DegenzSkulls is a gambling platform which provide ​revenue-share utility to our NFT member to hold and earn 50% revenue that generated from the casino. 1,200 NFTs of total supply split up with 3 different tiers (Silver, Gold, & Legend). Each tier comes with its revenue allocation. Multichain Every NFT holder of ours are entitled to receive airdrop of new DegenzSkulls NFT as we have a plan expanding multichain to others blockchain in the near future (Aptos, Sui, Polygon) to attract more player/investor to participate in our DegenzCasino. Staking You will be able stake Degenz Skulls NFT to earn $DGZ and use it to bet on our casino, purchase raffle ticket and auction on our official website. DAO Fund Ability to vote on upcoming development of the project, and manage DAO Fund (NFT secondary sales & 3% fees from every bet). Our First Casino game "Coin-Flip" DApp is now Mainnet and Live on Official Website.

Dexioprotocol ->

Our vision is a world in which blockchain technology is mainstream and vastly more people are connected by it. We are advancing this ambition by creating a suite of gaming applications that allow our users to play our games with or without a digital wallet. By providing people with incredibly fun and interactive games, we can introduce digital assets and other applications within our ecosystem that allow our users to step comfortably into blockchain technology. In addition to that, we are creating sustainable and long-term revenue streams that support the business of Dexioprotocol as well as fund investment in the development of our blockchain based ecosystem. Founded May 2021, and migrating to Cronos in 2022, Dexioprotocol is here to stay and we mean to ensure that Dexioprotocol has a realistic, viable, and visionary approach to the advancement of the blockchain revolution.

DexPad ->

The Most Advanced Decentralized Launchpad Protocol! Dexpad is a multi-chain launchpad, with a tight integration in the upcoming Cronos ecosystem. Holders of the DXP (Dexpad) token will have the opportunity to invest in pre-sales of projects, and enjoy tight integration with the Photonswap dex on Cronos. DexPad allows anyone to Mint, Airdrop, Launch and Lock their tokens seamlessly without any coding required! The Cronos ecosystem Dexpad will be the first Launchpad to be released on the upcoming Cronos, EVM-chain. The Cronos chain, developed by Crypto.com will launch the long awaited mainnet version of their ecosystem next week, on the 8th of November. If the recent development in ecosystems such as the Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Avalanche are any indication on the potential growth of new ecosystems, the coming months could see a great number of new (innovative) projects launched on the Cronos network.On top of that the Cronos ecosystem will boast low fees, and direct integration with the Crypto.com exchange. Dexpad, a special kind of launchpad The team working on Dexpad has seen the pains of traditional fundraising and has been concerned about the amount of new projects that pull liquidity “rugging”, especially in new ecosystems. The existence of a trusted launchpad allows for a safe place for investors to buy into new projects without the risks of traditional project launches. The Dexpad team has also witnessed the rise of two types of launchpads on different chains. The first type of launchpad, “the permissioned launchpad”, has tight controls on what projects are allowed to launch, this type of launchpad has the advantage that only vetted projects are allowed to launch their project on said launchpad. This type of launchpad also has some disadvantages. - Centralisation: The team running the launchpad has the power to pick-and-choose the projects that launch on their platform, this goes against the spirit of blockchain - Expensive & slow: These permissioned launchpads usually take substantial chunks of the projects they list on their launchpad, and the process of vetting can be slow and cumbersome. The other approach projects take is a “permissionless approach”, these types of launchpads allow every project to launch their sale without having any form of validation from the team running said launchpad. Even though this approach is in line with the values of crypto, such launchpads have run into the problem of malicious projects launching. Projects that have included ‘honeypot’ code into their contracts, to prevent token holders from selling their tokens. Examples of such sales include the launch of “BRIT Coin” The Dexpad team has decided on a hybrid approach where all projects are allowed to launch on the Dexpad launchpad, but the code of the project has to pass a anti-honeypot check by the Dexpad team to qualify for launching their projects, this will protect investors from being hard-rugged by projects launching on Dexpad. More info continued on Medium: https://bruce-dexpad.medium.com/dexpad-the-first-multi-chain-launchpad-on-cronos-5564089550b2

Dexpanse ->

Dexpanse is a self-funded, officially registered platform that provides easy-to-use and intuitive decentralized services and tools. With utility and user participation at our core, we continually strive to provide resources to educate and create new possibilities to engage and earn. LAUNCHPAD PLATFORM Explore our multichain, decentralized tools & services, each with their own wide variety of options and features. STANDARD PRESALE: Create a fixed-price presale for your token with features such as whitelisting and automatic presale finalization & locking! FAIRSALE: Create a fairsale for your token with no hard-cap, raise as much as you can within the given time period! PRIVATE SALE: Tired of manually counting tokens owed for private sale investors? Choose between vesting or standard token withdrawals, all with our automatic private sale service! LOCKER: Lock your ERC20 tokens or your LP tokens, or vest them over a period of time using our lockers! TOKEN BUILDER: Looking to create your own standard token, or perhaps a reward token? Choose from a variety of options using our easy-to-use builder! BURNER: Send your tokens to the black hole (dead address) using our free burner, show proof-of-burn certificates & instill trust in your investors! Our Vision Our company vision is to create easy to use, transparent and useful services that are available for all. Our Values Ease of use No barriers, no borders Transparency

DexScreener ->

DexScreener provides advanced token price and charting for over 15 different blockchains, including Cronos. It provides advanced token pricing and charts for Cronos projects by aggregating information from 11+ different decentralized exchanges on the Cronos blockchain, such as VVS Finance, CronaSwap, Crodex, KryptoDex, PhotonSwap, Elk Finance, ChronoSwap, SmolSwap, Swapp, Empire Dex and Annex Finance, with more being added every day.

Ebisu's Bay ->

EBISU'S BAY NFT MARKETPLACE Discover rare digital art and collect NFTs. Ebisu's Bay is the first NFT marketplace on Cronos. Create, buy, sell, trade and enjoy the #CroFam NFT community.

Elk Finance ->

Elk Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. The Elk ecosystem makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies and interact with smart contracts seamlessly across networks, bypassing the need for complicated and costly bridges. The Elk Finance motto is: Any chain, anytime, anywhere. ElkDex offers farms with high APRs where all DEX fees go to liqudity providers & ElkDex has Impermanent Loss protection. 

GambleFi DAO ->

GambleFi DAO is an innovative financial ecosystem, based on a rebase currency managed by a DAO. Each BETIFY token is collateralized by various assets and held in the GambleFi Treasury, offering the currency an innate value that cannot fall below a certain floor price. Furthermore, GambleFi DAO introduces innovative gamification systems, including the first zero loss betting system allowing users to bet on sports events with no losses, and a Booster Box system which will reward users with special vesting reduction NFT Boosters for their bond purchases on the platform, making GambleFi DAO the first rebase token to feature NFT gamification features.

Gaming Cro Cats ->

The first Gaming driven community on Cronos! Gaming Cro Cats aims to create a space for players where players can be rewarded for their time spent playing while bringing extra benefits to our GCC NFT Holders. We plan on creating a community that likes to play games while rewarding both the best and most active players with frequent airdrops! Gaming Cro Cats will become a hub for players, as well as the right place for new P2E & Web2 games to look for new enthusiastic players! ​Find & Hold Gold Traits to access unique Airdrops! NFT Supply ​1500 NFTs  250 CRO each WL 190 CRO each; 65% of funds will be redirected to the development of the project and it's community events, prize pools and community incentives, kickstarting the Gaming Cro Cats Club Treasury! 20% Will be used for listings and marketing. 15% of funds will be used for small team allocation, to sustain and further develop the project & to ensure long term success.

Ghetto-Doves ->

The Vision From the mind of the NYC Art Director himself, as we venture into the art and storyline of the Ghetto Doves™. Entering an imaginative, fun, edgy, dynamic urban world seen through the eyes of a young (7) character city pigeon friend group that comes from various corners of the five boroughs of New York. The Ghetto-Doves™ is your favorite city kids running around neighborhoods and getting into adventures. Our Crew Principles revolve around creativity, honesty, and respect for all people can be summarized in the 7 young pigeon character friends. The variety of grey shades utilized in the GD artwork portrays a framework for equality. GD is often used to reference Ghetto-Doves™ The news around the block: Do you remember the days of collecting and trading Pokémon and vinyl seemed like the coolest thing to do? Today, those coveted collectibles have been widely replaced by NFTs. We offer the ability to utilize an IRL value trading and gamification aspect to build a collection and "level up" from the airdrop "EB-NFT™" Card, to a Deli. Each holder's goal will be to collect one of each of the characters a total of 7 by the end of the minting process. Missing characters in your collection may be acquired only through secondary to fulfill your collection. Additional attributes and 7 character gamification will be revealed prior to Mint day. 💎💎 In addition to the PFP drop, the Ghetto-Doves™ announced the series: Re-Imagination. A series of drops of a new Ghetto-Doves™ collection that will highlight the kids' playful imagination. These specialty drops were announced in discord. Join along with the characters where their imagination leads them. The first of the re-imagination series was successfully dropped on March 22, 2022, which immediately sold out followed by our latest drop on April 4, 2022, on the CDC platform.

Hibiki Finance ->

Hibiki Finance is a multichain ecosystem currently running on BSC, Cronos, and KCC; providing a variety of token tools to kickstart projects. Hibiki Finance also sports its own NFT collection and game where you can earn daily by playing, CryptoShoujo. Hibiki has a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens. Every buy and sale are taxed 5% for staking and game rewards. Trades between wallets are not taxed. The taxes can be updated, but token smart contract is coded to have a hard limit on 20% taxes. A burn tax and an automatic liquidity tax can be added should they be necessary.

Icy CRO ->

ICY is the community token for the Cronos. Powered by CRO. Building decentralised infrastructure together. Built by experts, funded by the community and 100% of the profits are given back to the community. ICY was launched on 9th of November. Our mission is to build a decentralised infrastructure for blockchains together with the CRO community. People who participate to the projects will receive ICY Tokens and a chance to win CROs. Our mission is to: Launch low fee and high quality validators for the Crypto.org and other Cosmos chains. Try different technical solutions to provide the highest quality results with low fees and share the results with the community. Help other promising Cronos projects. Provide the community a chance to participate and enjoy the success of CRO, Crypto.org and Cronos. Collect a huge jackpot of CROs and give participants exciting time in the monthly draw. Tokenomics: There will be total of 100M ICY tokens in the Cronos network. They will be distributed in the following way: 40% for the project rewards. 30% for the bonus pool (Builder awards and Jackpot prizes). 10% for the airdrops. 10% for the developers (0.6% dropped in the beginning and 9.4% frozen until 2024). 10% for the Burnicy Game prizes. How to collect ICYs: Follow us in Twitter or Telegram so you won't miss any airdrop or project. Participate in our projects. Even small contributions will be awarded. Play our monthly game with your ICYs to increase your stack (or lose what you have).

Icy Squid Game ->

Cronos NFT game from IcyCRO.org and CronoseyezNFT. - Mint your Viking and fight for a huge CRO Jackpot. - ICY based economy. - Build a house and farm ICY. - Send your Vikings to the mines to earn you more ICY.


IMPERIVM is a strategic MMO fantasy game, developed in the CRONOS and POLYGON blockchains. The game is set in the medieval age, with fictional creatures and a strong influence from the Greek/Roman mythology. Every player will be in charge of his own fortress and will have to expand it and recruit his own army in order to face battles and conquer enemies!

Inventorapes ->

5% Mint Royalty for holders 10% Market Royalty Fee : 5% for Top Traders (Sweep Contest), 5% for project promotion A lot of Swap contests to get Inventorbots components collections. Get free mint for each: Background, Eyes, Mouth, Body, Head, Ears Get a 1:1 free mint of the Jewelry 💎 Inventorbots components only for Inventorapes For every 20 mints Inventorapes you will receive 1 x free mint next AI CrofamLadies collection Top 15 holders will get Mythic (gif) Inventorapes Top 100 holders receive an extra guaranteed drop of each 6 component Take a mint at each stage and get or win Mythic Inventorapes -> check Get the required Inventorbots components and build a Inventorbots that will be the most powerful NFT of the CrofamLadies / CrofamSpace ecosystem Owner of Mythic Inventorapes has guaranteed 10 x free mint of Background, Eyes, Mouth, Body, Head, Ears components More utility coming soon...

Lazy Horse Race Club ->

The Lazy Horse Race Club connects the metaverse and real thoroughbred horse racing in a fun and unique club. Each Lazy Horse NFT grants access to the metaverse clubhouse and Lazy Horse Racing Game (drops end of January!), it also connects you to our real racing team. The Club owns, maintains and races horses with profits being shared by the community. All of the club's efforts are most importantly focused on providing a long and sustainable post-racing life for all horses. A large portion of all project proceeds will directly fund equine rescue and retirement, ensuring great lives for these beautiful animals.

Lolita & Friends ->

Lolita & Friends is the first-ever petfluencer NFT collection. This project is launched by @LolitatheAlien, a Chihuahua petfluencers with a community of 200k people on Instagram. The collection consists of 2,500 randomly assembled Lolitas with over 120 traits! Lolita & Friends mission is to rescue endangered and abandoned animals. Our first mission is to rescue 1000 dogs from the streets: feeding, vaccinating, sterilizing and all other cares to prepare them for adoption. In this collection, Lolita has a variety of outfits, accessories, faces and background colors. Some NFTs are rare, some are very rare, and some are exceptional! Our goal is to onboard worldwide influencer pets of Instagram through beautiful NFT collections with utility. Be part of the original collection and join our mission to save thousands of abandoned animals!

Mad Meerkat NFT ->

Mad Meerkat NFT (on CRO) is inspired by the cheeky nature of the loveable rogues, who loves nothing more than cavorting in the sun. Each Mad Meerkat grants you the absolute ownership of your NFT, and backs you as an entrant to the wholly owned Burrow, providing you art and utility benefits on the CRO chain. Supply: 10k including marketing renumeration, giveaways, reserved amount for 520 OG ETH holders. Date: 05 Dec Price: Presale 1: 9-915pm SGT (199 CRO) Presale 2: 9.20 -9.35pm SGT (249 CRO) Public Sale: 9.45pm SGT (299 CRO)

Mag Brew Vikings ->

People happen by chance in our life, but not casually. They often fill us with teachings. Sometimes they make us fly high, other times they crash us to the ground teaching us pain, giving us everything, taking everything away, leaving us nothing. ‍ We are a group of friends ‍ Bonded by good memories and by the conviviality of a special place where we drink, taste and make craft beer. Like Viking settlers, we are united to chase new paths together. ‍ And we want to share it with you

Marie's Cyborgs ->

Marie is a French high-potential model. Being represented by world-renowned agencies such as Select Model Management, she already worked for some of the most famous brands and magazines (Louis Vuitton, Dior, Etam, Valentino, Vogue, ...) Convinced that art takes multiple forms, she now wishes to introduce her universe through her collection of NFTs and becoming one of the first model agent in Metaverse. 2500 UNIQUE NFTS. “Welcome to Fashion World. Marie is launching her NFT collection that will turn you into a real agent.” Perks HEROES -4% cash back on our first fashion show in Metaverse (divided by holders) -Private Discord chat room : giveaways, informations & play to earn money LEGENDARY -2% cash back on every NFTs sold -6% cash back on our first fashion show in Metaverse (divided by holders) -Private Discord chat room : giveaways, informations...

Meta Dragons ->

Meta Dragons is a full-fledged ecosystem on the CRONOS chain, Starting off with a 95,000% APY Auto Rebasing Token with a slow decay model to fight hyper inflation via multiple deflationary mechanisms including passive and user based burns, NFT utility, Sustainability and Branching out to new applications by leveraging the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet App.

MM.Finance ->

MM.Finance is a brand new decentralized exchange coming to the Cronos blockchain offering the lowest fees, rebates via trade mining, high APY farming, and an affiliate system allowing users to earn from referring others! Launching December 10th at 12pm UTC on DexPad.io! ✅ Lowest Trading Fees (0.17%) ✅ Fee Rebates Via Trade Mining (10% fee rebates via $MMF) ✅ Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) ✅ NFT Yield Farming (equip Mad Meerkat NFT to boost earning) ✅ Affiliate System (earn 1% on top of your friend’s earnings) ✅ High APY Farming (over 1,000%+) ✅ Certik Audit   ✅ KYC by @AssureDefi Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/MMFann Gitbook: https://mmfinance.gitbook.io/docs/

Monkey of Anarkey ->

While the earth was the scene of a deadly virus decimating a large part of the human population, animal life took over. Mebhara, son of the late Harambe, is determined to avenge the death of his father and the enslavement and mistreatment of his people. He has become the leader of a gang, a family and with them he intends to make sure that the world order will not be upset by humans anymore. He is The Monkey of Anarkey. "We have accepted to be separated from our families, to be put in cages, to be treated as less than nothing… Everything changed on May 28, 2016 and the world will now never be the same. Ride with us on April 2022… It's time for Anarkey!" A collection of unique 1999 NFTs divided into 4 main categories with different perks: President Monkeys: -> Access to priority information and early giveaways-> Sharing of 70% of 3% of the total turnover-> Presidents decide how the Ebisu’s Bay royalties will be used Treasurer Monkeys: -> Access to priority information and early giveaways-> Sharing of 30% of 3% of the total turnover-> Treasurers decide how the Ebisu’s Bay royalties will be used Sicario Monkeys: -> Access to priority information and early giveaways-> Vote for design of a special NFT series-> 1 NFT of the special series for free Crew Monkeys: -> Access to priority information and early giveaways-> Exclusive access and info for the special upcoming NFT series

Nifty Nanas ->

Join our discord for the full Nanas experience! WHY IS THAT NANA SO NIFTY? Nifty Nanas come from NIFTOOOR, a place where all shared the spoils of hard work and comradery. A place where kindness and generosity triumphed. Where good-times were a given and quarrels forbidden. WHATS THE UTILITY? Nanas main utility is Social Utility. We offer a welcoming, safe place to come learn and enjoy one another, to learn about one another, to grow as a community, and to better the world. WHERE CAN I BUY? Cronos Nanas can be purchased on EbisusBay and AGORA HOW MANY NANAS ARE THERE? CRONOS: 4,444

NinjaCro NFT ->

My first collection of 2500 ninja nft on the Cronos network.

OpenOcean ->

OpenOcean is a leading DEX aggregator to bring users the best swap return for decentralized crypto trading by integrating the most liquidity sources across 17 blockchains including Cronos into one seamless trading interface. OpenOcean has integrated most of the major liquidity sources on Cronos: VVS Finance, Ferro Protocol, MM Finance, Annex, CronaSwap, Crodex. We will continue adding more liquidity sources. With OpenOcean’s improved algorithm and deep liquidity sources, our platform gives better returns than other DEXs or DEX aggregators based on multiple parameters, including better prices, lower gas fees, lower slippage, and optimized routing. Apart from swaps, we also provide limit order functionality on Cronos for traders to get their set desired price for any supported tokens. Along with OpenOcean’ aggregation protocol, we implement both AMM & RFQ mechanisms in limit order function to help efficiently raise the fulfillment rate. OpenOcean is the only DEX aggregator with a full charting suite built for both swaps and limit order trades. Together with TradingView, we can cater to all kinds of users to execute their investment strategies and enjoy a CEX-like trading experience. To learn more about how to trade on Cronos, read the guideline in OpenOcean’s docs - https://docs.openocean.finance/swap/tutorial-swap-token/swap-on-cronos

Phenix Finance ->

The Phenix Finance project is an initiative led by a team of committed, experienced, and community-driven people that has a high focus on delivering easy methods of rewards and DeFi services to project and business owners in the crypto-space. The Phenix team have come together to bring forward a vision that is founded on our core values and beliefs. They have a deep focus on community, security, and education as a new generation enters the crypto world. The team have acknowledged that crypto is an element of our lives that will change the way we operate on a day-to-day basis and we want to be the pioneers in delivering services and applications with real-world utility and power for project and business owners entering the DeFi space. Phenix Finance want to break the difficulty barrier that prevents so many amazing people from accessing this amazing work. The Phenix Finance Project is one of the many great projects pushing this vision of the future of DeFi ahead. Our project at a base offers an extremely easy reward system via our token mechanism. The RX3 (Rapid Relative Rebase) Protocol provides over 66,666% APY just buy holding tokens in your wallet. Having a rapid relative rebase protocol in place of a fixed-time distribution system ensures that rewards are distributed easily and securely to all holders while removing a level of centrality that most current TITANO forks face. The team aim to weave PHNX token utility into all elements of our ecosystem. Our ecosystem will continuously expand with different decentralized applications and services which make it easier for project and business operations easier for everyone that uses them. They aim to release the Phenix Vault and Phenix Payroll Management System as two applications that will assist businesses on DeFi to manage their assets safely and properly organize and keep track of their employee payroll with advanced statistics that are unseen in the space. The team aim to release our DeFi services and applications on the CRONOS chain initially, then across multiple chains to provide a wide array of utilities to different parts of DeFi.

PhotonSwap ->

PhotonSwap is a decentralized exchange and yield farm on the Cronos blockchain brought to you by the fantastic team at DexPad. PhotonSwap In the journey of designing the perfect launchpad we concluded that a good launchpad requires integration with a great exchange, to ensure a secure transition from the sale contract to the liquidity pool after the tokensale has concluded. In a perfect world liquidity would be automatically locked after a sale concludes. This turned out to be especially important in the Cronos ecosystem, because in the young Cronos ecosystem a dex with a strong reputation has not been developed yet. Therefore we decided to acquire a DEX, to ensure a perfect integration with the Dexpad launchpad. One month ago we acquired PhotonSwap and started integrating the DEX, and the PS token into our ecosystem. In the subsequent weeks we worked on the integration of the two platforms and developed our auto-lock contract, a contract that allows for the automatic locking of liquidity once the sale of a project ends, with the liquidity being locked on the Photonswap DEX. This has a major advantage for investors, because they can be sure there will be liquidity for them to trade in- and out of the token as they see fit. Teams that decide to launch on dexpad also benefit from this approach because they can ensure the safe transfer of their liquidity. Teams that decide to launch can also be sure that the liquidity they raise will be seamlessly transferred to a liquidity pool, taking away a lot of the stress and risks associated with launching a new coin. More information can be found here: https://thecronicle.com/featured-articles/photonswap-the-perfect-dex-for-dexpad/bugzkg/

Pixel City ->

Pixel City is a 5000 collection on the Cronos chain and aims to open the first NFT museum in Las Vegas and provide its holders with exclusive benefits which include free entry to the museum, NFT holder events, Airdrops and much more. Join the discord for more information.

Reckless Robots NFT ->

Reckless Robots is a collection of 2100 unique and detailed hand-drawn NFTs deployed on the Cronos chain. Minting is planned to go live on Ebisus Bay on Q1/2022. The project introduces the concept of Accelerated staking to Cronos. This is done by 1.) providing NFT Staking through a decentralized exchange 2.) buying the weakest bids from secondary markets and eliminating (burning) these NFTs. The burns reduce the total amount of possible NFTs staked, enlarging the percentage on NFT is holding from the staking pool.

Red Saint ->

Red Saints are a clan of 3578 ninjas representing creation, nature, luck, and prosperity fighting a battle against hatred to bring peace in the NFT space. Only one Red Saint ninja ranks #1 in the whole collection. A collection of generative art by our artist Blood Saint attempts to bring all their creative skills to this vector art. We want to make the Red Saint community a welcoming place for all, with a low barrier of entry and frequent giveaways. We have a great roadmap, and our team is excited to further this NFT project.


BYBORG NFT is a license to gain access to a huge trading opportunity and trading tools to increase trading experience and performance. Through various partnerships and vast experience TradingFXVPS had in the industry, RYBORG NFT aims to bring in the most profitable investment DAO available in Cronos Chain. 100% of the secondary sales will be used for the investment DAO and 80% of the profit will be shared to RYBORG owners. Beside being in a part of the first investment DAO in Cronos Chain, RYBORG offer a wide variety of other utility for a trader/investor/artist: > Access to Signals Trade Call aka Bunker Trading Hall across Stocks, Forex, Commodities, NFT, De-Fi and Cryptocurrency > VIP Membership to TradingFXVPS VPS & Dedicated Server services > Community-based Merchandise Specialty shop > Earn Loyalty Token $RBG For detailed utility explanation: https://www.tradingfxvps.com/nft-vps/utility/

Sphynx Labs ->

Sphynx Labs aims to provide an AIO (All-In-One) solution for trading, farming, staking and holding. The amount of trading, staking and farming platforms out there can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. This creates a massive barrier to entry for those new to the world of crypto trading. Sphynx Labs has taken it upon themselves to make this experience simpler, smoother and faster by wrapping everything a trader needs into one platform. So instead of swapping between 5 different platforms to manage and grow one's portfolio, Sphynx gives traders and hodlers alike the ability to remain on one and rule above them all! Buy, stake and earn on thesphynx.co Download now the Sphynx DeFi App: Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sphynx iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/sphynx-defi-app/id1626361848

Stabil.finance ->

Stabil.finance is a brand new decentralized exchange and yield farm on the Cronos blockchain. With focus in developing and providing services that maximize assets. Future services like liquidity provider gain dual income by utilising idle assets in liquidity pool and put them to work. Only possible at Stabil finance. For more info and road map go to Stabil.finance

StrangerCoin ->

Stranger Coin Compounding Endowment Welcome to the only tokenomics on Cronos built for indefinite growth. This is done with our endowment tax. 6.75% of every buy and 10% of every sell is placed in Stranger Coin's endowment. This is invested into Mad Meerkat high yield stablecoin farms. 90% of the interest is used to buy Stranger Coin in the decentralized exchange and burn. The remaining 10% gets compounded. This ensures that Stranger Coin will indefinitely increase in value and the token supply will continuously decrease over time. Tokenomics Buy Tax: 10% Liquidity: 0.8% Endowment: 6.75% Marketing/Dev: 2.45% Sell Tax: 15% Liquidity: 1.2% Endowment: 10% Marketing/Dev: 3.8%

Team Mustachios ->

The collection : Our collection consists of 6666 high end 3D PFP generated with the state of art and particular attention to details. The team : We are two long time partners who worked on major interactive projects for many years including 3D games, events, live shows and we are now moving full time to web3. The team consists of a talented senior motion designer and an award winning senior full stack developer who share respectively over 15 and 20 years of experience in the industry. Utilities 1- Royalties Games Unlike traditional stacking, we redistribute the royalties in a playful way by selecting a team each week as well as 2 traits from the collection. This is going to stimulate the secondary market every week. 2- Legendary event Right after the mint, we will have an event in which every customer will have a chance to get one of our legendary NFT from our collection. A legendary has the power to unlock 100% of the reward when his team color is selected (every 3 weeks). Not only this is going to be the top ranks of our collection but these NFTs will have more value because of their special attributes. 3- Golden Airdrop: Every owner will get an airdrop of a free NFT per wallet. This NFT will be considered as a premium member pass... more details to come. 4- Unlock the vault We will invest in other projects to provide passive incomes to the community wallet or access the metaverse of establishing projects. 5- Top SECRET Holding X Team Mustachios NFT’s can be a good idea for the future...

Tectonic ->

Tectonic is a cross-chain money market for earning passive yield and accessing instant backed loans. In summary, Tectonic protocol aims to provide secure & seamless cryptocurrencies money market functionalities, enabling multiple use cases for its users. "HODLers” can generate additional returns from interest by supplying assets to the protocol without having to actively manage their assets. Traders can borrow certain cryptocurrencies to capitalize their short-term trading view (e.g., shorting) or yield maximizing opportunities (e.g., farming). Users can obtain access to other cryptocurrencies for multiple purposes (e.g., participate in ICO, bonding), without having to liquidate their original assets.

The Crobees ->

2222 Crobees invade the #cronos hive soon! Get ready! The Crobees is a collection of 2222 NFTs around the universe of bees. The main goal of these bees is to create a large community around the Cronos blockchain mainly driven by Crobees holders. The hive will be built by all the bees, there will be many things that crobees will be able to do with their NFT. Making decisions, creating honey, fecundate... but we don't want to reveal everything right now. 😏 And because NFTs are art, before all, we are proud to launch a collection with this high quality design in this blockchain. (You'll find out day by day) Join the hive now 🔥

The Pogo ->

The Pogo is a collection of 10,000 NFT that combine beautiful 3D art with a passion for the #cro community.

tofuNFT ->

tofuNFT is multichain NFT marketplace for GameFi and Collectibles. We provide numerous creative improvements to the existing marketplace experience like incentivized bidding, real-time notification, attributes filtering, bulk listing, and rarity explorer.

VersaGames ->

VersaGames is the next-generation games marketplace. NFT gaming is set to grow exponentially as users embrace the new play-to-earn paradigm and game studios rush to fill the demand. However, the ecosystem is young, fragmented, and underserved across almost every segment - from gamers, to developers, to investors. VersaGames brings together traditional and new concepts to unite the NFT gaming ecosystem and dramatically improve the experience of every participant in this arena. We offer a web3 storefront with liquidity staking to start, and we will quickly integrate NFT trading and borrowing/lending to our platform. By combining these offerings and empowering our community to grow with VersaGames, we are creating a unique powerhouse for gamers, investors and developers. Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/79krgipw7pur7fdw

VVS Finance ->

Very, Very Simple DeFi Trading for All Your gateway to the decentralized finance movement. Take control of your finances and earn sparkly VVS rewards. Over the past year, we’ve seen massive growth in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem that is pioneering new models for individual financial autonomy and opportunities. We love DeFi, and are humble farmers ourselves. However, to newcomers, DeFi can be intimidating. New terminologies, foreign procedures, unfamiliar interfaces… Coming from a deep product design background, a team of humble farmers got together, determined to build DeFi products for our aunts and neighbours, with a goal of bringing amazing protocols to the masses. We are excited to introduce you to VVS Finance — the simplest DeFi venue for everyone. VVS Finance is the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange natively built on top of the Cronos blockchain, and will be powering a suite of decentralized applications within the Cronos ecosystem.

Weird Apes ->

THE FIRST APES ECOSYSTEM BUILT ON CRONOS CHAIN Weird apes club is a collection algorithmically generated with a total supply of 2,500 unique NFTs. We’re building a sustainable ecosystem for enthusiasts on Crypto.com’s blockchain, including Breeding feature, DeFi, Governance and more. ALL APES ARE EQUALS, BUT SOME APES ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS Each GENESIS Weird Ape is generated from over a 100 possible traits. Each trait has its own % of occurence defining rarity among the collection, giving you the chance to own a truly unique and rare Weird Ape. GENESIS Once upon a time there was a weird ape who, outcast from his tribe, wandered too far into the dark forest of the EtherJungle. The befuddled monkey jumped from tree to tree, until an unusual liana took him into a bizarre place, the CronosJungle. Lost as he was, he screamed his incoherent call for days, until three fellow vagabonds found him. The rest of the story, the story of the first tribe of the CronosJungle, is a tale told in the blocks that followed... MINT IS NOW LIVE!

Wild Cro Dogs ->

Africa's biggest wild dog herd left the desert to make the world a better place. They gathered on the Cronos network and have started their charity mission. Wild Cro Dogs is a 5,000 NFT Collection 🐕 It is a unique project that combines art, passive income, fashion, and charity! 🚀 Minting is scheduled for September 2022. Whitelisting has started! Check out our Discord to participate!

Zombabies NFT ->

3333 Cute Corpses Crawling on Cronos ✅20,000 #CRO giveaway!✅ Passive Income✅ Free Merch✅ Charitable Donations✅ Community Controlled

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